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Christmas and New Year Celebrations in Himachal

Christmas and New Year Celebrations in Himachal

Ah.. It’s pretty nostalgic. How beautiful and pleasant it Is when you sit and remember those childhood memories of December where you go to school just to get candies and cakes on Christmas. You really used to wish from deep inside your heart and hope that Santa will come and complete your wish. He will come and give you the gift you wait for and surprisingly the very next day you used to get your present under your pillow. In childhood, it seem that Santa use to come with your gifts. But today it is understand that in the form of Santa, your father has fulfill your every wish. He use to come every Christmas night and slowly puts your wish under your pillow. Aaroham Resort is going to Organize Christmas and New Year Celebrations in Himachal.

Christmas and New Year Celebrations in Himachal

Now you are grow up but the wishes are still there. This Christmas you really wished to celebrate you new year in very desirable place ie. Himachal Pradesh.

Located in northern India at the foothills of the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is synonymous with lush greenery, spectacular views of majestic mountains and valley, rich culture, delicious food, adventure sports and colonial history. It’s a wonderful state. An absolute treat for adventure-seekers, families, honeymooners and solo travelers, the state’s many cities have a lot to offer to both tourists and locals alike.

You are finally ready to fulfill the wish box, but you are really worrying about getting a resort that fits into your comfort zone in tourist season where it becomes impossible to get a good resort. But for you The Royal Woods Manali by Aaroham Resorts is the first gift of Santa for you. The Royal Woods is one of the Best Luxury Villas in Manali.

It is quite famous for its comfortable stay and top notch services. You can totally be out of worry if you choose The Royal Woods for your stay.

Now you are done with choosing the best Resorts, it’s time to check out some beautiful and magnificent places to make your Christmas worth celebrating.

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Christmas and New Year Celebrations in Himachal



Locate on the Hindustan Tibet Road, Mashobra is a picturesque town found by Lord Dalhousie in 1854. The lush green expanses of this enchanting destination are cover in powder snow, transforming this beautiful mountain resort into a fairyland.

This quiet little town is the perfect tourist destination to visit Himachal in December and enjoy a leisure break in a peaceful setting. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Mashobra offers peace and tranquility for those seeking tranquility and nature lovers.


Part of the Wool River Valley, Balot is a small village in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Consider a diamond of rugg terrain, Ballot Gorge was originally develop for the Heidel project on the Wool River and has since grown into a burgeoning tourist destination for mountain-craving travelers. The Ballot Valley offers a great opportunity for travelers looking to satisfy their thirst for adventure. Hiking, camping and fishing in the Ballot Valley are the most popular activities in the area. Plan your trip to Himachal and add this hidden gem to your itinerary for an energizing experience inside Shivalik.


Surrounded by vast rolling hills, dense forests and snow-capped mountains, Sangla is located in the Kinnaur district, facing the Vaspa River. One of the best places in Himachal Pradesh in winter, he is a place straight out of a fairy tale. The beautiful scenery of Sangla becomes a wonderland in winter when it is cover with snow.

In December, snowflakes obscure tall trees and roads, making the occasional snow shower in Sangla an unforgettable experience. The breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains and white surroundings of this picturesque village are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The rejuvenating and relaxing scenery will make your trip to Himachal an unforgettable one.


Hidden in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, Thane Valley is Himachal Pradesh’s hidden gem. This quaint hamlet is close to many other such as Kullu and Manali, but is rarely visit by tourists. Sainj’s pristine beauty enhance in December, when the vast meadows are occasionally covered with snow.

This is a bohemian place to visit in Himachal Pradesh in his December to enjoy a relaxing vacation with family and love ones. It’s a hiker’s paradise, as the trail begins at Sainji and leads into the Great Himalayan National Park. There you can also see Lake Pundrik, one of Himachal’s most beautiful lakes he, surround by tall trees and grasses.

Lahaul valley 

Lahore and Spiti is a district of Himachal Pradesh. Essentially, these are his two valley on the border of India and Tibet. The Lahaul Valley region is call the rugg splendor of Himachal Pradesh. The word “Lahore” is derive from the Tibetan words loyul, which means land of the south, which means land of the gods. Dott with snow-cappe  mountains, lush green fields. Milky-white rivers and streams, tranquil lakes and passes, this place is a prime location. Its simple rustic charm, festivals, folk dances and culture attract tourists from all over the world.

Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh 

For snow lovers, winter is the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh. Winter starts in his October and he lasts until February, December being the coldest month of the year. Places such as Manali, Narkanda. Kufri and Shimla receive a lot of snowfall and visiting Himachal Pradesh in the winter can be a great time for visitors who have been waiting for the snow to fall. Rohtang and Keylong Passe are frozen all year round.


December is the best month among all for those who really love to party. This is the month of getting high on the vibe of dj night with of course the one that actually makes you high. As December Aaroham Resorts is also known as one of the Private Cottages in ManaliHope you don’t miss the chance to explore Aaroham Resorts. 

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