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Visit Chittorgarh Fort While Rajasthan Tour Package

Chittorgarh Fort

Chittorgarh fort is a famous fort in Rajasthan and you can’t afford to miss this destination while planning in Rajasthan tour packages. Chittorgarh Fort, located in Rajasthan, was built by local Maurya rulers. So, you must visit Chittorgarh fort while the Rajasthan tour package which helps you a lot.

Chittorgarh Fort is simply called Chittod and can be seen rising majestically from a hill 590 feet high. It covers 692 acres of land. This fine example of Rajput architecture can also be seen. Many gates were built by the later rulers of the Maurya clan to make the fort an impressive structure. The city of Chittorgarh was formerly the capital of Mewar which is now Chittorgarh. Chittorgarh Fort is a majestic place that is full of stories of sacrifice and conquest and showcases Rajput customs and values in their true form. Chittorgarh Fort, a magnificent edifice was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013.

Chittorgarh Fort in Rajasthan Tour Package

Chittorgarh fort in Rajasthan tour package is a must-include destination. You can also start your Rajasthan tour packages from Delhi in which you can enjoy Delhi sightseeing and then move to cover Rajasthan tour destinations. So, now let’s start discovering some facts about Chittorgarh fort.

Chittorgarh Fort is accessible via a 1 km long road. It’s stiff. Due to its many historical sacrifices, it is often considered the pride of the state. Chittorgarh Fort, also known as Water Fort, once housed 84 bodies of water. However, today only 22 remain. The Vijay Stambh (or Kirti Stambh) towers are the main attractions of the fort. Vijay Stambh is the rise of Victory and Kirti Stambh is the Tower of Fame. It’s even more magnificent when the towers are lit up at night. There are several palaces and temples located within the premises of the fort, including the Meera Temple.

History of Chittorgarh Fort

The name Chittorgarh is believed to be derived from Chitranga, the leader of a local clan who identified himself as Moris or Maurya. Another legend attributes the construction of the fort to Bhima who raked the ground and allowed the surface of Bhimlat Kund. A few small Buddhist stupas dating back to the 9th century have also been discovered on the edge of Lake Jaimal Patta.

Chittod ka Kila contains a rich history, as well as a story of courage, bravery and sacrifice. It was captured three times in the 15th and 16th centuries. Allauddin Khilji overpowered Rana Ratan Singh in year 1303, while Bahadur Shah overpowered Bikramjeet Singh in year 1535. Akbar overpowered Maharana Udai Singh I in year 1567. Although the Rajputs were brave and lost all battles, they fought valiantly. After these defeats in the wars, the mass self-immolation of more than 13,000 women and children who lost their lives in battle was called “Jauhar”. Rani Padmini, the wife of Rana Rattan Singh, led the group. Also, Chittorgarh Fort is a monument to sacrifice and nationalism.

History Related to Chittorgarh Fort?

Allauddin Khilji was the Sultan of State Delhi in year 1303. He heard many praises for Rani Padmini, the queen’s beauty, grace and wit. Intriguingly, he set out to confirm his suspicions and surrounded the Fort in hopes of meeting Rana Rattan Singh. The queen suggested that he should not meet her but could instead look at her reflection if the fort at Chittorgarh was unarmed. The sultan climbed the hill to see the image of Padmini in the lotus pool. He was then escorted to the outer gate by the Maharaja, where the Sultan of Rana Rattan Singh’s insidious men waited silently to attack him. The Sultan captured the Maharaja as soon as he reached the gates.

Rani Padmini of Chittod

Chittod was overwhelmed by despair when Rani Padmini devised a plan. An emissary was sent to the sultan to inform the sultan that the queen herself was coming for a meeting. Soon many palanquins arrived at the camp where Rana Rattan Singh was being held hostage by the sultan. Instead of the queen, four Rajput warriors jumped from each palanquin, and the palanquin bearers pulled out swords. Although they were able to save their king, 7,000 soldiers were badly killed. In a rage, the sultan attacked Chittod with more force. The Rajput army suffered heavy casualties but could not resist the sultan. Realizing that the loss was inevitable, the queen and her entourage of women, along with the wives of soldiers and generals, executed Jauhar. That means they agreed to die, rather than surrender to the enemy.

How to Reach Chittorgarh Fort?

Chittorgarh lies 112 km from Udaipur on a high slope near the Ganbheri River. You can reach one of the best tourist spots in India by bus or taxi from Udaipur.

Sound and Light Show at Chittorgarh Fort

The sound and light show was created to increase tourism in this already popular place. It’s a great way to experience the fort and see the legend of Chittor come to life through mystical sounds and lights. The event starts at 7:00 PM and the entry fee for adults is INR 50 per person while it is INR 25 per person for children.

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