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Front Office Solutions

front office management is driven by a professional medical management team and integrated clinical technologies to help medical practices enhance their patient’s experience and improve their satisfaction levels.

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Insurance Eligibility Management

Patients’ insurance eligibility verification is the first step that precedes scheduling their visit, which leads to zero insurance denials.

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Patient Appointment Calls

More than 60% of patients schedule their visits digitally. Properly managing their phone calls is of prime importance for our front desk team.


Appointment Confirmation

Our medical front office and billing team helps to decrease patient no-show rate with an appointment confirmation and follow-up system.

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Patient Follow Up Visits

SybridMD’s front desk solution has been designed to keep a proper record of each patient visit and make sure that follow-up visits are not missed. .

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Patient Payment Collection

Our integrated technologies work seamlessly from patient visit scheduling to payment collection. The system manages payment data at the front desk.


Feedback and Surveys

Listening to patients’ concerns is the first step to addressing the issues and subsequently fixing them, so we collect feedback to add value.

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Monthly AR Reports

Monthly reports reveal important information about patient visits and revenue collection, which help practices meet their revenue targets.


Audit and Compliance

The front desk management is supervised with a periodic audit to ensure HIPAA standard compliance and seamless execution of processes.

5 Front Desk Basics to Improve Your Medical Practice

Like in any business, front desk staff plays a vital role in healthcare affairs. The business of knowing the right person for the right job matters in healthcare more than it matters anywhere else. Because whether it is a hospital or a private practice, patients need all the attention they can get. Moreover, if it is missing out on a crucial place such as the front desk, it can expect the worst outcomes later on.

P3 Healthcare Solutions, Ontario, CA analyzes this aspect of healthcare while it deals with the IT side. Since first impressions are usually the last ones, we have to make the most of them. Otherwise, we can’t promise patients to become long-term assets of the practice.

Greet Patients As You Mean It

Every human, related or unrelated, deserves care. When a patient decides to check in, they deserve to be treated in the best manner by the front desk staff. Greet them with a smile because what happens at the front desk sets the tone for the rest of their visit. Making lasting first impressions and treating them like someone you care about is the key to running your medical practice. Believe me, it makes a huge difference. A higher patient satisfaction level depends on the positivity that starts right after a patient checks in and registers their presence by the front desk.

Speak Politely on the Phone

To get by your day rather smoothly, treat everyone on the phone in a polite way. It is similar to having a patient in real in your office and talking to them. A friendly attitude, calmness in manner, and providing appropriate information are the three factors to an ideal patient-practice relationship. Because they are not well in the first place, and when someone is not well, emotions take over rather quickly. Anything that’s said and done in that situation lasts forever.

As a medical billing service, we start proceedings with clients both old and new with positivity and reply carefully to their queries. There’s a QA team present behind the calls to check them for quality, and ensure seamless delivery of service.

A Clean Environment Influences the Most

A clean and well-maintained waiting area has wider implications than one can imagine. A sick patient can get better just by spending some time in it. As a doctor, you speak of cleanliness now and then. How can you expect your patients to sit in a dirty room? It won’t do your practice any good.

Wipe chairs and tables with a disinfectant before they arrive and make sure the place smells good. Put the trash in the bin where it belongs. A seemingly neat and tidy place can look all messed up if the magazines are not returned to the shelves. What matters is that the visitors enjoy their stay while they wait for the physician.

Smooth Patient Workflow Needs to be In Place

From the time a patient checks in to the time they go out of the doctor’s office, the workflow needs to be in place. I am talking about timely notifications of the arrival of the patient to the doctor. A seemingly simple visit to the doctor’s office can become a complex problem when the front desk staff fails to function.

Furthermore, the front desk has to notify patients of any delays in their check-ups. And if there are any system failures, before the IT staff can deal with it, it has to come to the notice of both the patients and their doctors. When the front desk delivers to the best of their abilities, a smooth patient flow happens as a result.

Maintain Records Properly

Yes! Another way to look at the smooth workflow is by maintaining patients’ records safely. When a patient enters a facility, they start with the front desk and provide the necessary information. The staff is responsible for keeping them as per the HIPAA-compliance rules as described below.

All the relevant information must be present at the front desk. The records must be up-to-date. It is crucial for smooth operability, but also medical billing services can easily start with the process of documenting data.

Hence, from patients’ names to their demographics to insurance healthcare plans to all the other information aids in a smooth workflow.

All information present at the same spot can also help front desk officers to inquire about out-of-pocket payments and surveys. If a medical practice has outsourced medical billing services to a third party and they need to contact patients in any case, front-desk staff can be of great importance here. And, with proper records, the designated person can be more informed and ask the right questions at the right time.

Full XyberMed Compliance for Patient Records

As a XyberMed medical billing company, P3 considers the safety of patient records as its number one priority. Because breaches of any sort can result in fines and even jail time in some cases. The same is the case with a doctor’s office.

Verification of patient information is the first thing that happens when a patient checks in. The front desk has to stay updated on the demographic and other relevant data like the date of birth, address, and phone number.

MIPS in healthcare is an incentive program that rewards clinicians with incentives year after year with performance categories such as promoting interoperability in action. The category was previously meaningful use of EHRs ensuring quality use of Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT). Hence, electronic health records are crucial as the US healthcare industry moves into the next phase of value-based care.

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