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Learn the 7 steps of How to trade in Bitcoin


There isn’t a single day when Bitcoin isn’t in the news. But, unless you’re a trader or interested in cryptocurrency, you’ve probably missed what it is all about. So, the question here arises why is Bitcoin getting so much hype, and why should you care? Many consider it the future of finance, but it influences the money you have in your pocket.

Moreover, it’s debatable how much impact it will have on the latter, but one thing is guaranteed. Despite price fluctuations, Bitcoin tends to be a long-term fixture in the news cycle. There is also one more topic that is considered debatable among many upcoming traders, whether they should start trading in bitcoin, and if yes, how they can do so. Thus, Bitcoin Training in Delhi will help you to get a clear picture of these questions and make you learn how they can start trading in bitcoin.

Bitcoin Trading: Meaning

The trading allows you to speculate on price swings in the cryptocurrency. The trading process involves buying through an exchange in the hope that its price will rise over a period has typically been the case. However, cryptocurrency traders employ derivatives to speculate on rising and falling prices. This helps them to capitalize on bitcoin’s volatility.

7 Steps to Learn Bitcoin Trading

There are many different techniques to start trading. In order to begin trading, one should understand the topic of trade. It is also crucial to understand the hazards involved and the legislation that may apply depending on one’s jurisdiction. Thus, to learn to trade, you should follow the below steps thoroughly:

Step 1: Understand how bitcoin prices move

To capitalize on a rising opportunity or reduce the newest bubble, you must first understand the elements that influence bitcoin’s price:

  • Bitcoin availability

The current supply is limited to 21 million units, which will be depleted by 2140. Due to the limited supply, the price of bitcoin may climb if demand grows in the upcoming years.

  • Negative publicity

Any new information about bitcoin’s security, value, or lifespan will have a crucial impact on its total market price.

  • Integration

The public perception of Bitcoin depends on its incorporation into new payment systems and financial institutions. However, if the execution goes well, demand may increase. This also benefits bitcoin’s prices.

Step 2: Pick Bitcoin Trading Style and Strategy

In the next step, start analyzing the coin style and strategy. Thus, bitcoin trading involves the following techniques.

  • Bitcoin hedging

Hedging bitcoin means reducing your risk exposure by taking an opposite position to the one you currently have open. So, if you were concerned about the market turning against you, you should go on to this approach.

  • Day Trading

Day trading entails opening and closing a position during a single trading day, which means you won’t have any bitcoin market exposure overnight. Thus, you won’t have to pay overnight finance fees for your job.

  • Trend Trading

Trend trading comprises establishing a position that corresponds to the current trend.

  • HODL (or buy and hold)

The ‘HODL’ strategy means purchasing and storing bitcoin. Its name comes from a typo of “hold” on a famous cryptocurrency site.

Step 3: Select how you want to become involved

There are several methods to become acquainted with:

  1. Purchasing via an exchange
  2. Trading of Bitcoin derivatives
  3. The Crypto 10 index

Step 4: Choose whether you want to go long or short

Trading financial derivatives allow you to go long or short, depending on the current market scenarios. Thus, going long indicates you expect the price to rise. On the other hand, short tells us that the prices will decrease.

Step 5: Mark your stops and Limits

Stops and limits are the risk management tools, and you have various options while trading:

  1. Normal Stop
  2. Trailing Stops
  3. Guaranteed Stops

Step 6: Open and track your trade

In order to open a bitcoin trade, you would purchase if you felt the price would rise and sell if you thought the price would decrease. Once your transaction is live and open, you must watch the market to ensure that it is going in the direction you predicted.

Step 7: Close your trade to profit or to lose money

You can choose to close your trading if you want a profit or trim a loss that has reached a high level. Profits are deposited immediately into your trading account, while losses get deducted from your account balance.


To conclude, we have covered a lot about Bitcoin trading, but there is a point in the trading. However, the majority of people who start trading Bitcoin stop after a short period because they don’t make any money. If you want to be successful at trading, we suggest investing a significant amount of time and money acquire the necessary skills, just like any other venture. You can also take the help of Bitcoin Online Training in India to gain the skills and start your trading journey.


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