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Type of Curriculums in Riyadh International Schools

Curriculums are used to plan the education procedure, like a term, a session, or a period in a school. A curriculum is a continuous chain of activities that enable teachers and students to accomplish educational goals. 

The international schools in Riyadh mostly follow international curriculums. In an international school, students learn about the global community and develop a sense of responsibility towards it by experiencing an international curriculum. Throughout their studies, they learn to appreciate the interconnectedness of nations and peoples and the complexity of their relationships. 

An international school is very popular for non-natives in Riyadh as they keep their kids on the same academic track as their home country. Certain international accreditations, like International Baccalaureate or the American curriculum schools in Riyadh, provide widely recognized diplomas that are helpful while applying to universities.

The following are the types of curriculums followed in the international schools of Riyadh:-

  1. American curriculum schools in Riyadh 

The American curriculum schools usually teach English as their primary medium of instruction. It is popular because of its versatility and flexibility. They are flexible in following the American models, which offer options like AP classes alongside an IB curriculum. 

Benefits of these schools include –

  1. The curriculum comprises various subjects and courses designed to produce well-rounded graduates.
  2. Students should be helped to discover their strengths and make the most of them by focusing on the subjects they excel in.
  3. Creativity, critical thinking, and social competence are promoted to prepare students for university and beyond.

One World International School or OWIS is an American international/IB PYP candidate school ensuring a rounded development of the students as lifelong learners emphasizing multiculturalism. 

IB PYP is the Primary Years Program, mainly for children aged 3 to 12 years. It aims to develop students as active participants in the lifelong process of learning. An inquiry-based, transdisciplinary curriculum framework is offered under this. It helps in building conceptual understanding from the core. 

  1. International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum

International Baccalaureate or IB is a school academic structure focusing more on critical thinking, creative writing, and extracurricular activities. This curriculum is advantageous as it is accepted and recognized worldwide as well-rounded. The subjects mainly include math, science, language, literature, and arts. To get the diploma, they sit for a very challenging examination at the end of secondary school. 

SEK international school is one of the few schools in Riyadh that follows the IB Curriculum. Some other schools in Riyadh that follow IB are American International School, King Faisal School, Advance learning school, etc. 

  1. British International School Curriculum

Non-native parents choose British curriculum schools in Riyadh for their kids as they make applying to universities in English-speaking countries easier. With a structured curriculum, the British International curriculum is designed to challenge brighter children and support those who need it in a way conducive to learning. Downe House Riyadh is a school that follows this curriculum.

The documents needed to apply to these schools include –

  • A completed application form
  • Identification of parents and students
  • The application fee
  • Transcripts and other supporting documents. 
  1. Indian Curriculum

The schools in Riyadh that follow the Indian curriculum are affiliated with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Schools following this curriculum are immensely popular amongst the Indian community.

The curriculum is child-centered and activity-oriented, emphasizing academics using audio-visual aids for children. In addition to excellence in academics, they also offer a range of co-curricular activities to allow the child to develop talents in various spheres for overall personality development.

Around three schools follow this curriculum in Riyadh, which are Al-Yasmin International School, Modern International School, and Yara International school.

Benefits of Indian curriculum-

  1. Helps in developing holistic individuals through evaluation based on co-scholastic activities.
  2. A different approach to exams has been developed, focusing on academics and values.
  3. Various engineering and medicine competitive exams in India are set by the CBSE board, whose syllabus is based on the NCERT textbooks read by the students. So, if a student from Riyadh wishes to pursue courses in India, they won’t have any problem. 
  4. An integrated approach is used to instill values amongst students from different classes. 
  5. They aim to create a fun and innovative learning experience for the students. It is possible with student-friendly and student-centered paradigms.
  6. The CBSE curriculum allows students to pursue their field of interest throughout their school life. There is no rigid set of subjects to be followed, enabling students to pick the topics they are interested in. It helps them get a sense of confidence and refines their decision-making skills. 


Hopefully, this blog helped you learn about all the major types of curriculums in Riyadh’s international schools. If you wish to know more about these international schools, you may visit the respective websites of every school mentioned in this article.

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