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5 Types Of Human Hair Wig You Will Find In The Market

The worst nightmare for most people is losing their hair because they feel less confident. Numerous factors can trigger hair loss, including health problems or hair damage from common styling methods. Put on a human hair wig to regain your confidence. Hair wigs of high grade have a silky feel and a natural appearance because they are made of real human hair.

Wigs have been used for fashion for decades, so you must not buy into the myth that says they are reserved for persons with hair loss.

One of the massive advantages of a human hair wig is that you can style and customize it how you desire. Treat it as you would with your real hair and a proper hair care routine, making them last longer.

Some of the best human hair wigs are listed below, so don’t miss out! 

Virgin Body Wave Lace Front Wig

The Body Wave Lace Front Wig is pre-plucked with a natural hairline. Plucked wigs are better than unplucked wigs because you don’t have to spend time manually plucking them to achieve a natural look with baby hair. Each strand of hair is hand-knotted into a Lace Front Wig cap for a natural look, and the knots are lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

 You can try a different hairstyle with Lace Front Wigs. The lace fronts are flexible and have a sturdy base that enables you to change your styles frequently and quickly without damaging your natural hair.

 Virgin Brazilian Kinky Curly Lace Frontal

 You can never go wrong with Virgin Brazilian Kinky Curly Lace Frontal human hair wig. The high-quality kinky curls are tangle-free, and always looks fabulous because of its distinct coily curl pattern. The curls are shiny and lightweight. The hand-knotted stretch cap gives supreme comfort and allows your hair to move freely, just like natural hair.

Popular hairstyles for Kinky Brazilian Lace Front Wig includes protective styles like braids.

Blonde Straight Closure Bob Wig

Human hair bob wigs are one of the highest quality bob wigs available in the market. This wig has a flawless foundation and has been pre-bleached to perfection. It achieves the platinum blonde look without the headaches of bleaching.

This Brazilian closure human hair wig is made with a 4×4 closure that is quick and easy to attach without glue or tape. The closure front has been professionally pre-bleached and hand-sewn, simultaneously giving you an undetectable and alluring look.

Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Headband Wig

Headband Wigs are a great choice because they provide a natural appearance. You can install it within 5 minutes, which is convenient and quick. You don’t have to worry about your edges showing or your tracks being exposed because the headband will cover it.

The headband wig easily adds length, volume, or body to their hair compared to the hassle of maintaining a traditional wig. They are long-lasting and offer a variety of styling possibilities.

With this headband wig, you have the versatility in styling options like up-dos, high ponytails, and hair buns. 

Virgin Brazilian Deep Wave Lace Closure

The Virgin Brazilian Deep Wave Lace Closure is a hairpiece usually made of lace or silk. This human hair wigs help to increase hair volume and length by installing them in-between hair. It is helpful for women who suffer from hair fall in certain parts of the head. 

The lace closure piece is attached to a cornrow base and secured around the perimeter. It helps protect your natural hair and get a complete look.


Human hair wigs are the best brand you can get because of their natural and durable quality. There are various human hair wigs that you can own, like frontal and closure wigs, that give you a natural hairline with freestyle parting. Just like frontal wigs help with natural hairline, lace closure pieces help to increase the hair volume and length.

If you wish for something more fun, you can color your human hair wig, making it more appealing, like blonde bob wigs. You can customize human hair wigs according to your preferences.

You can get these wigs from one place, i.e., from the Hair Factory. Additionally, you will also find braiding weaving hair from there. Buy and enjoy their top-quality hair extension and wigs!



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