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What is Generator and its types?


You might have used an AC generator to meet the demand for a shortage in electricityIt is a machine that uses power to operate both commercially and for personal use. Here, we will learn the working principles and types of generators.

What is generator?

People use it daily whenever they face an interruption in electricity. Therefore, it provides you with intermittent electricity. Now, if you want to understand how a its work? Its mechanism is quite easy to understand. It will change mechanical energy to electrical energy. This electrical energy further provides electricity to run household appliances.

Whenever it uses mechanical energy, it will supply the charges to the winding of generators. Then, it releases the output energy, which is used as electricity. Thus, the electrical charges will produce the current for electricity.

Hyundai Power generators

The brand Hyundai has many different kinds of generators. All of their generators work on distinctive principles. Unlike the conventional techniques used by the other brands, this specific brand uses the latest techniques. This is to ensure they doesn’t waste energy, but with minimal energy, it will efficiently operate.

It has two main categories of generators: diesel and gas generator. You will learn the differences of these categories.

AC generator

The AC generators consist of an AC generator motor too. The purpose of this motor is to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. So, it works on the induction formula of electromagnetics. You will find this motor in many appliances that use AC.

Diesel generator

In old times, these generators were very noisy and consumed too much electricity. You might wonder what is a diesel generator. However, this brand has produced generators better than those.

  • Maintenance

Their generators contain a few components to start their operation. Therefore, these few parts get hardly damaged and, similarly, require low maintenance.

  • Reliability
  • Quality

This typical machine mostly gets damaged by environmental effects.

  • Power

You can use this particular generator for a long period.

  • Safety

No doubt, diesel catches fire, but rarely as it has a very low chance of ignition. Therefore, it would run on high loads too.

  • The great efficiency of fuel
  • Diesel is generally available at a lower price than other types of fuel.
  • It works for a long time.


The lowest power generator they have is 10KVA, whereas the highest power generator they have is 125KVA.

  1. 10Kva

Whenever the fuel in the generator is about to finish, it will generally notify you. It also includes a starter.

  1. 15KVA

This will consumes a small fraction of energy. You can easily control it with the display screen and controller.

  1. 24KVA

It comes with an additional remote controller.

  1. 70 KVA

This generator comprises four cycles in operation.

Gasoline generator

This kind of generator comes with multiple benefits.

  • Fuel cost

Gasoline fuel is readily available; thus, its purchasing cost is quite low.

  • Fuel storage

You don’t have to store the fuel.

  • Maintenance

These generators are easier to maintain.

  • Environment

Unlike other types of generators, it does not make the environment dirty.


This type of generator operates from 1 KVA to a maximum of 8 KVA.

  1. 1KVA

It has a capacity of 4.9 liters. It uses a power of nearly 1 kV.

  1. 5 KVA

The generator can support up to 25 liters of capacity and uses 15 HP of power.

  1. 8KVA

This 8KVA generator is no doubt more costly than other variants. Then, it comprises a starter, which comes in the electrical category. Even so, it produces very little noise.

As compared to the diesel-type generators, you will notice the gasoline ones are compact. Gasoline type ones have reduced efficiency in their work. The gas fuel does not fully combine and combust. You can also do its maintenance and repair very easily.

A diesel powered generator completely combusts its fuel. These generators produce too much noise compared to the gas type generators. Obviously, people in the vicinity are disturbed and get irritated by its noise. Although you won’t require frequent repairs for this generator. If you need a generator for commercial purposes, then you should prefer to use diesel ones. But, always choose the Hyundai brand.


Investing a handsome amount of money in AC generators is not very easy. You have to search for various types in this category. Once, you have selected the kind of generator you want. Then, it is easier to select the one with suitable key features.

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