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MauveTree presents you exclusive shearling jackets

Adding to your wardrobe the best shearling leather jacket!

MauveTree doesn’t do fashion like anyone else in the fashion world. MT looks carefully between the lines to bring you the finest and freshest products.  Our amazing line of leather jackets, coats, blazers, and whatnot. We have products you can express yourself with. MauveTree believes in giving you the buoyancy to express your individuality.

Fashion, Craftsmanship & Style – All Inclusive – MauveTree

We have such a wide variety of fashion products that you can invent your own personal style. In this high-end fashion world where style is ever-changing. MauveTree is determined to inspire customers through matchless quality, creativity, and customer experience.

As street fashion is on boom like never before, we focus on not only selling quality products but also providing customers with an experience that lasts a lifetime. The leather jacket is our specialty. We work day and night to bring you durable, up-to-date, and unique jackets every time.

You will find hundreds of thousands of leather jacket websites online, that claim their originality and quality but we make sure to bring customers what they are looking for. From quality to stitching, we follow customer wishes.

Quality is our first priority!

Offering you eloquent fashionable outerwear is our primary mission. The western market of winter wear is ever-changing. Through a brilliant design team, we make sure to present you with the elegance, class, and chic style you are looking for in a jacket. MauveTree is a brand you can trust blindfolded. Our Research & Development department works concurrently with our design team to identify what real customers looking for in outerwear and how can we come up to their expectations.

Buying a leather jacket from a luxury high-end store is cost you a fortune and you will a limited set of options. MauveTree desires you to break this stereotype and provide you with the finest outerwear with keeping in mind the latest fashion trends.

In terms of variety, we offer a ginormous amount of designs, styles, and variations in our outerwear range. Our top-selling jackets are Bomber B3 jackets with real sheepskin lining inside and 100% real leather is used. The shearling used in these jackets is pure and soft.

In contrast, we also offer you a good range of varsity jackets, vests, and biker leather jackets. However, if you find it difficult to choose a jacket that compliments your style statement, you are confused among several jackets. MauveTree also offers customized leather jackets.

You can choose a jacket that is close to your desired outerwear and send us your preference and the changes you want us to do, and we will produce a masterpiece that has your design and from which you feel connected!

MauveTree Offers amazing discount

MauveTree does not compromise on its quality at any cost. We believe in quality over quantity. You may find cheaper good looking jackets on Amazon and eBay, but you know how would be the quality of a $49.99 jacket. We offer cheaper jackets compared to many renowned brands, not because we use lower quality material but because MauveTree’s vision is to make fashion available for everyone, charging extra would not increase the quality of the product. Shop wisely, shop from MauveTree.

Men have always been fond of hides and skins since the beginning of time, they used them to cover themselves and protect themselves from the cold weather. Today shearling leather jackets hold the most perfect heritage, masculinity, and ruggedness for men’s outerwear.

What we know today as a leather jacket is created in the 1900s. But shearling has a rich history, tracing back to World War 1.

These leather jackets were used by German Air Force personnel to protect them from the cold weather in the field. Shearling is a skin from a recently sheared lamb or sheep.

Which then tanned and dressed in the wool on it. Shearling leather jackets are considered one of the few jackets that are still in fashion as it was created, no alterations have been made to jackets.

Shearling Leather Jacket

Many fashion designers have tried to experiment with different styles but none could beat the original B3 Bomber Shearling Leather Jacket style. The thing which makes it irresistible is its originality and legacy behind it. Apart from their high fashion attributes, shearling leather jackets are quite useful when it comes to extreme weather.

They are exceptionally warm and cozy, and you will be free from all the inner clothes to look good. This is must-have outerwear in every man’s wardrobe. Although it is most popular among men but since the hype of street style and the concept of creating your own style, women are embracing shearling leather jackets like never before. And we have to admit, they look absolutely adorable and sexy in it. If we look into the fashion trends for the last three years.

We would come to know that shearling leather jackets are doing better sales than any other leather jackets.

Many Instagram fashion influencers are adopting this look and people are loving it. Shearling is the best of both worlds, due to global warming, weather these days demands something as thick and warm as a sheepskin jacket and it is also a fashion statement these days. Shearling leather jackets are also famous because of their fluffy, luxe material which gives the jacket a premium vibe to it. We have seen many celebrities and prominent personalities wearing this jacket, you must all remember the icon character of Bane from the movie Dark Knight Rises played by well-known American actor Tom Hardy. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump also proudly wore shearling jackets.

MauveTree is offering “Real Shearling”

The most famous shearling jacket is B3 Bomber Shearling Jacket or Flight Jacket which was created by Germans in World War 1. It has a standard style which consists of real leather material with shear cuffs and a shear shirt collar with shearling lining inside the jacket. Aviator Bomber Jacket, Aviator Raf Bomber Jacket, B3 Bomber Sheepskin Jacket, B3 Aviator Leather Jacket, and Flight Bomber Leather Jacket are some terms used to describe this shearling leather jacket design. MauveTree offers you the softest, feathery, and most premium quality shearling jackets. We have a variety of shearling bomber jackets at a reasonable price.

The average starting price of a sheepskin leather jacket is $500 and it goes up to $1600. But MauveTree believes that fashion should be something that can be affordable to everyone and everyone can easily buy it. We have seen fashion designer selling their products at a price that is totally unacceptable. Sure, they use the highest quality of materials, they craft them by hand and they have a brand name, still, such prices don’t justify the worth of their jackets. Without compromising on quality or stitching.

MauveTree offers shearling jackets starting from $209 and going up to $279. Visit our Shearling category and explore the world of urban-style shearling leather jackets. Grab yours right away!

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