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flights Richmond to Orlando

Orlando is one of the best cities to plan your holiday in the USA. Many places like Walt Disney Park, Universal Theme Park, and SeaWorld are some of the major tourist attractions. If you are worried about the price of flights Richmond to Orlando, stop worrying.

You can afford cheap flights from Richmond to Orlando through various Airlines and travel agencies. However, to book tickets successfully, you must do your research first. Hence below is some information regarding flights and deals from Richmond to Orlando?

Flying to Orlando through United Airlines

You can now book a Richmond to Orlando flights from $201 to as low as $18 per month. On United Airlines, you can fly in three classes: Basic Economy, Premium Economy and United First.


  • Basic Economy: You get good seats with standard legroom and space in the basic economy.
  • Premium Economy: You get better seats with extra leg room and space in a premium economy.
  • United First: With United First, you get the best seats with more leg room and space. Seats can be fully reclined. In addition, passengers are provided with refreshments, premium snacks and full meal service.


To get the best deals on your flights from Richmond to Orlando, book your flights from the original site of the Airline. The procedure is as follows:


  • Open the official webpage and click on the Book option.
  • Select the type of trip you want: One-way and round-city.
  • Enter Richmond in your destination and Orlando in your place of arrival.
  • Enter your departure date along with the return date.
  • Enter the number of travelers flying and the type of class you want to travel in.
  • Enter a promotion code if you have any to get a discount.
  • Click on the Search Flight option. A list of flights will be displayed at a lower price.


United Airlines also has a low fare calendar by which you can board flights without the hassle and not pay expensive fares. So, for example, you can discover tickets to Orlando at the cheapest cost. Hence you can save a lot of travel costs.

Richmond to Orlando through Southwest Airlines

You can book flights from Richmond to Orlando through Southwest Airlines to make your booking and travel a breeze. The one-way flight to Orlando starts from $88. It doesn’t matter if you travel for business or pleasure, solo or with the whole family.


You’ll enjoy flying southwest. You can also browse Southwest vacations to get special packages, offers, and deals on flights to Orlando, hotels, rental cars, and many other things. In addition, you get certain benefits when flying on Southwest Airlines:


  • You can fly with two bags for free.
  • No change and cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Your flight credits won’t expire.
  • You will get a free movie and TV and $8 Wi-Fi.


The Airline offers great deals and convenient schedule booking options to make your trip memorable. Various services and features are also offered to make your flight from Richmond to Orlando special. Follow the steps mentioned below to book your tickets on Southwest airlines:


  • Visit the official airline website and click on the Book A Flight option.
  • Select the type of trip: One-way or round trip which you want to travel.
  • Enter Richmond in your destination and Orlando on arrival.
  • Enter the dates when you are departing and returning.
  • Select the number of passengers for which the flight is being booked.
  • You can select Low Fare Calendar to see when the flights to Orlando are the cheapest.
  • Select Find Flights. A list of flights to Orlando will be displayed.


You can plug into the Low Fare Airline Calendar to find the lowest fares available within your travel window.

Best tips to fly to Orlando from Richmond

Here are some tips for finding the cheapest flights from Richmond to Orlando and saving as much as possible.


  • On average, the cheapest flight from Richmond to Orlando was at least 17 days before departure.
  • To get a below-average price, booking flights at least one week before your departure is advised.
  • March, April and May have been considered the high season. At the same time, flights are considerably cheaper in September, with prices around $136. So consider booking your flights this month.
  • Booking morning departures are more expensive when compared to evening flights. However, if you are flexible with your timings, try booking flights in the evening.
  • If you cannot book your flight in September, consider booking in October as it is the second best option with prices around $137.


Various online travel agencies also offer great deals on flights from Richmond to Orlando. Vootfly is one of them. You can manage your flight and hotel booking at the last minute through Vootfly. The services offered by Vootfly are amazing for travelers.


Hence these were some ways to enjoy your trip to Orlando from Richmond at an affordable rate. However, consider some things before booking your flights to Orlando, like your budget. Try to be flexible with dates and times as much as possible. Being flexible with dates allows you to always grab the last-minute deals various airlines offer.


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