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Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk Free Download For Android Devices

Overview of Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk

Angry Birds 2 mod apk is the advanced version of Angry birds 2 apk. It is available on smartphone devices for free. This mod version of the game provides you premium features for free like unlimited money, gems, infinite energy, and unlocked all birds. So, you do not need to complete missions to unlock birds and levels.  

What is Angry Birds 2 Apk?

Angry Birds 2 is the world-famous action puzzle game on Android devices published by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. It is a single-player video game. This game is the second part of the successful game Angry birds. 

Birds are becoming more furious and powerful. The main task of this game is similar to the previous game. Basically, the war is between birds and pigs. Where you will play as a bird and your task is to destroy pigs and their bosses with the help of a slingshot and unlock your birdy friend and save eggs. Download the angry birds 2 mod apk with all unlocked birds and get a higher score to climb the top of the leaderboard.

There are hundreds of levels with so many adventure scenes. Birds and pigs have different expressions during the game. The game provides many interesting features where you can compete with your friend and climb to the top of the leaderboards.     

What is Angry Birds 2 Apk Mod?

Well, as we know angry birds 2 apk mod is the modified version of angry birds 2 available for all devices. Where you get all advanced features for free like unlimited money, gems, and unlocked all birds. So, you do not need to complete the mission to unlock birds and you can upgrade birds and their feathers with unlimited money. 

Gameplay of Angry Birds 2 Latest Mod Apk Download on Mobile Devices

The gameplay of the Angry birds 2 mod apk is simple and easy. You will play the role of a bird and you have to destroy pigs and their bosses with the use of a slingshot. Every bird has their unique attacking battle skills. There are more than 1600 challenging levels with adventure scenes. You have to complete levels and beat pig bosses and unlock your birdy friends. All the levels are divided into four groups and it is hard to beat pig bosses. 

The difficulty of levels will increase gradually as you complete the levels one by one. You have to score higher to achieve three stars. You can increase your scoring power by upgrading your bird’s feather. The game also provides some unique features like daily challenges and leaderboards that make users more engaged. The gameplay of angry birds 2 is simple but it’s hard to get three starts in each level.  

Main Features of Angry Birds 2 Apk Mod

Never Ending Battle

As we know the battle is between birds and pigs because the pig had stolen their eggs and the birds also. So, your job during the journey is to unlock your birdy friends and save eggs. Shoot the birds on the pigs and destroy them. 

Play Daily Challenges

The game provides daily challenge features where you ca win rewards like upgrading your bird feathers, gems, hats, and more. You have to choose one card among the four. You can play this daily challenging game more but you have to pay gems for this.

Experience Multiple Challenges

This game is full of challenging levels and puzzles. As you complete the level one by one difficulty of the level increases gradually. It is hard to beat bosses and score three stars at every level. This Game also provides some new challenges with a time limit.

Customize Your Birdy Friends

This is the most interesting feature of this game. You can customize birds with feathers, colors, and hats, and make your birds more fashionable.  

Graphics and Sound Effects

The most amazing feature of this game is the graphics. You can see the color of birds, expressions, and adventurous scenes clearly. The game also provides high-quality sound and visual effects. 

Mod Features of Angry Birds 2 Unlimited Money

Unlimited Money

This mod version of the game provides you unlimited money, gems, and black pearls for free. You can use this money to upgrade your birds and their feathers. After updating your scoring power is increased therefore you can score higher in each level and get three stars. 

Unlocked all birds

In this mod version, you get all birds unlocked. So, you do not need to complete the mission to unlock birds. All birds have different battle skills.

Infinite energy

You will get infinite energy in this mod version of the game. So, you can play hundreds of levels of games without limiting your energy.

No ads

There are no ads in this mod version of the game. So, you can play this game without any disturbance anywhere.


Angry birds 2 mod apk is the best action puzzle game for android devices. There are lots of challenging levels and interesting features that engage users more. Download the mod version of the game and enjoy playing with your friends. If you have any queries let us know through the comment box.

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