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How To Spend Your Life After Umrah?


We all want to live happy and successful life. But how many of us know the right way to do so? We can learn from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who is known as the best example for Muslims, and follow his example in every aspect of our lives, including our daily actions. In this article, we will discuss how you can spend your life after Umrah according to Islamic guidelines. Plus, if you haven’t performed Umrah yet, you can do it on cheap packages like Umrah package UK

Dua Is the Most Important Thing

After the Umrah, you should make a lot of dua. Dua is the most important thing after Umrah. It is a powerful weapon that can get you out of any situation. The best time for dua is in the morning or evening time because the angels are close by during these times, and they listen to whatever you ask from Allah (SWT). You can make dua anywhere and anytime; it doesn’t matter if you are sitting in your room or walking on the street, with your family or alone, even when eating or sleeping, as long as it’s not forbidden by Islam, then it is okay!

Dua has no limits; it can be done at any time and place, no matter what condition we’re in, because there’s always someone who prays for us even if we don’t know him/her! We should never forget how much our parents loved us while they were alive so please remember them during prayers, especially when moving around a lot during travel that might distract people from remembering Allah (SWT).

Do Prayers Regularly

Prayers are a great way to connect with Allah, so do them regularly at the right time. Prayers in the congregation (jama’ah) are preferred, but if you can’t make it to Friday prayers, try to pray Isha or Dhuhr with a group of people.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Prayer is an armour against the mercy of Allah, and one does not put on this armour unless he believes in Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him). So when you pray, don’t hurry up because your haste diminishes your reward.”

Offer Sunnah and Nafl Prayers

The next thing to do after Umrah is to offer prayers regularly.

Prayers are a great tool in your journey towards Allah SWT and can help you stay focused on your life goals, be patient in times of hardship, humble with the blessings that Allah SWT has given you and be more connected with Him.

Give Charity to Needy People

  • Give charity to needy people.
  • You must give charity (sadaqah) secretly and not publicly. One of the ways that you can do this is by giving money to beggars and then making sure they keep it a secret from other people.
  • You must not give charity to those who can earn their own money, such as traders, shopkeepers, etc., because then they will be able to earn their living through hard work and business.

Help Poor and Needy People

If you have the money and the time, you can donate money to those in need. You can also go out and help people in need. If you want to help the poor, here are some ideas:

  • Donate blood
  • Volunteer for a good cause
  • Volunteer your time at an orphanage or shelter

Life After Umrah, You Should Follow Islamic Guidelines for Your Whole Life

  • Following Islamic guidelines for your whole life. When you first visit the holy city, it is important to remain there and follow the teachings of Islam until you leave. If you choose to leave after a few days or weeks, then it is recommended that you return again soon.
  • Praying regularly: Umrah helps us strengthen our faith and belief in Allah’s laws. Therefore, we should continue the practice of prayers even after leaving Makkah as well because they teach us how important it is to follow Allah’s guidance at all times.
  • Doing good deeds: The purpose of life is not only about doing good things but also avoiding bad ones, like lying or stealing money from others without their permission which is strictly prohibited under the Islam rulebook for every Muslim individual around the Globe Earthy planet Earth Planet Earthly Earthly Planet Round shaped Globe shaped world!


So we have given you the Islamic guidelines for your life after Umrah. Now, it’s up to you to follow them and live a good life.

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