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Hill Stations near Mumbai that are Perfect for a Winter Staycation

Hill stations near Mumbai is one of the most visited cities in India and draws millions of tourists from all around the world. Americans interested in all things Bollywood are particularly intrigued by this wonder metropolitan. The ‘city of dreams’ not only offers interesting tourist attractions but mouth-watering delicacies as well. Also, when you are done touring this iconic town; you can head to hill stations near Mumbai in order to enjoy a serene staycation. 

As winters in Mumbai aren’t really cold, you can head to these hill stations to enjoy the chill weather and get that winter feeling! Explore these places as per your preference, sit and enjoy a warm cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, and take photographs of the stunning surroundings to keep as a beautiful memory.

Here are some of the best hill stations near Mumbai that you can visit to have an amazing winter holiday with your loved ones.


Matheran is one of the best hill stations near Mumbai within 100 kms. It’s a great escape from the fast paced life in the city of dreams. You won’t find any petrol/diesel run vehicle here and so it’s an entirely pollution-free area. There are nearly 33 viewpoints in Matheran that offer breathtaking views. Some of the top ones are Heart Point, Louisa Point, and Porcupine Point and are a must visit. Located nearly 2 hours from Mumbai, the best time to visit this place is during winters. 


Lonavala is one of the most serene and closest hill stations near Mumbai for couples. It offers stunning landscapes and lush green surroundings. You can also explore its amazing caves, forts and temples. It is also popularly called ‘The Jewel of the Sahyadri’. You can opt for villa hotels to spend some quality time with your family without compromising on your privacy. 


One of the most popular hill stations near Mumbai, Panchgani has been a central location in numerous top Bollywood movies. It is known for its pristine lakes and is surrounded by five rolling hillocks. A rather quaint place, you can experience the vibes of the bygone era during your visit here. Admire the carvings of River Krishna and watch the sunset from the top of a hill to make the most during your trip. 


Visit Mahabaleshwar for the love of strawberries and mother nature. It is one of the best hill stations near Mumbai to visit in December when the strawberry plantations would be full of this ripe, juicy fruit. The picturesque surroundings will help your mind get rejuvenated from the stressful everyday schedule. Visit any popular strawberry farm/plantation and pick this fresh fruit yourself. 


Popularly known as the smallest city in Maharashtra, Panhala is one of the top ten hill stations near Mumbai. It is said to be built on the Panhala Fort. It’s a quaint town but offers scenic landscapes and mesmerizing views of the Sahyadri mountains. Although it is located more than 300 kms away from the city of Mumbai, the amazing experience here is worth the distance you travel. 

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Lavasa has been a popular tourist attraction near Mumbai for the past few years. It is also sometimes referred to as the newest hill station near Mumbai. It is a planned city that consists of five towns built on 7 hills. Bikers and those who love riding on motorcycles love riding around the mountain passes around Lavasa. So, if you are one, you must head to this picturesque town. 


Popular for its ancient caves, Karjat is one of the nearest hill stations near Mumbai. Located in the Sahyadri, Bhorghat, and Western Ghats, this serene town offers breath-taking views. It is not just known for its incredible natural beauty but this town is also famous amongst adventure sports enthusiasts. You can opt for an array of adventure sports activities such as hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, river rafting etc. So, if you want to feel the adrenaline rush in the winter months, karjat is where you must go!

There are numerous other hill stations near Mumbai that you can visit to experience a colder climate during winters. Some offer outstanding natural beauty, some ancient tourist attractions, and some exciting adventure sports activities. Which of the hill stations mentioned above would you like to visit? Comment below and let us know about your winter staycation choices! 

You can book cheap flights from Newark to Mumbai via Indian Eagle and take a car ride to any of these gorgeous hill stations near Mumbai. So, why wait? Plan your Mumbai itinerary today and get ready to have one of the best winter holidays in 2022!

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