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Top Nine Artificial Intelligence Technologies to Look for in 2022


With technological breakthroughs, artificial intelligence has changed the way we live. AI has taken over every industry and has had a significant influence on every aspect of society. This term first came into use at a conference in 1956. However, the internet allows this technology to advance at an exponential rate. Although artificial intelligence was a stand-alone technology thirty years ago, its applications are now prevalent in many aspects of society. The process of recreating human intellect in robots is known as artificial intelligence. In this article, we will make you aware of the top AI technologies that are currently prevalent in the market, and learning such technologies will make you build your career with a high-paying job.

Top AI Technologies Available in 2022

Below are the latest technologies that every aspirant should be familiar with in 2022.

Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Processing (NLP) tries to understand how people communicate with one another and how to have a computer replicate the behavior so that we may engage with the system more naturally. However, the ultimate objective of Natural Language Generation is to educate computers to arrange data into Natural Language that you may use to react to users in a dialogue.

Speech Recognization

Another important subfield of artificial intelligence is speech recognition, which involves computers converting human speech into a usable and intelligible format. Moreover, Speech recognition acts as a link between humans and computers. The best benefit of having this technology is that it identifies and transforms the human voice in several languages. One of the live examples of speech recognization in today’s world is the iPhone’s Siri.

Virtual Agents

A virtual agent is a trained agent that can communicate effectively with people. Currently, virtual agents known as chatbots are connected with an increasing number of websites and mobile applications to deliver a better user experience to clients and exhibit remarkable development in the business. Some prominent virtual agents are Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Watson, and Cortona.

Decision Management

Many firms use decision management systems to transform and analyze data into predictive models. However, enterprise-level applications use this technology to receive up-to-date information and execute business data analysis to help organizations make informed decisions. Thus, decision management helps to take timely judgments, avoid risks, and automate processes. In addition, you can use this decision management system in the financial and health care sectors and trade, insurance, and e-commerce.

AI Optimized Hardware

Every AI professional should train and organize devices in order to perform AI-oriented activities, particularly to improve visuals and the central processor unit. For instance, consider an AI-optimized silicon chip that you can plug into any portable device. Moreover, multiple companies like Alluviate, Google, Cray, Intel, IB, and Nvidia have started investing in AI-optimized hardware in order to speed up the next generation of applications.

Machine Learning Platforms

Machine Learning is a significant part of AI to develop new approaches that allow computers to learn and become intelligent. As a result, achieving intelligence is simple by using machine learning algorithms, AI, developer training tools, and so on. Furthermore, you can use machine learning for categorization and prediction.


You may evaluate the structure, form, and human body behavior using AI-integrated biometrics, which is concerned with recognition, measurement, and human body analysis. Moreover, it allows people and robots to interact. Thus, some sample providers are #VR, Affectiva, Agnito, FaceFirst, Sensory, Synqera, and Tahzoo.

Peer-to-Peer Network

The peer-to-peer network connects multiple systems and computers for data exchange without requiring data to be sent through a server. Moreover, Peer-to-peer networks can tackle the most difficult challenges. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies take advantage of this technology. In addition, implementing this technology is cost-effective as individual workstations are linked, and no servers are present in the said system.

Emotion Recognization

In this subject, AI technology allows us to read and interpret human emotions by employing powerful picture processing and audio data processing. Also, many law enforcement agencies use this technology for integrating beyond verbal, nviso, etc.


To conclude, AI has made its mark in multiple industries and businesses. It has also created a significant and astonishing influence since it automates most processes with little human participation. However, the graph of AI Technologies will rise in the next few months since companies all around the globe are accepting this technology and are looking forward to increasing their business with the help of AI. Thus, Artificial Intelligence online training helps aspiring candidates to become proficient and train them to meet their career goals.

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