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What are termites and a way to eliminate termites?

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What are termites and a way to eliminate termites?

Pest control Hyderabad – Termites are a type of social insects that live in colonies. They feed on wood and plant material. They are a plague to any structure built with wood or other plant materials, which they can eat away at the wood and cause structural damage.

Termites have been around for more than 250 million years. These are found on every continent except Antarctica. They have been known to inhabit the soil of both land and water. But most termite species prefer living in moist environments such as rotting logs or decaying vegetation.

Termites are typically 1-2 cm long, but some species can grow up to 20 cm long. The size of the colony depends on how many queens there are; smaller colonies contain fewer queens than larger ones do. With the help of termite pest control services we can get rid of termites.

Identifying termites

Subterranean termites are gregarious insects that live in colonies in the ground, hence the name “subterranean”. These colonies are composed of three forms or castes.

kings and queens

Each termite colony has at least one king and one queen, which is considered the center of the termite colony. The queen’s sole purpose is to reproduce. A termite king can live up to 30 years.


The termite queen lays thousands of eggs a year. These eggs eventually hatch into nymphs.


At the worm stage, the nymphs are divided into different castes. Soldiers, Breeders and other Breeders.


Workers are eyeless and wingless termites that maintain the colony, build and repair nests and pipes, find food and tend to other termites. They are the largest group of termites and are most commonly found in infested wood.


The soldiers are barren, wingless and blind. Their only job is to protect the colony. They are also found in infested wood.

Breeding individuals with wings

These termites eventually leave the colony as a swarm of adult termites. After forming a colony, they shed their wings and form pairs. Each pair, made up of a male and a female, will attempt to establish a new colony.

Signs of infestation

A termite infestation can be difficult to detect. To determine if a home or building is infested with termites. Examine the entire structure for bulges (such as wings on windows or termite carcasses), seepage pipes, or damaged areas.

Prevent termite problems

Many termite problems can be avoided with thoughtful planning, mechanical modifications, and proper building renovations. The basic idea of ​​prevention is to limit termites’ access to food (wood), moisture and shelter. It is important to plan the work before it begins. The construction site should be paved or modified so that the ground slopes away from the building in all directions. In existing houses, it may be necessary to correct slopes and install drainage pipes. Salvaged porches, patios, sidewalks or windbreaks should slope away from the house.

Chemical treatments

Subterranean termites usually enter through the surface of the building. Therefore, applying desmoplakin to the soil will keep them out for several years. For complete protection, a complete chemical or physical barrier must be created. Between the structure and the ground. Even in existing homes, such barriers should be installed where there is a termite infestation. Read more general information about termites

  • We strongly recommend that you have your home inspected by one of our experts to determine the presence of termites.

  • Even if termites are not found, we can prescribe preventive treatments.

  • A good inspection is often done in inaccessible or dangerous areas.

  • If termites are present, our experts can show you how to get rid of them.

  • Termites can be harmful to your home. Our termite control technicians understand the structure of the building and how it affects the planning and implementation of the termite control program.

  • Our termite control technicians are trained to correctly interpret inspection. Results and understanding how they relate to the selection of appropriate control methods.

Important termite control benefits

Termites are difficult to detect and can pose a serious threat to new and old homes and buildings. Termites can enter homes and buildings through walls, cracks, pipes, and, in some cases, gaps in the floor. They are known to be destructive insects. Can cause significant damage to buildings. Soil-nesting termites can corrode buildings and their structures. Wood-nesting termites will eat the wood in the house, including wooden fences, wooden stairs, and wooden furniture. In Hyderabad, termites cause more damage to homes than any other natural disaster. It is very important to eliminate termites and their causes before they cause serious damage.

Termite protection or termite extermination as the name suggests uses chemicals to kill termites and protect your home, building, or office from termites. The best time for termite treatment/control is during the construction phase of the home or building. Plus, it’s not just about protecting your home from termites, but also about food safety and overall health.

Pest control services are a service that is used to control the pests in a particular area. Pest control Hyderabad services are also important for maintaining the health of your home and garden. They can help prevent diseases, protect crops, and reduce the need for pesticides. These services are offered by companies such as exterminators. Pest controllers, and pest management specialists.

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