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10 Best Healthy Meal Options for Food Order in Train

Top 10 Best Healthy Meal Options for Food order in Train. Here you get various option to get food in train Via RailRestro.

In today’s race of life, healthy meals have become a necessity. Junk food tastes good but can hurt health. Healthy food brings about a good mood and takes care of your health. The intake of healthy meals is ubiquitously essential, whether you are at home or travelling by train. Train journeys seem simple with a nutritious diet. Besides, the low-quality food from the pantry cars on the train seems like a nuisance. These foods usually have compromised taste and low health benefits. So we have to find an app who deliver Food order In Train while we enjoying our Journey.

A long journey may cause an interruption in your diet plan. But, no worries Food in Train app is here in your rescue to offer fantastic food services close at hand.

The advent of technology has given rise to numerous online train food apps that deliver healthy and nutritious recipes to your seat on the train. These e-catering services authorise by the IRCTC and collaborate with local restaurants to make nourishing meals easily accessible on trains.

10 Best Healthy Meals That You Can Order on The Train

Why compromise your health by eating substandard food when you can get a nutritious diet with just one click on the train? Here are some healthy food in train options for your future journeys:

Rajma Chawal

Rajma chawal is a quite popular dish in India. The curry of kidney beans or Rajma, loaded with antioxidant properties, is served with a bowl of steamed rice. The Rajma curry with ginger, tomato puree, flavorful spices, and onions. This recipe counts itself among one of the healthiest dishes in India. It comes with a sustainable quantity of proteins and probiotics. While ordering a platter of Rajma Chawal on the train, you can also customise it as per your taste.

Millet Dosa

When it comes to health, millet dosa tops the list. This South Indian dish is made of gluten-free whole grain. Generally, it is served with a lentil stew and coconut chutney. Millet dosa is ideal for controlling cholesterol levels and weight.

As the year 2023 is declared the international year of the millet, ordering millet dosa while on train journeys makes sense. If you plan a train trip, order millet dosa using IRCTC food apps and stay health conscious.

Chana Masala

What about relishing the tastiest Indian dish, Chana Masala? A bowl of chickpeas simmered in a curry of spices, onion, tomato, etc., will make your journey more amusing. Chana Masala has many health benefits, like reducing obesity and fighting type 2 diabetes. If you travel by train, order Chana Masala using rail food apps and enjoy a healthy meal. Railway food apps deliver a hot platter of chana masala right to your seat and let you enjoy your journey the most.


Dal is on every other plate in India. Such is its popularity! Split lentils boiled and cooked in spices will give you a homely touch even on the train. The garnishing of coriander makes Dal more palatable. To your amazement, a bowl of Dal comes loaded with bioactive compounds and fibres. It is very effective in reducing chronic heart diseases. Order a bowl of Dal with Jeera rice or butter chapati on the train and make your journey worth remembering.

Indian Thali

A typical Indian Thali comprises a spicy vegetable curry, steamed rice, chapati, dal, salads, raita, and desserts. An Indian Thali is the most appropriate answer to your appetite on the train. Apart from good taste, it is suitable for your health, too. An Indian Thali supplements all the necessary nutrients at once, like vitamins, fibre, antioxidants, and proteins. Moreover, you can use IRCTC food coupons to enjoy a discount on your healthy meal ordered on the train food app.

Crispy Paratha

Paratha features one of the most popular Indian breakfasts. It comes in innumerable variants when prepared using Cheese, Gobhi, Aloo, Broccoli, Paneer, Beetroot, multigrain and so on. Paratha lowers inflammation and adds omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics to your meal. You can order different paratha varieties with curd or chutney while travelling on the train.

Chicken Tandoori

Chicken Tandoori is the perfect combination of taste and health. This popular chicken appetiser prepare by marinating chicken in yoghurt and slowly roasting it in a cylindrical clay oven i.e, Tandoor. Chicken Tandoori is known for reducing serotonin levels and thereby decreasing stress levels. It comes with B3, B5, and B6 vitamins. Moreover, it helps stabilise mood swings too.

You can order your favourite chicken Tandoori while travelling on the train. Interestingly, using rail food apps, you can also pre-book your chicken Tandoori meal even before boarding the train. As your train reaches the selected station on the boarding date, the meal get deliver to your seat at the time.

Idli Sambar

Nothing can beat fluffy flat balls of Idli when it comes to taste and health. Balls of fermented rice mixture served with lentil stew make the best breakfast in India. This South Indian dish is known for its great taste and health benefits. A plate of Idli and Sambar can keep your cardiovascular system intact. You can order a fresh platter of Idli on trains using online food services. Moreover, you can send cooking instructions as per your taste to the vendor.


The list of healthy meals to order on the train is incomplete without Dhokla. Dhokla with ferment rice and lentils like urad dal and serve with varieties of chutney. It is low in calorie content and high in fibre and proteins. If you are travelling in the western state of Gujarat on a train, dhokla is a must-try dish on the train.

Daliya Khichdi

Last but not least, Daliya Khichdi is one of the healthiest meals in India. The savoury porridge comprises lentils, broken wheat, and different veggies. It makes an ideal breakfast and is suitable for weight loss. Here is the best news: you can order a bowl of daliya on the train and enjoy a wholesome meal on your seat.

How to Order a Healthy Meal on The Train

Ordering food on the train has become a straightforward affair after the arrival of IRCTC food apps. All you need to order food in train is your PNR number. The PNR number is a 10-digit unique number assign to you after booking a ticket. If you have booked an online ticket, you must receive an email or text message with your PNR number. In cases of offline booking, the PNR number is in the upper left corner of the ticket.

Follow these steps to order food on train: online

  • Open a train food app like RailRestro.
  • Navigate to the “Order Food” section.
  • Enter the PNR number.
  • Select the food items you want to order.
  • Complete the payment.

Your order will be accepted and delivered as the train arrives at the desired station. You can also add cooking instructions as per your liking. Be mindful of taking advantage of IRCTC food coupons available on the app. RailRestro has emerged as the best app for food delivery in trains. RailRestro ensures the easy availability of a variety of food items on more than 2000 trains in India. It offers services like placing a Jain food order in traingroup food order in train, online payment, pre-booking of meals, trusted delivery, customisation of food, etc. Moreover, you can use different food coupons to avail of huge discounts on food orders. Owing to the best services offered, RailRestro has become a must-download app for train travellers.

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RailRestro App

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