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What are the best college essay writing services?  

Essay writing is a very important practice in college life. You can look around the bustling college campuses, filled to the brim with nervous murmurs. Every other student is usually considering getting help from an essay helper online. But what leads them to take such a decision?  

Let’s break it down from the beginning.   

What is an essay?  

The word ‘essay’ is a derivative of a Latin word- exagium. The aforementioned word means- to present a case. Likewise, French philosopher Montaigne coined another term. The name of the term is- “assai”; which means “attempt”. Subsequently, Exagium was coupled with the French term ‘assai’, to formulate the present form of ‘essay’.    

When you mix the two derivations, you get a simple meaning. It means- to attempt at presenting a case. Even in modern times, an essay’s basic function remains the same. When you write an essay- you try to present an idea or a situation. As a result, writing an essay can help you develop the following skills:  

  • Persuasion skills  
  • Writing skills  
  • Research Skills    
  • Advanced communication skills 

Things present in a good essay 

Before you take essay writing help, you should know what makes up a good essay. Firstly, this will help you in checking if your essay helper online is serving you well or not. Secondly, It will also help you develop good essay writing skills. Consequently, you will achieve more than a single benefit.      

Some of the ways you can write a good essay are:  

  • Do your research     

Research is one of the most important tools in essay writing. It can elevate your essay from the status of mediocre to excellent. Research can help engross the readers in your content as well as build credibility. Therefore, good research is a must.   

  • Structure Properly  

The structure is one of the most important parts of an essay. A good structure can inform a better flow of information. When any written piece is easy to read, it is better understood. Therefore, you have to ensure that people have an easier time reading your essay.      

  • Know the theme properly  

The theme of your essay is the connecting thread of your essay. Your theme holds all the different sections of the essay together. Not only can your theme be the idea behind the essay, but it can also offer an emotional core. It is important to understand the theme and keep it consistent. If you fail to keep your theme consistent, it can confuse the readers of your essay.     

  • Work In drafts  

Working in drafts can be immensely helpful in any form of creative writing. It can help in structuring your ideas as well as shaping them well. Firstly, do a word vomit off all your ideas about the topic. You can even allow a little coherency at this stage. Secondly, proofread your first draft and start editing it accordingly. Lastly, give it another proofreading and check if it matches your vision.  

As a result, your essay starts to take the desired form.    

Now, let us address the elephant in the room. What is the best essay helper online website for college students?  

Best websites for essay writing help  

There are many reasons why students take essay helper online services. Essay writing help can take off a lot of loads from students. They also enable students to focus on skill building and extracurriculars.   

Some of the best websites that provide essay writing services are TutorBin, Edubirdie, PaperHelp, and 99 papers.  


TutorBin is an international company for essay writing services that cater to students around the globe. Founded in 2017, TutorBin has 4.62/5 ratings. They have delivered 556256+ orders till now to 135093+ satisfied customers. However, their numbers are not the only aspect that makes them a good essay helper online 

Apart from their committed 65000+ experts working diligently, TutorBin guarantees:  

  • Engaging essays that create a good impression.  
  • On-time submission of assignments. 
  • A policy of confidentiality  
  • Essays that score A+  
  • Unlimited rewrites until ultimate satisfaction  
  • Perfect format and style.   

Subsequently, these are some reasons that their clients keep coming back for their essay writing services. 


Edubirdie offers one of the best essay writing services on the internet. There are plenty of reasons for their popularity. For example, they believe in direct communication between writers and students. This can ensure that customers and service providers are on the same page. Their prices start at $13.99 per page with a money-back guarantee.   

Edubirdie offers:  

  • Guarantee of top quality  
  • Timely service of essays  
  • Top-class support teams  
  • 100% unique essays  

Paper Help  

This essay helper online has a rating of 4.75 by the users. Such a rating confirms their commitment to user satisfaction. Not only have they helped more than 105000 students till now but they also keep receiving positive feedback.   

Some of the reasons that make Paper Help stand out as an essay writing service are:  

  • Round-the-clock customer service  
  • Easily accessible notification system  
  • Accountability and freedom to choose writers and interact with them  
  • Direct communication with minimum noise   
  • Free samples on various topics. 

99 Papers  

The aforementioned company for essay writing help stands with a rating of 4/5 on the internet. Their services stand out with the average price of $9.95 per page. Even after such an affordable price, they keep showering their customers with benefits. Subsequently, they provide free bibliography as well.    

Essay writing service of 99 Papers can ow their popularity too:  

  • An average response time of 10 seconds  
  • A policy of anonymity  
  • Money back policy  
  • Lots of gifts and bonuses  

Therefore, these are some of the best websites you can check out if you are a college student needing essay writing help. Although it is advisable to try doing your essay; you always have someone to rely on when the situation calls for it. 

For more information, visit us.

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