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Brand Name Tips: 10 Brilliant Ideas

Brand Name Tips – Changes in names can cost any business.

Brand names are inextricably associated with a variety of both visible and intangible aspects of your company.

You can get off to a great beginning with these 10 Amazing Tips for Brand Names.

“What is it that makes a brand’s identify itself as a glue?”

A brand name that sticks can:

  • Arrive with a great initial impression. Draw someone closer, and leave an impression of warmth.
  • These tips for naming your brand will assist you in avoiding the expense, time and anxiety of changing your brand name. 

A brand name is a symbol of the business on multiple platforms. It will be necessary to repeat the same words repeatedly throughout the lifetime of the company, so you must enjoy it, a lot. It will also be ingrained into the mindset of consumers. This will likely be repeated many times over the course of its existence by both suppliers and clients. The change of name is an expensive affair for any company, big or small.

Two, there’s no doubt about the growing global startup culture. The competition is greater than ever before. Therefore, having a well-planned brand strategy for the name is the most effective way to stay clear of the possibility of disaster. Before you begin thinking about names, be clear about the strategy for your brand.

The availability of a domain name or username can be determined by using a domain name checker or social media name checker. There is an option to check if a domain name or username is available here.

What are the principles that drive the brand?

What does your brand represent?

– Determine the product or service’s pros and pros and

Do your research thoroughly

Who is the audience that will be

– Know the values of your audience

What do they really care about?

Do you have a brand that is aligned with yours?

Find out the source of any issues prior to making any decisions about brand name.

A brand strategy can to determine the best name for your brand.

Basic Tips for Brand Names

We’re getting close. Before we dive into the top ten Brilliant brand Name Tips, I’d like to go over some important points.

Every name must be considered in relation to:

– Political Correctness (insulting people won’t attract your ideal public)

Negative associations of all sort (even swearing words)

Other factors that could cause a name to be inappropriate (ie”heinous” is a sound that resembles the word ‘anus’).

Make use of common sense eliminate names that might be offensive.

10 Amazing Brand Name Tips

Let’s get stuck in. Make your brand a true head-turner with these 10 Amazing Brand names.

1. Length

In the first place, make it as short as possible – a phrase or two is ideal for retail products.

The length of the sentence is crucial to remember.

Easy to remember is the primary goal when selecting the name of a brand. Make sure you have under five letters. Six or more words can be complicated, long or awkward, or even sound strange. Any of these could be difficult for the user to recall.

2. Context

Don’t be afraid to use names because they look like a sham on paper. When you create a brand name, the context determines how people perceive it. A word by itself is not significant or meaningful. A design that is accompanied by it can dramatically transform how a brand’s name looks or appears. A well-designed design can make a difference when it comes to any words. This tip for branding is often ignored by non-visual people.

3. Unique Selling Point

This is my top brand name advice… In the ideal scenario the name used for branding should be a reflection about the service or product (or the service). It is not the street that the farm is located on. Not your last name. It’s not the dog’s name. A simple but amazing word. Sure, there are numerous absurd reasons to choose the name. Indicate in some way what the concept behind the product is.

In the ideal scenario it would be a sensible word wrapped around its unique selling Point (USP). Names are easier to remember when you include the USP. For instance, ‘Purely Nutz is a brand of peanut butter that is made from just nuts with without additives, only nuts. Also “Sue’s Gluten free Goods’ is made of gluten free products. Facebook is an online database of people’s faces, and as we are aware, it’s much more.

Instantly recognized names provide an immediate connection with consumers. Take a look. It’s simple. Yet, often clients call me with names that isn’t logical. There’s a vast distinction between smart and confusing.

Another option is to create a sense. Make sure to convey emotion, but not be too complicated. Brands such as Billabong, Cool Ridge and Bega have a long-standing and deep connection to Australia. In the same way, Golden Gaytime, Red Rock Deli and Thursday Plantation are all excellent examples of this. The names that are evocative have a sense of the significance.

