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What Are Chino Pants And Should I Wear Them?

Chinos for men. You might not imagine that a straightforward pair of pants could cause so much confusion. However, unless you have some fashion experience under your belt, there are more types of pants for men than you probably realize. Chino pants are a versatile, lightweight option for men, and how to fit and style them for any occasion, and everything else you need to know. You won’t have any trouble incorporating them into your daily wardrobe by the time we’re done. and I’m hoping you’ll be too!

What Are Chinos?

Briefly put, chinos are smart-casual pants that are a sharp improvement over jeans. They’re a great choice for outdoor occasions, summer picnics, and other settings where you want to appear put together but not overly dressy because they’re lightweight and versatile. They can therefore easily be dressed up or down and have a nice balance of functionality and practicality.

Although they wouldn’t be your first choice for formal occasions, they’re great to have in your daily wardrobe for some added flair and style. They even go well with a blazer, giving your suit pants a break in the process.

Chino Features: Fit And Appearance

Khakis and chinos are two different types of pants, despite the fact that this mistake is frequently made. Chinos are sleek and, if they fit properly, appear fairly tailored. Pleats are never found in chino pants. Of course, you’ll also notice that they come in a lot more colors!

Although there are pockets on many modern chinos, they are usually small and sewn to the inside of the pants. Blue chinos are frequently referred to as “preppy” or “dressy,” and they strike a good balance between dress pants and casual pants. Because of this, they are frequently used in boys’ school uniforms, but don’t let that put you off! With these beauties on, you will appear more like a classy, well-dressed man than a young boy.

Because of the fabric used (more on this in a moment), chinos are simple to dress up or down, and many men appreciate their lack of bulk and minimalistic appearance. We have a style that doesn’t fit too tight but still has a clean and conservative line in a world where many men’s pant styles are baggy and challenging to fit without skilled tailoring. Oliver Wicks is all about finding the fit that’s right for you.

That’s not to say that chinos don’t come in different fits. The so-called “slim fit chinos” and “athletic fit chinos” options still come in chinos. While still tapering below the knee, athletic fit allows for a little more muscle mass in the thighs, buttocks, and waist. Therefore, even if you’ve had a bad experience with chinos’ fit, you shouldn’t give up on the trend just yet.

Don’t worry if you’re worried that “trendy” and “slim” don’t belong in your formal, conversational vocabulary. We offer chino cuts that are frequently difficult to tell apart from dress pants, but you’ll notice the advantages of being lightweight when wearing them. This is typically the approach to chinos that many of our clients prefer—not overly flashy.

Can I Wear Chinos (And where)?

In all honesty, chinos are universally versatile clothing. Chinos go perfectly with any other attire, but they obviously aren’t appropriate for occasions that call for a full suit or a black-tie look. Wear them to run errands, to the park, or on a date this summer. Include them in your office attire. Many fashionable men enjoy unwinding at home in chinos.


Perk Clothing is ready to provide you with a wide selection of comfortable chinos that are suitable for any taste or fashion, and our friendly staff is always available to help if you have any additional questions about this superb addition to every man’s wardrobe.

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