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(Quick Guide) Five Reasons to Choose Cardboard Boxes Packaging in 2023

One of the things we encounter every day is our choice of cardboard boxes packaging as we move towards more thoughtful, sustainable ways of living.

The packaging on products we buy and the packaging we use in our businesses.

Plastic is widely use in packaging. From transparent plastic film, mold plastic trays, rigid plastic containers, and plastic-coat cardboard boxes to plastic shipping mailers and Styrofoam packing pellets, most products are packag in plastic.

The reality is that only a tiny percentage of plastic is recycle. So, how can we improve? What are the best options?

Sustainable packaging has grown tremendously as more people become aware of plastic issues and seek alternatives.

Although there are many innovative and effective alternatives to plastics, many of them are not easily accessible in terms of distribution and cost.

Here’s where good old-fashioned cardboard comes in!

Over the years, cardboard packaging has been refine and perfect into some of the most effective, inexpensive, and sustainable packaging options.

Discover why cardboard is the most affordable and worthy packaging solution:

What is the prevalence of cardboard boxes packaging?

E-commerce businesses that deal with shipments and logistics use cardboard boxes to protect their goods during shipping. Its lightweight, low price, and easy customization make cardboard a favorite of retailers and crafting companies.

Learn more about how cardboard is made, and what makes it such a versatile and effective packaging material in this video by New Mind:

It is also common for small and mid-size businesses to use cardboard packaging to demonstrate their commitment to being eco-friendly. While cardboard boxes are indee the most widely use packaging supply, cardboard fillers are also in high demand.

You can reduce your consumption impact significantly by choosing cardboard and plastic-free products. This is especially true if the packaging is sustainably source or made from recycled material.

Why is cardboard better than plastic?

The advantages of cardboard packaging over plastic are numerous.

In terms of the environment, cardboard is a good choice. Cardboard is recyclable, unlike some plastics. Cardboard boxes wholesale is a renewable resource, while plastic is not.

Cardboard can fully decompose in 2 or 3 months under current conditions, while plastic is a hazardous contaminant that takes hundreds of years to decompose.

Since most cardboard boxes are collapsible and fillers can be flattened out, cardboard packaging uses less space when store.

Cardboard packaging is considerably cheaper and more affordable than plastic packaging. You can get high-quality, fully custom cardboard for the same price as the lowest-quality plastic packaging.

Because cardboard is extremely lightweight, shipping products in cardboard packaging costs significantly less than shipping products in plastic packaging.

Business and consumer reasons to choose cardboard boxes

1.    Provides protection and durability

Investing in cardboard often is the best solution to protect goods and keep products intact without using plastic during storage and logistics.

This type of packaging is highly durable, hard to penetrate, protects products from vibrations and external aggressors, and can prevent serious damage to what’s inside.

As consumers, cardboard packages are more likely to arrive intact and undamaged.

2.    Environmentally friendly

Compared to alternative packaging materials, cardboard packaging reduces oil and CO2 emissions by more than 50%, making it one of the least environmentally damaging materials.

Considering that cardboard is recyclable and biodegradable, recycling it would be the best way to dispose of it. In case cardboard packaging ends up in nature, decomposition takes only a few months before it completely breaks down. It can even be composted at home!

There is no rinsing, no sorting, and no searching for facilities that accept various types of materials with cardboard.

Moreover, cardboard does not lose its durability, nor any of its other qualities, once it has been recycled. In contrast to plastics, cardboard can be reused over and over again. This makes cardboard even more affordable and cost-effective than plastics.

Recycling cardboard requires 50% less electricity and 90% less water than manufacturing virgin packaging materials.

3.    The system is highly customizable

A third reason to choose cardboard packaging for your business is the ease of customization. Cardboard boxes are unique packaging materials that are fully adaptable. With just a few adjustments, cardboard can fit your company’s needs and those of your customers.

In addition to printing over cardboard, sticking labels is also very easy. Even with a small budget, a custom cardboard box that is bran with just your logo can be enough to make your products easy to identify. But if you can afford to spend a few extra bucks, fully tailor cardboard packaging is the best way to go about your brand.

Also, cardboard is one of the easiest packaging materials to cut and amend. It can be shap and size to fit a variety of products, and it is very quick to secure a package with tape, glue, or staples.

With cardboard packaging, consumers receive less packaging for every item they receive due to its easy customization. This often reduces shipping costs and also means that you have less excess packaging to deal with and recycle. It is also possible to reuse or upcycle durable cardboard boxes for storage.

4.    Small businesses and their customers will find it cost-effective

You can’t sell products without that outer layer of protection and a presentable cover, which is an extra expense for businesses, but it’s inevitable. Otherwise, you risk exposing your products to damage and having them wear out faster, damaging your brand’s reputation and losing customers.

Now that we know packaging is a necessity, it’s time to find the most long-term and cost-effective option.

Most small brands choose cardboard packaging because of its affordability and ease of customization.

Compared to alternative packaging options such as plastic, cardboard has a very reasonable price. It would save you the most money and make a positive impact on the environment in the long run.

Packaging that is cost-effective translates into less expensive products. Less expensive packaging means less expensive products.

5.    The versatility of cardboard cannot be overstated

Cardboard boxes make excellent packaging! They are lightweight, easy to transport, and easy to carry.

Almost anything can be packaged in a cardboard box, from souvenirs, cosmetics, and tiny accessories to books, clothes, electronics, and gifts.

Consumers can reuse or upcycle cardboard boxes for storage – in the right shape and size they need for just about everything!

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Final Thoughts

It is also readily available, cost-effective, convenient, and easy to recycle after use, making it an eco-friendly, sustainable, and effective alternative to plastic packaging.

Cardboard is a win-win for consumers and businesses!

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