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What Is the Fastest Way to Learn Chinese?


Chinese is a world-famous language and is a predominant dialect in the country of China and the autonomous region of “Tibet.” The number of people that speak this language far exceeds the number of people that speak Spanish and English. Approximately 1.3 billion people including native people and foreign nationals are fluent in this. There are many reasons that professionals in other countries such as India choose to learn it. Some of the reasons naturally stem from the rapidly accelerating economy of China, its worldwide dominance alongside the US, and its massive market base. Furthermore, China-based companies have a lot of offshore sites as well. So, going for the Chinese Language Course in Gurgaon enhances your job prospects on a worldwide scale. Being well-versed in the language can make it easy to move to a country where the job market and linguistic culture are dominated by this language.

So, if you are wondering how to learn Chinese quickly and comprehensively, you are at the right place. Proceed to the next sections and enhance your linguistic profile.

How to Learn Chinese Quickly?

It is the official language of China and its neighboring autonomous region “Tibet” since the 1930s. However, since the economic reforms in the late 70s, the growth and prevalence of the language along with the native enterprises have been unprecedented. Nowadays, many companies from China are a dominant market force, and that is why it is worthwhile to learn Chinese as a linguistic skill. Follow the points given here to know how to master the language faster-

  • Set Definite Targets

It is imperative to understand that learning Chinese would require a lot of your time and bandwidth. Hence, proper setting of targets, and deadlines, and being clear about why you want to learn makes the process much simpler. Since it is a foreign language, it would be much harder to catch and pronounce a lot of phrases and words. However, it also must be understood whether you are learning Chinese for enhancing your lingual dexterity or for business purposes. Just like any other language, there is a formal and informal way of speaking it.

  • Select Between Mandarin and Cantonese

If you have set your goals and know about your aims, it would be much easier to determine which dialect you have to go for. No expert would advise you to learn both Mandarin and Cantonese simultaneously. Similar to India, different parts of China have different dialects. Therefore, depending upon your job location or the area you are moving to, you will have to determine the dialect. A job seeker generally tends toward Mandarin Chinese since it is a common dialect in the Mainland, Hong Kong, and even in certain locations of Singapore. Furthermore, in the United States as well, it is a prevalent language among Asians.

  • Master Pinyin

Pinyin is basically a Roman-translation system used by foreigners to translate Chinese. It is an effective way of converting tones and consonants using diacritics and other methods. The listeners who have knowledge of Latin words tend to use Pinyin as a starting point for learning the language. Mastering your way in this would make your job much easier while learning advanced tonality and speeches. It will enable you to get familiar with the language and also get acquainted with the tones.

  • Choose Activities That Will Expedite the Learning Process

Similar to how you learned English, watching native films, news channels, and even sporting events would get you more familiar with the language. Furthermore, it will also give exposure to Chinese pop culture, allowing you to bend further with the culture. You can also choose to read books to know about the things that are happening in China. Subscribe to websites and popular platforms. It would give you insights into the general way people speak in the country.

Now, if you are someone living in India, you should check out the next section to know why should prefer learning Chinese here.

Why Should You Learn Chinese in India?

Many IT and marketing professionals aspire to have high-paying jobs in China. Explosive economic growth, a huge market base, and a wide range of industries are some of the common reasons. Refer to the points below to know about the advantages of learning the language in India-

  • First of all, there is a clear population advantage for any business existing in China. Therefore, to connect with the native people in a better way, marketing professionals have to perfect their Chinese. It helps them formulate effective marketing pitches and sell their products.
  • The country has a vast, historical, and vibrant culture. The culture also sometimes dictates the marketplace. Therefore, it is essential to bend into that culture and use the lingual dexterity to your advantage.
  • There are multiple companies in China and it is known for offering lucrative job opportunities in the manufacturing and IT sector. Therefore, if you know the common language, it would be much easier to attract even better opportunities through connections.
  • Another reason to learn Chinese is to upgrade the CV. The Chinese industries invest heavily in multiple countries such as India. Therefore, to land a lucrative job in a Chinese company at an offshore site, knowing the language would prove to be an asset.


Chinese is a predominant language in China and one of the most widely spoken languages all over the world. More than English and Spanish, China’s linguistic-base spans around 1.2 billion people all around the world. The growth of the offshore presence of the Chinese companies and the economic aspects in China make it absolutely necessary to learn the language. Furthermore, the prevalence of the language also renders it to be easy. This is because you will have a wide-ranging support community to expedite the learning process. If you want to move to China from India, consider enrolling in Chinese Language Online Training in India to learn Pinyin basics and more insights. Mastery of this language would also enhance your job prospects in multiple regions worldwide, which are dominated by Chinese companies.


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