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Best Free Websites to Stream Documentaries Online

Nowadays almost everyone is familiar with apps and websites which provide free services like movies, sports events, and many more. But that doesn’t make up the entire list. In this article, we will be discussing websites that search for documentaries by visiting sources that other search engines avoid or by redefining what a documentary is.

Many websites compile the top documentaries that are streamable online. They do not, however, necessarily mention each and every one. The websites in this list demonstrate that you can still uncover more (and maybe better) documentaries by searching through random Redditors. And YouTube movies that aren’t considered to be “documentaries” by traditional definitions.

Documentary Tube

As was already said, several websites compile documentaries from various locations. However, a few of them have recently stopped updating their collections or do so seldom. One of the few remaining functioning channels is Documentary Tube, which regularly uploads fresh entertaining films.

The majority of the collection originates from self-hosted films on Documentary Tube, Vimeo, and YouTube. The thumbnail for one of these three will display a little icon. Letting you know which of the three it is. Each documentary includes a brief summary, a thumbnail, the genre it falls under, the number of viewers, and an audience rating.

Documentary Tube is also available on Alkaicer TV Apk, you access this service by installing the app. You can  explore topics including crime, conspiracy, history, music, war, nature, sports, and technology on the right sidebar, among many more. You can easily access high-quality videos on Documentary Tube’s website. Credite goes to a list of the top 100 documentaries that have received the most viewers.


Veely is the closest thing to NatGeo and Discovery on TV that you can find online if you prefer channel-swiping. You can watch the live online streaming of documentaries on a variety of 7–10 different channels using a computer or a mobile app. If you want to watch the documentaries on your smartphone, you can download the app.

Don’t Tell the Bride, Real Crime, Real Drama, Real Life, Real Royalty, Real Stories, Real Wild, Spark, Timeline, and Wonder are among the channels that are now available to view on Veely. Veely covers every major documentary category. That includes nature, crime, reality TV, history, science and technology, and human interest, across all of these channels. The majority of these are produced by the Little Dot Studios network, one of the top Netflix alternatives for education.

Veely does not require registration in order to view any documentary channels. However, you’ll need to sign up for that if you want to view shows from the library of already-aired episodes on demand. A helpful TV guide is also available on Veely for its streaming schedule.


Only independent documentaries that are available for free YouTube streaming are included on Indocus. These range from critically acclaimed films with tight budgets to lengthier YouTube videos from well-known producers that might theoretically be classified as documentaries.

The top-rated documentaries on the site right now are listed on the front page, along with the most recent additions to the directory. The directory can be explored more effectively under the Discover section. The categories of money, self-help, psychology, crime, math, science, design, art, producing, true tales and vlogs, and history are among those that you can use to narrow your search. You can also sort by how lengthy, medium, or how short the videos are. The order of the upvotes for each entry is displayed.

We appreciate Indocus’ decision to include instructive and binge-worthy YouTube producers like CGP Grey and Kurzgesagt in its expanded definition of “documentary.” After all, a number of YouTube producers produce the same types of videos. Aspiring documentarians do while offering them free viewing. Consumers shouldn’t be concerned about whether they may officially be considered documentaries as long as they are receiving quality non-fiction information that broadens their perspective on reality.


A vibrant community exists in Reddit’s r/documentary  where people frequently submit links to documentaries you can watch online. All of these must be streamable videos; there can be no FileLocker or torrent links, according to the guidelines. The majority of documentaries are taksim escort available on YouTube or Vimeo, so you may start viewing them right away.

Every article has a straightforward layout that makes it simple to peruse. The post title includes the name of the documentary, the year it was published. The submitter’s one-line summary, and the documentary’s whole running duration. Finally, the majority of postings are labeled with a flair that designates categories like war, music, trailers, nature/animals, science, society, film/tv, and trailers. You can always use these genres to rapidly discover content on Reddit.

The strength of the community makes r/documentries stand out above other online resources for free documentaries to view. People can find fresh films to watch from a variety of sources thanks to the almost 20 million members. As an illustration, one user located a recent FIFA documentary that was streaming on their own website. It serves as an excellent illustration of how you can discover uncommon documentaries on this platform that you won’t find on other well-known websites that aggregate documentaries.


You’ll have plenty to watch for months with this enormous selection of documentaries that are available for free streaming. If you already have a subscription, don’t forget to look at well-known streaming services. For example Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+ for additional documentaries.

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