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Why should you go to Rajmachi Trek


Rajmachi has been typically mistakenly called Rajmachi fort. In reality, Rajmachi is the name of the town which is actually called the Udhewadi village. Udhewadi is the village that serves as the base that trekkers use to start their trek. When I reach this village, I must be aware the fact that Rajmachi fort is a fortress that is made up of two fortresses – Shrivardhan Fort and Manaranjan Fort.


The two forts in Rajmachi were developed in the hands of Satavahanas to protect the most important trade route in the past, Borghat. Borghat. Borghat is now designated as a monument that is protected. The Borghat route linked with the inner Deccan Highland Region (now Pune) to the western coast of Bharat (now Mumbai) in the past. This fort later was seized by Chp. Shivaji Maharaj. Then by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb who was later captured by Shahu Maharaj, and finally was captured in the hands of the British.


There are many reasons to visit Rajmachi Trek :


  • Rajmachi camp


There are a variety of options for camping in the middle of the two forts in Rajmachi. If you’ve set up your own food and tent then you’ll notice your camp being close to Udai Sagar Lake or at Kalbhairav temple. If you don’t have a tent and you want to lease them from Udhewadi village. Otherwise, you can stay for the night in the ancient native dwellings located in Udhewadi village. The trek’s organizers have chosen the second option of traditional homestays in the village.


  • Shrivardhan Fort (Balekilla) at Rajmachi


Shrivardhan is higher than its counterpart. It was utilized to keep an eye along the Borghat trade route. The climb to the top of Shrivardhan Fort is easy due to the fact that there are stone stairs approximately half of the distance. In later phases you will need to cross the rocks, and that’s very easy. To avoid the rocks and enjoy the stunning views of Rajmachi.


The traces of the original design will remind you of the beauty of our predecessors. From the top of Shrivardhan Fort Shrivardhan Fort you’ll see the Ulhas natural depression below. There’s also Kataldhar water in the distance.


  • Rajmachi Caves


you can even make your camp in this cave. The caves of Rajmachi are able to accommodate nearly forty people. It is difficult to set to set up a tent in this cave as it’s usually cold and windy up on the mountain. The best place to stay your night is in the cave that is located on top of Shrivardhan Fort.


  • Kalbhairavnath Temple


In the middle in Shrivardhan Fort is the temple of Kalbhairavnath. This is also an area where you can catch an idea of where you’ll be staying in the evening. The surrounding mountains appear high because of their proximity. The temple is in an ancient Konkani fashion.


  • Manaranjan Fort (Balekilla) at Rajmachi


Manaranjan Fort, just like its name suggests was a place for relaxation. Today, there are rock-cut bathing tubs filled with natural water at the top of the. From the summit of Manaranjan fort, you’ll be able to view Palas Bahiri, Sinhagad, Raigad, Rajgad, Lohagad and a few other mountains of Matheran in an overcast day. It’s an enjoyable exercise to figure out the mountain that is in the fort. Palas Bahiri is clearly visible due to its proximity.


Kataldhar water near Rajmachi Fort

Kataldhar is the most awe-inspiring waterfall in the Pune district. It’s also called the Horseshoe water because of its gorgeous arched form. There is no water in the area aside to the monsoon. When you’re in Rajmachi make sure you have an extra 4-5 hours to go on Kataldhar waterfall hike.


If you’d like to go to the waterfall, then you’ve to traverse the thick forests in Ulhas Valley. Even the most experienced trekkers are unable to see their route to the waterfalls. It is best to travel with a local guide or someone knowledgeable of the Kataldhar water trek route. In the hinterland of the waterfalls is an eye-shaped cave, which could only hold one hundred persons. When you get to the falls, you’ll spot the twin forts in the distant distance.


You’re looking for some forest trails near the mango tree. The path isn’t discovered in a hurry. But once you’ve found it, you will find a massive waterfall in front of you that needs to be traversed. In the future, you might come across the concrete road that will lead to the waterfall.


  • Godhaneshwar Shiva Temple


Alongside this lake may be a new Shiva temple that dates in the past. It’s an important place to visit in Rajmachi. The most beautiful features of the sculpted form of this lava rock temple will make you speechless. The lake that is nearby provides a tranquil and serene ambience to the place.The best place to practice alone meditation is Godhaneshwar Temple. Godhaneshwar Temple.

There’s a water outlet in this area that offers water for 356 seven days of the year. This ancient structure is cleverly designed by our ancestors and, with the exception of being able to stand tall over time, performs as if it was built yesterday!


Rajmachi Trek route details

Rajmachi Forts lie in the well-known hills of the Lonavala-Khandala region. They can be reached in the Mumbai area via Kondana village, or via the Pune area via Lonavala.


Kondane village, Rajmachi trek

The path begins at Karjat to Rajmachi through Kondane Village and Kondane Caves. It’s a difficult and challenging walk with breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty. It’s quite difficult to climb that hill. You’ll be using this trek to enhance your trekking and climbing abilities. When we organize our trek, we usually advance to reach the top via Lonavala and then descend by Kondana village.


Lonavala up to Rajmachi trek

Lonavala is the ideal way to get to Rajmachi. From the Lonavala Railway station, passengers will be able to see a variety of jeeps and SUVs that bring you to the lowest Udhewadi village. Udhewadi.

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