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Webinar Platforms Vs Seminars : A Healthy Comparison

Webinar Platforms Vs Seminars

In-person interactions might be the all-time best option for the creation of strong connections, but things have changed a little over the years. With the pandemic and the restrictions that go along with it, sponsors are in search of new and innovative ways to deal with the situation gracefully.  

Seminars are one type of in-person event that involves a real-world convocation of people for educational reasons. On this day in the future, a replacement has appeared! Information technology developments have led to an increase in content distribution, transforming seminars into events that go beyond lectures and training. In addition to this, the blog is all about having a healthy comparison between these platforms and finding out “which one steals the show.”

Seminars: Best In-Person Activity For Establishing Strong Connections 

Seminars are short forms of events that happen physically. For hosting a seminar session, one needs to have the right kind of venue, an estimation of the number of event attendees, the cost of accommodation, and other hidden charges. These sessions are undoubtedly one of the most informative and involve lots of activities for audience engagement.


A seminar includes the exchange of useful and relevant information among members from different fields or communities. In the current scenario, with the inclusion of multi-day panels, interactive Q&A sessions, and breakout sessions, seminars have gained much importance. The connection process is very authentic and quick when you meet like-minded people during the in-person event.

In addition to this, the selection of venues itself opens the door for revenue generation for the sponsors. In a nutshell, seminars have started evolving with the event and audience requirements. It is very essential to evolve with the trends to provide healthy competition to other services as well. 

Webinar Platforms:  Best Tool For Hosting An Successful Event Online 

Webinars are the short form of video presentations that take place over the internet. There exist two broad categories of webinars namely the live ones and the recorded sessions. The recorded sessions are known as “on-demand webinars.” They are made for the audience that wishes to watch the session afterward, as per their slot. On the other hand, the live session involves real-time experiences in the form of live polling, chat rooms, discussions, and others.


With the restrictions that have come after the pandemic, sponsors were in need of something cost-effective that would provide maximum global coverage. With these online webinar platforms, it becomes very easy to get in touch with the remote audience and generate potential leads from them. 

Additionally, if you were using a pretty standard webinar platform a year ago, it’s likely that you were lacking in many features that would have enhanced the viewing experience, such as allowing viewers to interact with the host. Some platforms were fortunate to even offer live chat throughout the webinar for Q&As and conversations, but other platforms were lacking engagement options like direct messaging, profile browsing, and others.

Webinars Vs Seminars: Finding Key Differences

Here is a complete list of differences between these two platforms. 

  • Seminars have limited capacity when you count the number of guest attendees for the event. On the other hand, there’s no limit when it comes to hosting events on the best webinar platforms.
  • Event handling is much more difficult and unbearable in the case of handling events in person. In addition to this, with hosting events on virtual webinar platform, there’s nothing to worry about.
  • When it comes to providing cost-effective solutions, webinars win the race by a huge margin. There’s no cost of traveling, accommodation, and other charges when you’re hosting events on webinar platforms.
  • Webinars provide everything with comfort and ease. Even the remote global audience can connect and join the session easily. Furthermore, while hosting seminars there are many things that one has to keep in mind before visiting the venue.
  • In live webinar sessions, you can easily present information in multiple formats such as infographics, visuals, data, and figures. Similarly, there are certain limitations in case your event is taking place in -person.

Which One Should You  Prefer?

Seminars and webinars are not the same things at all. Webinars serve as both a marketing tool and a means of educating the public, while they can be used to advance a similar objective. Simply described, a webinar is a marketing tool meant to engage an external audience, whereas a seminar is an internal event created exclusively for knowledge acquisition.

Closing Lines 

Webinars are the new way of hosting events, inviting attendees, and earning revenue from their active participation. With the world going digital, it is very important to adapt accordingly and learn new ways to engage with your target audience to achieve maximum productivity. Both do so, but in rather different ways: webinars engage a larger audience and give pertinent material to spark interest and curiosity, whereas seminars encourage interaction among members of a closed community over a common interest.

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