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Understanding the key factors in kundli matchmaking for a successful marriage?

Matchmaking Kundli is very important to make your marriage successful. There are some key factors on which you can make a decision for life.

Matchmaking Kundli is very important to make your marriage successful. There are some key factors on which you can make a decision for life. World famous Astrologer can help you with this. We recommend you to take help only from experts. Because it will decide your finances, health, career, compatibility and life after marriage with your spouse. And how do your spouse’s planets affect your life?

Do you wish for a happy and successful married life? Have you undergone Kundali Milan Astrology?

The importance of kundli matching for marriage is becoming more dynamic, especially in Indian society. It’s not just the Gun Milan of potential brides and grooms, but matchmaking kundli goes way beyond that.

Here we give you an overview of the hidden principles of Indian Vedic Astrology to ensure a flourishing marital relationship. But before we get into the golden rules of matchmaking kundli, we’ll provide some basic information and caveats to keep in mind. Let’s get started.

Golden Rules for Kundali Appropriate for Blissful Marriage

Match Manglik

Mangal and Shani are two signs that can cause hiccups in a marriage. A native with Manglik Janam Kundli may face problems like:

  • Delay in marriage
  • Quarrels and disputes in married life
  • Contrasting opinions and perceptions
  • Common Obstacles and Obstacles
  • Divorce
  • Death of husband

Mangal or Shani Dosha is the main factor to consider before marriage. Kundli Match making thus has a prominent place after marriage to avoid such pitfalls.

Mental and psychological harmony

Matchmaking Kundali is also helpful in analyzing any problems in the chart. Ascendant Moon and Mercury can result in serious psychological differences between the match. It is essential to determine the nature or intensity of the position of the heavenly planets. Such placements can define a tendency to be neurotic, homicidal or paranoid.

Match of longevity

One of the most important factors to consider before tying the knot is the longevity of the spouse. Otherwise, either partner could suffer significant pain or premature death. This is where a birth chart comes in handy, defining each partner’s lifespan by examining planetary positions.

Number of marriages

The next step in the horoscope for a connection is to look at the possibilities of more than 1 marriage. Single Kundli Milan read both horoscopes for the wedding and deciphered not only the chances of a second marriage but also reveals signs of extramarital affairs. Such qualities certainly disqualify the instinct of conjugal alliance.

The affliction of the 2nd house

The 2nd house in the birth chart is the Kutumb Sthana where the lineage and prosperity of the parents are examine. Afflicting the 2nd house nullifies all the above essential points and therefore this point cannot be ignore.

Analyze the celestial positions for 4th house afflictions

It is necessary to examine the 4th house Sukh Sthana. If it is severely affected, it can spoil the happiness of the couple and even their entire family. Principles are laid down for analyzing the placement of stars and determining whether it will be fruitful or disastrous in a native’s kundli chart.

Trouble from the 7th house

The 7th house needs to be adequately evaluate because it is the house of partnership. The first house is the self and the seventh house is the partner; together, the pair can either complement or destroy each other. This house represents a lot about the character of the counterpart, a reason to indulge in companionship and a deep bond.

Disasters of the 12th house

The twelfth house is know as Shaiya Sukh Sthan. This last house of Vedic astrology completes the life cycle and represents endings. It shows spiritual liberation and signifies emancipation and separation. The 12th house is the house of detachment from the material world, while the affliction of the house causes mental illness, and susceptibility to non-spiritual addictions like sensuality, enslavement, intoxication, etc.

The Asthakoot Milan

The Ashtakoot chart quantifies the kundli match by providing detailed reports on each partner. Each factor has its compatibility points.

Measures financial status

Making kundli matches also shows the financial stability of the family after marriage. It is the main source of livelihood and therefore cannot be ignore. Money aspects can even rise or fall in the tracks of Gruh Lakshmi (bride).

Career aspect

The career aspect of each individual can also be determine using the birth chart.

What will be the scope of growth and development in the professional field? How will the business grow?

Answers to such questions will be guide by kundli matching.

Mutual understanding and peace

Janam Patri means mutual compatibility and harmony between the partners by examining the placement of stars and Nakshatras in each kundli of the bride and groom.

Overall Compatibility

Overall compatibility is the final straw for bridal pairing. It provides a complete picture of the celestial positions of each partner individually and together.

Value tradition

In India, matchingmaking kundli is an ancient tradition of horoscope matching before marriage. So matchmaking is a preliminary process for weddings that values ​​tradition and brings the satisfaction of things done right.

What does a successful marriage mean in Astrology ?

Marriage is the union of two souls, yet the meaning of a successful marriage varies from couple to couple. There is no clear definition of a successful marriage. However, here are some standard definitions of a successful marriage.

Having a good wife

For some people, a successful marriage means having a good wife. For some, a successful marriage is a virtuous wife who takes care of and supports their husband at all costs.

Raise a moral family

Some people believe that marriage is a union of two people and a family. They believe as a citizen of the society they need to raise their children morally upright. They believe that if they can raise their children properly, society will have better people, and to them, that is the definition of a successful marriage.

One with effective communication

Some people believe that clear communication and companionship are the keys to a successful marriage. These people believe that talking openly and keeping no secrets makes a marriage successful.

Live as friends

If you’re looking for a simple secret to a happy marriage, this could be it. This is one of the most debated definitions of a successful marriage. Some people strongly believe that sharing life as friends is the ultimate key to a successful marriage.

Unconditional love and understanding

Another common definition of a successful marriage is commitment, responsibility and sacrifice. Some people believe that good understanding and unconditional love are the keys to a successful marriage. Accept your partner’s flaws and understand that no one is perfect.


These golden rules of kundli matching can surely be beneficial for a euphoric and successful marriage. So where do you check your horoscope and marriage horoscope? Well, you can check free Kundali Milan for marriage online to mitigate the risk of dosha and other pitfalls.

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