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You Cannot Skip Car Service For The MOT Test

Car maintenance is an important aspect of road safety. Studies and research have proved that a lot of road accidents on the roads happen because of the bad health of the vehicle.

MOT Reading is a mandatory test in the UK for car drivers. This test ensures that all the vehicles on the roads remain healthy and safe for the car drivers and other road users.

Another aspect of car maintenance is a car service. With your car, you get a document called a user manual. In this manual, you will get all the information about keeping regular car servicing.

Generally, car drivers want to look at the differences between the MOT test and car service.

Therefore, we have brought this information about the MOT test and car service.

MOT Test & Car service: what is the difference?

The MOT test and car service are different from each other. Therefore, you cannot skip one for the other.

In both cases, you have to visit a service center to have the MOT test or car service. However, the objectives of both can be quite different.

The prime objective of an MOT test is just checking the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Moreover, it is a legally mandatory test. On the other hand, the objective of a car service is providing proper maintenance in which repair is an essential step.

The MOT test: Overview

The MOT test is an annual test that is mandatory for every car driver in the UK. During the test, the tester will check the roadworthiness of the vehicle. In this process, the test will check several components of your vehicle. DVSA has made a final list of components that the tester will check during the MOT test.

During the test, the examiner will not repair or replace any component of your vehicle. He is there to only check the overall health of your vehicle.

Once the checkup is completed, you will receive a VT20 MOT certificate. If your car is unable to get the certificate, you will receive a VT30 certificate along with the reasons that cause the failure in the test.

What is involved in the MOT test?

In fact, DVSA, or driver and vehicle standards association regulates all the activities related to the MOT test. DVSA sets the cost of the test and provides licenses to service centers to carry out the MOT tests.

During the test, the car drivers will check the car parts according to the guidelines of DVSA. These guidelines include bodywork, brakes, tyres, wheels, fuel system, seat & seat belts, suspension, windscreen and windscreen wipers, horn, lights, electrical wiring, batter etc.

It is vital to note that the MOT center is not responsible for repairing the faults. Moreover, the MOT tester will not check the internal condition of the car engine, clutch, or gearbox.

Car Service: Overview

Your car maker provides a user manual with the vehicle. In this document, you will find every recommendation that is essential for the safety and health of your car. The same document has a car service schedule that you must follow to keep your car fit and fine.

You need to visit your service station regularly for car service if you want to keep it in good condition for a long time. Therefore, you are however not obliged to visit the service center. But, regular car service is an essential step certainly. If you avoid it for a long time, your car will show poor performance and it is possible you have to change it soon.

What is involved in a car service?

Every car is different. Therefore, the maintenance requirements for every vehicle are different as well. Therefore, you have to look at the carmaker’s guidelines.

You should visit a franchised dealer to do car service. You will find trained and experienced mechanics there.

A franchise technician may update the software of your vehicle efficiently since they are ready with the updates. Your local garage would not offer this service to you.

Generally, a car service schedule will include car parts like wipers, battery, exhaust, lights, tyre, brakes, suspension, steering, shock observers etc.

Moreover, the mechanic will check the oil, oil filter, and other fluids in the vehicle and change them if required.

Now, the differences between the MOT test and car service are quite clear. Therefore, you need both the MOT test and Car Service Reading to keep your car healthy and roadworthy for a long time. It is highly likely that you skip car service since it is not a legal requirement. But, we would not recommend it because car service is vital for the safety and health of your vehicle.

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