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Guide to tyre upsizing and advantages and disadvantages of tyre upsizing.

Bridgestone Tyres Basingstoke

A car’s wheels and Bridgestone Tyres Basingstoke increase its appeal in the same way that your clothing does for you. This is the cause of the large number of vehicles on the road with aftermarket wheels and tyres. Upsizing the wheels or tyres is usually required for these adjustments. However, if not done properly, it could reduce the car’s effectiveness and performance. Because of this, having adequate knowledge about car tyre upsizing is useful for such adjustments. If you want to upgrade the tyres on your car, this article offers in-depth explanations of the wheel size calculator and tyre upsize guide.

 What does tyre upsizing mean? 

Installing larger tyres on your automobile gives it a more aggressive stance and increases overall traction on the road.Installing larger wheels (alloy wheels) with a wider tyre is another method of tyre upsizing. Both approaches will produce the same outcome, a sporty appearance and superior handling due to the better grip. 

You might be wondering how better car tyres can affect handling. Wider tyres have a larger contact patch with the road when they are actually installed. As a result, the car’s weight is evenly distributed, which makes it feel solid on the road—especially when cornering and travelling at high speeds. 

However, if you wind up getting the tyre size for your automobile wrong, it could result in major problems with performance, safety, and fuel usage. 

Advantages of tyre sizing 

Increased road grip: As was previously indicated, moving to wider Bridgestone Tyres Basingstoke improves road grip. The vehicle feels firmly planted on the road when turning or travelling at high speeds thanks to the effective weight distribution. Wider tyres provide you far more control over your vehicle, which is essential while travelling at high speeds.

Improved cornering stability: The vehicle’s improved stability or general balance is one of the major benefits of new tyres. The contact patch expands with wider tyres, and the overall stability of the vehicle expands with a bigger contact patch. 

Better braking: A safe driving depends on your ability to trust your car’s brakes. Wider tyres have higher traction on the road than stock tyres. A shorter braking distance is the result. You feel much more confident while braking on tyres with greater grip. As a result, you have control over the car even when you have to apply the brakes quickly

Superior aesthetics: The better exterior looks of new tyres are one of the benefits for doing so. Wider tyres and bigger wheels give the car a sportier appearance. You may customise your car to your needs thanks to the countless alloy wheel designs available. 

Weight reduction: By increasing the wheel size, you can swap to a lighter wheel. The weight reduction will improve the car’s performance and handling.

Weight loss may also result in increased fuel efficiency, especially if you frequently encounter stop-and-go traffic. 

Cons of upsizing tyres 

Here are a few drawbacks of upsizing car tyres. 

Reduced fuel economy: Bridgestone Tyres Basingstoke have higher traction on the road than stock tyres, as you are already aware. However, it will have a detrimental influence on fuel economy while potentially improving the control of the car. Who knows how? The engine has to work harder since higher road grip also means more rolling resistance. Fuel economy is negatively impacted as a result of a chain reaction.

Heavy steering: Installing larger wheels or wider tyres may make the steering feel heavier. The additional weight of the wheels and tyres may reduce steering accuracy and negatively affect how the vehicle handles as a whole. 

Rough ride quality: Upsized tyres typically have a lower sidewall, which results in a rough ride. This is due to the fact that it is less effective at absorbing bumps the lower the sides are. Low-profile tyres are not used on mass-produced autos because of this. 

An oversized tyre may protrude into the wheel well or the wheel arch, which could harm the wheel arches. Although it may be aesthetically pleasing, as they drive over the bumps or potholes, they end up striking the wheel arch.

Do larger tyres provide more ground clearance? 

Yes, if you also increase the wheel size, increasing the tyre size will enhance the ground clearance. The distance from the road surface to the bottom of the car is actually known as ground clearance. The higher ground clearance is one of the visible results of larger wheels and tyres. However, you cannot anticipate a big improvement in the ground clearance if you merely update the tyre. 

Does tyre size change effect transmission? 

The transmission gets unaffected by adjusting the Tyres Basingstoke size. Incorrectly sized tyres, however, may have an impact on the ultimate drive. For instance, having too-large tyres will lead to a low final drive ratio. Similarly, having tyres that are too tiny can increase final drive ratio. However, the effect is quite minimal because installing too large or too tiny tyres is not conceivable unless you are into severe auto modifications.

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