The key is simplicity.

Learn more about how you can capture your USP in less than 5 minutes.

4. Language Tools

Name brands benefit greatly from an audio hook.

Alliteration is a good example.

Rhyming words are typically gold bullion when it comes to the sweepstakes for brand names. They’re not just easy to remember, but generally people are familiar with the word and it’s simple to pronounce. The rhymes also possess the musical aspect. Think sweet Beets, Boost Juice and 7-Eleven.

Another trick to use language is to humanize the brand. For example, a name like Harry’s Hampers can create a sense of familiarity through the commonality in the brand’s name. Other brands using this method are Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment, Paul’s (ice cream) and Bragg’s (apple cider vinegar).

Make sure you find an auditory hook that is suitable. It could make the distinction between having a good memory or “What’s this name?”

5. Pronunciation

Speak it loudly. Does it come off your tongue quickly? A brand’s name must be simple to spell.

One method of testing this is to ask a child aged 4-5 to pronounce the word. If a child is struggling, then the majority of potential customers will struggle too.

6. Taglines

Include a tagline to promote events if you believe it would help. But do not include it in the name of the brand. It should be clear and concise.

Sometimes, the packaging won’t be big enough to hold an advertising tagline. However, it can be helpful in many other ways to market. Consider it as an aid to the main event. The brand name and tagline do not repeat themselves.

7. Search engine Optimisation (SEO)

Being easily discovered online is an important element. Your company’s name or brand can boost your SEO as well.

A descriptive name will help in the search results. Wrap your name in keyword/s. It is important to choose keywords that bring in plenty of traffic and are little competition. This, however is more difficult to do than say. Your competitors likely include keywords that are in their names. Begin by determining what keywords are searched for in your specific product. This is something to talk with a professional – I can help should you require assistance.

8. The availability

It’s a pleasure to select names that are memorable, clear, positive expressive and descriptive. If the name isn’t available, you’re back to the drawing board. Before you decide on your brand name, you should research the availability. The availability for the name as well as the social handle will (in the final) determine your final choice so first.

A domain name that is not the same as the brand name isn’t optimal. Even small variations can make it difficult when customers try to locate the domain you registered. Many large corporations keep names secret so that competitors cannot make use of their names. It is recommended to begin this as early as you can in your search.

Top Tips:

There’s an easy method to verify the domain name and every social platform in one go and it’s absolutely free! Check out

9. Registration

When you first start, you’ll likely have a few names that you’d like to add to your list. Do not get too attached to one of them until you have registered your business name through ASIC. Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). To find name availability, start with the search business names register’. This is only for Australia. The majority of countries have a business registry.

“Search within:” choose ‘Check availability of business names’. Enter your name, then click search.

The results will be “available,” “manual choice required’ or “not available by with the help of the traffic lights color system.

10. Ownership

The most common method to secure exclusive rights to a specific mark is to apply for trade marks through IP Australia.

ASIC is engaged in the process of registering corporate names, which you could also use as a brand name.

But, the fact that you register a business name doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the owner of the name. It doesn’t also mean you’re hindering other individuals from using similar names. You can begin by using the Headstart tool. It will offer you an assessment of your trade mark prior to submitting it. It will help you identify any issues and even though it’s not free, it will be able to reduce your costs in the in the long run.

Before you trademark or register the name of your business or brand make sure you secure the correct domain for your website. The small investment is worth it. I would also suggest buying additional relevant URLs. For example, you might consider .com,, .org,, .us, .eu.

11. Bonus Tip for Brand Names A Word of Warn

When choosing a name, be mindful not to limit the scope of the company. For instance, suppose you make chocolates. The name you use for your brand is Chocoholics But then you decide to diversify into fruit-based chocolates. The name Chocoholics isn’t working.

Your name should be flexible to accommodate the growth of your product.


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