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How to Design a Custom Ecommerce Website in 8 Steps?

custom ecommerce website

Modern ecommerce platforms are inexpensive and easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can make a custom ecommerce website, and you can even contact the best web design services agency. It’s quite easy to learn how to build a custom ecommerce website so you can sell your goods or services online. Here are 8 steps on how to design a custom ecommerce website. Let’s get started.

8 Steps to Design a Custom Ecommerce Website 

1- Buy a domain name.

The first step in building a custom ecommerce website is picking a name and getting a domain. If you’re new to making an ecommerce site, your domain, also called a URL, is the address people will see online. This is where your ecommerce website lives on the internet. And it’s what customers type into the browser bar to visit your site.

The success of your ecommerce website will mainly depend on the domain name you choose. It’s best to pick a business name and domain name as close as possible to what you sell or offer. By using keywords or key phrases that describe what you sell in your business name and domain name, you can ensure that people know what you sell immediately.

2- Choose your online store’s platform

Your website builder is the most important part of your online store. Solutions made specifically for ecommerce give you more options and more room to grow than website builders with an ecommerce add-on.

3- Find a web developer you can trust.

This is a very important part of getting an ecommerce site up and running. If you want to know how to build a custom ecommerce website professionally and in a short time, make sure you do your research before choosing an ecommerce web developer.

Check out the developer’s other custom ecommerce websites and ask for his or her suggestions. Also, find out how long they think it will take to launch the website and get a timetable. Make sure they have experience with graphic design so they can crop photos and look good on your website. Also, make sure you ask the developer how long they’ve been building websites for the ecommerce platform you want to use.

Too often, entrepreneurs rush into working with a developer before doing enough research on their background. Don’t let this thing happen to you because it could kill your website before it even gets started.

4- Find a theme that fits your online store’s goals

The next step in building an ecommerce site different from others is to design the site. If you want to get a shop online quickly and start making up for lost covid sales, you can buy a theme from a store with a layout that looks and feels like what you want from an ecommerce point of view.

5- Pick your payment processors.

The right payment method must be used for a transaction to go smoothly. If your method is too hard to understand, your customer may abandon their shopping cart. Also, ensure that the system can handle the way you want to process payments. Also, you should know exactly which payment methods you want to accept and from which countries you want to receive payments. This will affect your decision-making process.

6- Add products and content

The product pages on your website are some of the most important because they show your customers exactly what you have to offer. Take the time to show off your new products in the best way possible by giving them the best descriptions, photos, and easy-to-find categories.

7- Put tracking in place

Google Analytics can help you learn a lot about the people visiting your website. Search console is yet another google platform that can help you greatly. It tells you what people see when they find your website through a search engine. It also lets you know if there are any problems with how google can get around, crawl, and eventually index your site.

8- Start your Custom ecommerce website and test it.

Processing a few test orders is the first step in the last step of how to build a custom ecommerce website. Each ecommerce platform has its way of testing, but all of them let you do a few test orders before you launch. These orders connect to your payment processor without charging your credit card. Once you’ve sent a few test orders or fixed any problems you found while looking around your ecommerce site, you’re ready to go live.


Designing a custom ecommerce website can be a daunting task. However, by following these steps, you can create a beautiful website that will help you reach your business goals. If you have any questions or need help getting started, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you in creating the perfect custom ecommerce website for your needs.

Ellie Singh

Ellie Singh is a professional web designer and developer from London, the United Kingdom He works for a reputable designing agency that offers custom logo design services to global clients. Ellie started running her own blog where she is covering topics about logo design, graphic design, and video animation.

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