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What are the Prerequisites to Qualify for Lap Band Surgery?

Have you been trying to lose weight for ages with no luck? Well, then it’s time for you to opt for Bariatric Surgery. This procedure is one of the most popular surgical processes with low complications and a high success rate. It contributes to leading a healthy life with long-term weight loss. However, Lap band surgery Los Angeles is not always the right choice for any obese individual.


Nevertheless, Lap band surgery, which is also known as gastric band surgery or Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is one of the most effective solutions for morbid obesity. Knowing this may make you feel like touching the sky but wait, first of all, get to know what lap band surgery is and the procedure involved. Also, find out how to know if you are the right candidate for lap band surgery Los Angeles or not.


Lap Band Surgery Defined

The laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding procedure is one of the most popular bariatric surgeries that help you in losing excess body weight. It is a minimally invasive procedure that literally involves banding of the stomach to reduce its capacity.


In this procedure, a silicone band is placed around the stomach so that it helps in curbing your appetite and significantly cuts down the portion you take at a time. This way it directly reduces the calories that you consume in a day.


Merits and Demerits of Lap-Band Surgery

If you are considering Medical weight loss programs then it is best to understand the pros and cons associated with them.  The most advantageous point of Lap band surgery in comparison to other types of bariatric surgery is that the silicone band that is placed inside your body does not cause any obstruction in the normal digestive process of the body.


The risk of malnutrition is significantly reduced as the digestive system functions the same way prior to the surgery. Therefore, with this procedure, nutrient deficiencies are a risk that you can expect the least. There are also other advantages to Lap band surgery that includes:


  • Obesity-related health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc are greatly reduced.
  • Maintain weight loss in the long run.
  • Experience no pain while working out.
  • Improves your health, and boosts your confidence and quality of life.



Every surgical procedure comes with its own pros and cons. So far, we have discussed the positive impact that the surgical process can have on your health. Now let’s take a look at the downside of this process to know if the risk is worth it. Lap band surgery,

  • Requires at least 6-8 weeks’ time to get back to your normal activity.
  • Follow-up surgery may be required.
  • Risk of experiencing post-surgical mental health problems.
  • If healthy choices of food are not made, there is a risk of poor nutrition.


Am I a Good Candidate for Lap-Band surgery?

There are quite a few criteria that you must fulfill to undergo Lap-Band surgery. Following are some of the criteria:

  • BMI should be 40 or more. If your BMI is more than 30 and suffers from obesity-related issues such as diabetes then also you are a good candidate.
  • Age must be 18 and above.
  • Must have tried other weight loss programs without much luck
  • Endorse to change their lifestyle post-surgery
  • Does not have any alcohol or drug addiction problems
  • Must be emotionally and psychologically prepared to undergo the surgery


There are various other considerations that must be taken into account before you finally prepare yourself for the procedure. As the process requires a longer recovery period you will need a caretaker and house helper to assist you post-surgery. If there are people who can help you during your recovery period then stop deliberating, just go for it.

However, on the positive side, significant weight loss can help you in the overall improvement of your health. It can also help you in overcoming obesity-related health diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep neap, etc. In addition lifelong dietary changes such as reducing the intake of processed foods, controlling your calorie intake, and building a healthy micronutrient environment by including more fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber food in your diet are essential for achieving optimal health. It must be noted that weight loss post-bariatric surgery may vary from individual to individual. 

If it’s the other way round then Lap band surgery might not be the best option for you for the moment.

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