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Lucifer Season 7: Is the Devil Returning to Netflix?

Even though the show’s sixth and final season has already aired, there have been rumors that additional episodes might be made. The creator of the show, Tom Kapinos, and the cast have not spoken publicly about the possibility of a Lucifer Season 7, but some people believe that the show may not yet be finished. Given the show’s devoted following and high ratings, it is not out of the question that it would be renewed for a second season. However, until any official announcements are made, fans will have to wait to find out if the show will return for another season of terrifyingly good drama.

Lucifer, the fallen angel.

“Lucifer,” which debuted on Netflix in 2016, has been well received by viewers. The show, which tells the story of the fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar and how he helps the LAPD solve crimes, has had a passionate and dedicated audience for six seasons. Despite its uncertain future, Lucifer” has remained a consistently popular and highly-rated show. The show’s talented cast, led by Tom Ellis as Lucifer, has received widespread praise for its blend of comedy, crime-solving, and supernatural elements that has kept viewers coming back for more. Fans, on the other hand, remain perplexed regarding the show’s future as it approaches its six-year anniversary. Is there a second season planned? When can we anticipate its availability, if this is the case?

Is there going to be a second season for fans?

It is still unknown if there will be a Lucifer Season 7. Neither the show’s cancellation nor the existence of a seventh season have been officially announced by Netflix. As a result, both fans and professionals in the field have been speculating.

One possible explanation for the delay is the ongoing pandemic, which has disrupted the schedules of numerous films and television shows. It’s possible that the “Lucifer” team has simply been unable to continue production due to COVID-19 issues. In addition, it’s possible that negotiations for a seventh season are still in progress. Since the cast and crew of the show have stated that they intend to continue the series, it’s possible that they are just working out the kinks at this point.


A seventh season of “Lucifer” is in high demand, regardless of the reason for the delay. Over a million people have signed a petition to have the show renewed for a seventh season, and fans are pleading for more episodes on the show’s social media pages.

It is evident that “Lucifer” still has a significant amount of life left in it, as evidenced by its devoted fan base and consistently high ratings. We can only hope that the lovable and charismatic Lucifer Morningstar will appear more frequently in the future.

A final season that was both sad and surprising

Following the success of previous seasons, fans were thrilled when the show’s fifth season was announced. However, Netflix delighted them by announcing the release of a sixth season bonus episode to conclude the show. Before moving on to the conclusion, let’s talk about the ending of season 6, which many people claim to have the “perfect ending.” In the final episodes of season 6, viewers watched as Lucifer Morningstar, played by Tom Ellis, and Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German, worked to defeat a vengeful angel. Other characters’ conflicts were also resolved on the show, such as Lucifer’s reconciliation with Charlotte, his mother, and the detective Dan Espinoza’s redemption storyline. At the end of the season, it seemed like all of the characters had completed their potential arcs and were riding off into the sunset.

Fans want yet another season

Despite the satisfying conclusion of season 6, many fans are still hoping for a seventh season. While it’s always possible that the show could come back for a final season, it seems that the journey of Lucifer Morningstar and his friends has come to an end. This is not uncommon in the world of television, as many shows have a predetermined number of seasons before wrapping up their storylines.


Despite the possibility that viewers will be dismayed to learn that there will not be a Lucifer Season 7, they can rest assured that the conclusion of season 6 was carefully crafted to provide a fitting conclusion for the cherished show. And who knows? Perhaps a reunion or a spin-off series will be created in the future. In the interim, viewers can rewatch the entire series to continue enjoying Lucifer Morningstar’s adventures.

In conclusion, we are able to make the observation that, despite the fact that fans of Lucifer are eagerly anticipating the seventh season, it appears unlikely that it will take place due to the satisfying conclusion of season 6 and the fact that each of the main characters has reached the potential arcs that they have been given. On the other hand, the show’s success shows that people will always like Lucifer Morningstar and his journey. Even if there isn’t a seventh season, the show has had a lasting impact on the television industry.

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