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7 Top Companies That Provide Smart Contract Audit Services

“When the game is blockchain transaction, having airtight security is a priority.”

Whatever the situation, when it comes to dealing with valuable assets, security is a potent factor that cannot be jeopardized at any cost. This is where smart contract auditing services come into play. When taken from a credible company, it can do wonders for your business by ensuring that your contracts are watertight and smoothly functioning. 

This process is quintessential to be sure that the smart contracts are free from vulnerabilities and work as intended. 

In this blog, we will discuss more about the top companies from where you can get your smart contracts audited. Let’s begin. 

Distinguishing Features Of Smart Contracts 

If you’re still a newbie in this space, then it is important for you to know what is a smart contract. The role of a smart contract auditor is important in ensuring that the contracts do not have any vulnerability in them that the hackers can exploit later in the future.

 Following are its features. 

  • A digital contract that helps in automating agreements and transactions
  • Automatically enforced code
  • Agreement that is written in code
  • Tamper-proof and unchangeable
  • Blockchain-maintained codes

What Are The Advantages Of Taking Smart Contract Security Audit Services? 

If you’re wondering why one must go for audits from cybersecurity experts, then these are 

  • A security assessment finds your project’s most significant structural problems and helps you prevent costly mistakes. 
  • Early code auditing in the development process might save potentially fatal errors from occurring after launch.
  • Building trust with your consumers and investors is essential. An audit adds another level of protection to your project by serving as a security stamp.
  • For businesses handling the private information of individuals, security audits are essential for creating risk assessment plans and mitigation methods.
  • Your project will be protected from potential risks by a wall that won’t be breached by hackers thanks to an audit.
  • Auditing not only finds faults in the code but also makes speed improvements to them.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Smart Contract Auditing Company

There are certain factors that you need to consider when finalizing the company that you will choose for your audits. These are: 

  • Experience: Ensuring the security of your smart contracts is crucial in keeping your funds safe. Naturally, you would want to hand over the task to someone who knows the process inside and out, and can conduct the audit process smoothly and quickly. Thus, ensure to check how much experience the team has before only. 
  • Audit scope: Before rolling out the work to the team of experts, do not forget to see if they will test every vulnerability that you are worried about. 
  • Price: Check whether you’re getting high quality services and also value for money from the security professionals or not. 
  • Turnaround time: You must ensure that the company that you choose offers you a quick turnaround time.
  • Reviews: Before choosing any company for auditing your smart contracts, also don’t forget to go through the reviews for that company given by the clients. 

7 Top Smart Contract Audit Companies

These firms are thought to be the best in the blockchain ecosystem when it comes to using security consultancy for your code audits.

  • Certik

Without a doubt, Certik stands out as the most promising brand in the smart contract auditing sector. This startup was created in 2018 by two academics from Yale University and Columbia University. They have carried out more than 1,800 audits overall.

Some of the most important DeFi protocols in the world, like Huobi, Binance, OKEx, and others, rely on this business for their audit reports.

  • ImmuneBytes

They are a cybersecurity consulting company committed to provide innovative, proactive solutions for blockchain and cryptocurrency security to help businesses maintain security over the long term. Since its foundation in 2020, the firm has provided security assistance to businesses of all kinds, including main and mid-sized corporations, non-profits, and small businesses, using the most recent smart contract audit tools and penetration testing approaches. They have a strong track record, having successfully completed more than 175 projects.

They are relied upon by customers like Ethernity, Good Dollar, Maha Dao, Poly Trade, retreeb, Sheesha Finance, and Sports Icon to help them become industry leaders in their respective fields. They also have a deep understanding of blockchains, cryptography, software assaults, and virtualization.

  • Hacken

The Hacken ecosystem was created by white hat hackers, Big Four workers, and cybersecurity experts. Since its establishment in 2017, Hacken has been creating Web 3.0 cybersecurity businesses and growing the ethical hacker community.

Clients include Solana, VeChain,, KuCoin, FTX, Huobi, 1inch, and Avalanche, among others. Assets owned by clients and users totaling more than $10 billion have been safeguarded by Hacken.

  • Trail of Bits

Since 2012, the business has grown significantly to support the security of several targeted businesses and gadgets. They combine cutting-edge security research with the mindset of an actual attacker to reduce the dangers related to smart contracts and strengthen the open source.

Software security, reverse engineering, cryptography, blockchain, osquery, machine learning, binary analysis, and blockchain are some of the areas in which they are experts.

  • Openzepplin 

The OpenZeppelin team is renowned for developing the Solidity and OpenZeppelin Contracts libraries. These libraries are used by the majority of Solidity projects as a tried-and-true example of deployable contracts for decentralized applications. Developers can use OpenZeppelin’s native SDK to implement this solution. OpenZeppelin prioritizes audit and security services for smart contracts in addition to development.

  • Slowmist

China’s top blockchain security startup is Slowmist. They provide a wide range of blockchain security services, such as checking the security of wallets and doing smart contract and blockchain security audits.

Along with providing real-time statistics on the growth and security trends of Vechain, EOS, Cosmos, and other leading blockchain projects, Slowmist also features a secure staking initiative for blockchain ecologies. 

  • Omniscia 

Building and safeguarding complex decentralized networks and apps, Omniscia has a centralized team of knowledgeable smart contract developers and auditors. Their engineers have created and examined distributed systems that power multimillion dollar economies since 2017.

Final Thoughts: 

Transactions may be made simpler and more affordable with the use of smart contracts. In order to avoid any errors, it is crucial to make sure they are written properly. You can ensure that your agreements are secure with the use of a smart contract audit service. When selecting a service, you should take into account the team’s expertise, the cost, the reviews, and the audit’s scope.


I am Liam Anderson, a bright student at George Washington University, USA. I am an avid reader and an all-time coder. In my free time, I spend most of my time understanding the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain and wish to build a career in this field. Together with coding, my hobbies include painting and river rafting. Since childhood, I have always been a bright student and have kept exploring the depths of blockchain technology to contribute something new to the community. I also love blogging about the hot, trending topics in this domain as I believe: "Sharing knowledge with others helps enhance it even more."

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