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8 Foods of Dubai You Must Try on Your Dubai Honeymoon Tour

Dubai is a place of heritage and authenticity wherein one may taste the most delicate Emirati dishes and beverages. From mouth-watering desserts to delectable stews, Dubai food options are endless. Recently, Dubai has been on the culinary map thanks to excellent and brand-new eating places established across the metropolis. Arabic coffee, camel hamburgers, amazing pastries, and Turkish drinks are among the most sumptuous delicacies in Dubai.

Even if you’re an avid gourmet, the Dubai food market won’t disappoint since the city caters to everyone’s tastes. As Dubai is prominent for its elegance and grandeur, it is easy to discover affordable restaurants across the city, providing the best of all worlds. The distinctive characteristic of Dubai eateries is that they provide sufficient portions of food to justify the price.

From vegetarians and non-vegetarians, Dubai caters to all appetites.

In addition, the selection is so extensive that the choices will leave you spellbound. Furthermore, some foods will even make you feel at home since they embody their flavours and tradition.

Eight Unique Dubai Food Items To Have

So the unique food dishes of Dubai demand a Dubai food tour to taste the flavour of Dubai. So, Dubai Honeymoon Packages from Roaming Routes will take you through the best of Dubai, and you will experience the most of Dubai.

1. Manousheh


Manousheh, the indigenous pizza, is a good alternative for those with tangy taste buds searching for Dubai delicacies.

Further, it is the ideal choice for a delectable breakfast. Exotic condiments, such as earthy zaatar herbs, salty Akkawi cheese, and olive oil, are spread over a spread dough or flatbread. Additionally, it is the most incredible street food in Dubai. Further, it is well-liked by both visitors and locals who appreciate this dish. The variation comes with tangy labneh, sweet jam, ground lamb, and eggs.

2. Camel Meat

Camel meat is among the most popular meat version and a popular Dubai Food in the Emirates. Contemporary chefs are experimenting with camel meat recipes like camel biryanis, camel burgers, and camel stews. Due to the prevalence of camels in the Middle East, camel meat is affordable and readily available. Further, tourists worldwide go to Dubai to sample camel meat since it is among the finest cuisine.

3. Turkish Cocktails

Turkish Cocktails

Turkish drinks are the optimal approach to experiencing the most genuine Dubai culture. Ruya’s, a popular bar and lounge in Dubai, also brought the drinks to the commercial sector. Additionally, they provide a wide variety of Turkish drinks, such as the Anatolian Fizz, combining sparkling wine with traditional tastes. Their bartender’s top components are honey, hibiscus, spices, citrus, and mint. In addition to the drinks, they serve hot appetizers to provide guests with a pleasant eating experience.

4. Machboos


Machboos is a classic Arabic rice dish comprising cardamom, cinnamon, and other popular spices and then garnished with dried citrus or sauces. Further, the preparation is often possible with lamb, chicken, or shrimp, which one can find throughout the city. It is a crossover between risotto and biryani wherein the rice preparation is in a vessel with a broad neck. Because rice is a staple cuisine in Gulf nations, you can find it with every meal.

This meal is a part of the famous Dubai food due to its zesty taste. Please sample their salad and raita since it is truly divine. You’ll be astonished by how delicious this dish is, given how simple and unrefined it seems.

5. Falafel


Falafel is delicious, a ball or patty prepared from mashed chickpeas or fava beans and deep-fried. This is among the most popular dishes. Further, you may try any bread for a great eating experience. Ask the server what the Falafel consists of since each restaurant prepares it differently. There may be anything in the meal you are allergic to; thus, check with the server before ordering. Moreover, this is an essential Dubai food.

6. Samboosa


Cuisines globally influence Dubai cuisine, as evident while researching street food establishments. Among the most well-known Indian foods, Samosa, the Samboosa preparation comprises meat, veggies, and fish in Dubai.

Sambora a popular Dubai Food with several types of meat and unusual seasonings. Therefore, skip the potato-filled Samosa and test the Samboosa with various contents presented in this city. Additionally, people frequently visit the booth for breakfast and sample Samboosa with hot tea. Also, the most well-known version among the locals is stuffed with three varieties of cheese.

7. Khanfaroosh

Your quest ends here if you’re looking for Dubai’s most incredible dessert.

This dessert is accessible in every section of the neighbourhood and is among the most popular dishes in Dubai. Kangaroos consist of eggs, flour, sugar, cardamom, yeast, saffron, and rose water.

Typically, one can have this Dubai food with tea and coffee cake.

If you’re searching for desserts in Dubai and can’t decide what to eat, that’s the one you must try.

8. Margoogot

Margot, a tomato-based beef stew simmered with turmeric, cumin, and other spices, is one of the most incredible dishes in Dubai.

You may locate a variety of chicken and potato-based versions across the city. This beautiful meal is prepared with chicken in its most well-known variant, and locals and tourists try it. So to try the best Margoogot, you can head to Aseelah restaurant.

Final Say

Most people often wonder if Dubai offers vegetarian options. Yes, vegetarian food is widely accessible across the city. Since meat-eaters dominate Dubai, it is a widespread misperception that vegetarian and vegan cuisine alternatives are uncommon in the city. However, Dubai offers a vast selection of both options at affordable costs.

Are you drooling yet with these eight Dubai food options? There are several traditional and street food in Dubai that this list doesn’t have. So as a couple, if you are planning for a honeymoon, ensure to taste these unique food options. The level of friendliness and competence at Dubai’s restaurants will astound you. Be sure to leave a generous tip after your meal.

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