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10 Common Rug Washing Problems & How to Solve Them

Rug washing frequently is the greatest method to keep them in good condition. Moving your furniture around is advised since placing heavy furniture on carpets may cause damage to particular sections of them. Accidental spills must be cleaned up right away and completely. A carpet’s endurance can be increased by straightening out its ripples.

Leading microbiologists claim that millions of microorganisms, including dust mites, pollen, and mould spores, may live in rug fibres. This is why routine rug cleaning is important and shouldn’t simply be done as part of a yearly spring cleaning.

To get rid of germs on rugs, anti-bacterial powders may also be sprinkled on them, but test it first on a tiny area to make sure it won’t harm the rug’s fabric.

10 common rug washing problems?


Insects including dust mites, carpet beetles, moths, and others can thrive on rugs. Neglecting to provide your rug the proper attention, cleaning, and upkeep might result in insect damage. Similar to soiling, this may be fixed by regularly vacuuming and cleaning your rugs. It is preferable to contact experts to manage the issue if your rug has an insect infestation. To address this sort of problem, they have the necessary tools and expertise!


The most frequent culprits of rug stains are liquids like coffee, carbonated beverages, and even food. Use blotting sheets or a towel to absorb the liquid as soon as there has been a spill to help prevent stains. If there is a stain, you should get expert assistance to get rid of it once the liquid has dried. Avoid using any chemicals as they might harm the rug and cause the color to fade. Use one of our Spot & Spill Removers as a temporary solution until you can arrange for expert rug cleaning.

Colour Fade

As your rug becomes older, its colour will gradually fade over time. However, if your rug is regularly exposed to direct sunshine, natural fading may be sped up. Your rug and the sun do not get along well. If you use pesticides and cleaning products with chemical bases, fading may also occur more quickly. Keeping your rugs out of direct sunlight will help prevent unnatural rug colour fading. To ensure that no side is ever exposed, you can also rotate the rug or relocate it frequently to a new location.


Sharp things rubbing up against a rug frequently result in pulled loops. Your pets may be to blame for this, especially cats and dogs that enjoy sharpening their claws on carpets and other fabrics. Don’t take out the pulls if you want to disguise the indications of pulled loops. Trim the protruding pulls to smooth out the appearance of your carpeting.


Regularly, twice a year, and in times of emergency are the answers to this. Rugs should be vacuumed twice a week, and spills should be cleaned up right away. Deep cleaning and shampooing may be done twice a year.

“Give your rug a bit extra care and attention with a thorough clean at least twice a year (or more if it needs it); spring and fall are wonderful times to do this,” advises The Rug Seller. In light of where your rug is, it’s also important to consider how frequently a thorough clean should be performed. Rugs in other places should have a deep clean at least twice a year, while floorcoverings exposed to outside shoes, spills, and dogs on a regular basis should be cleaned at least every two months.

Want to Solve your problem?

You may simply take on the task of cleaning area rugs by yourself. Unless your rug is really sensitive, you need to contact expert rug cleaners for the job.

Get Your Rug Cleaning Tools and Materials-

As a general rule, most rugs may be cleaned with a rug or carpet shampoo, while certain carpets may have been marketed with a specific cleaning product recommended. If you need to remove a stain quickly, a solution of warm water and dish detergent in a basin or bucket will also work.

In your laundry area, you should also keep a vacuum, lots of kitchen towels to blot stains, a sponge, and a brush, just in case. Of course, many of the processes listed here can be skipped if you use a wet-dry vacuum.

Use Your Vacuum, Regularly-

It’s critical to vacuum a rug on both the top and bottom in order to consistently clean it rather than waiting until there is an emergency stain. This is due to the possibility of grit and dust penetrating the rug’s fibres. Don’t forget to clean the rug’s backing once a month to get rid of any dust, grime, allergies, or bacteria that may have become trapped there.

A vacuum for pet hair will be helpful if you have pets because they are made to remove hair effectively and hygienically. Alternatively, you might find it simpler to beat or shake the rug outside in good weather. This can also be a more comprehensive method of rug cleaning.

Carpeted floors and rugs should typically be swept at least twice each week. Shake off any surface dust and grime before vacuuming the rug to prepare it for daily, regular vacuuming. Instead of rotary brush or upright vacuum cleaners, which may cause harm to the surface of the pile and tear the edges of rugs, suction only vacuum cleaners are preferred. To get rid of any surface dust and loose yarns, softly vacuum the rug using the nozzle attachment.


Conclusion about Rug Washing

Even though your rug appears clean, it can be hiding bugs and bacteria, so it’s crucial to clean it frequently. Find out some Rug Washing Albuquerque to help you out with all your problems of washing rugs. According to The Rug Seller, “little and frequently” cleaning is generally recommended for all sorts of rugs to keep them fresh and dust-free. Vacuuming alone won’t get rid of carpet dust mites, which may cause allergic responses like asthma and eczema, so it’s safe to assume there might be more than just a bug in your rug if it’s not cleaned.

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