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Understanding Different Types Of Windows And Their Best Features

Windows are the eyes of the house, just like the eyes are the windows to the soul. Windows can transform a house into a home by allowing light penetration and improving ventilation. There are multiple window options that you can install in a house depending on preferences and style. Each window has its purpose, and it is crucial to understand where they fit before installation.

Since all these styles are appealing, choosing the best one for a new home or renovation may take a lot of work. Here is a breakdown of the different types of windows and their features to help decision-making.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are permanently constructed into the wall and lack any closing and opening mechanisms. Generally, they transmit light into a room with fully glazed shutters fixed onto the frame. These shutters are generally weatherproof and can last on the window as long as needed.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open outward and have side hinges to pivot them. They feature large glass panels mounted on either aluminium, steel, or wood frames to provide ample uninterrupted lighting without obstruction by muntin bars and other frames. 

Casement windows also provide more ventilation than other types of windows. Sliding casement windows are on the rise and are a great way to seal and improve energy performance in the household.

Louvre Windows

Louvre windows operate like louvre doors that provide ventilation without having outside views. The louvres can be made of glass, wood or metal and are foldable using a cord connecting to pulleys. The slope of the louvres is controllable using the tilting and lifting cords at 45-degree angles. However, the entire window can also open for maximum airflow and light penetration.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are among the largest windows and slide sideways in the opposite direction to open. Like casement windows, they provide clear views with more ventilation but do not have tighter sealing like their counterparts. 

They are primarily used for egress windows or below-grade bedrooms because they are easy to operate. Sliding casement windows are simple to use, lack mechanical parts besides the locks and feature basic seals without any tension mechanisms. They are, therefore, cheaper than most types of windows.

Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows are cost-effective solutions for warmer areas that do not require air conditioning. These windows have glass slats inside metal clips that can open and close uniformly. They operate like louvre windows and can provide maximum airflow. However, these windows are narrower and offer limited views. They are also insecure compared to other types of standard windows.

Bay Windows

Bay windows, also called projected windows, have a wider opening area. The window projection can be triangular, rectangular or polygonal. Architects prefer these windows to make the house more attractive and allow more light penetration and ventilation into a room. Since they allow light from all directions, they are great for kitchens, family rooms, and large bedrooms. The wide window sill can also be used for plants or placing a window seat.

Many other types of Aluminium windows cannot fit this list, but these six are worth considering. They are the popular window types and have shaped most buildings we see daily. These windows also promise great performance for being built to quality standards.

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