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Top Medical Software Comparison: Cerner Vs AthenaHealth EHR

When considering an EMR software program for your practice, you should consider several factors, including the user interface, reporting tools, and population health management functionality. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Today, we will make amke Cerner Vs Athena comparison. Although both vendors can streamline your workflow, consider getting a free demo of each before you commit to purchasing. Listed below are some of the best features of each vendor. In addition, read on to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

Cerner Vs Athena

Both Cerner EHR and Athenahealth are publicly traded companies that specialize in providing health information technology solutions. Founded in 1979 by three accountants, Cerner has been providing health information technology solutions to providers of all sizes and in over 55 specialties. Forbes Magazine named Cerner one of the most innovative companies in the US, and the company has been recognized for its ability to attract new graduates. If you are deciding between the two, make sure to consider the different features of both companies.

The differences between these companies’ employee satisfaction ratings aren’t limited to salaries. Employee satisfaction ratings are a key measure of employee satisfaction and company culture. Both companies’ employee surveys reveal a wide range of employee satisfaction, and the majority of employees have high levels of job satisfaction. This means that if you’re looking for a place where you can develop professionally, GE is likely to be a better choice.


GE Healthcare: GE was founded in 1994, and has been offering electronic medical records services to hospitals and other health providers for over 25 years. While their primary focus is on large health care providers, they function well in high-capacity systems. In fact, they were recently shortlisted for their performance improvement capabilities and team leader consultant. The company shows great concern for its patients and is a good choice if you are looking for a specialized, personalized health care solution.


While both companies’ EHR solutions are expensive, you must consider the total cost of ownership of the software, including subscription fees, hardware, training, customizations, and maintenance & support. The prices of Cerner and Centricity EMR solutions vary from twenty-five dollars per year to more than $1000 per year. While each company’s pricing is different, each can be rated from one to ten. You can find a more accurate price quote for the software by contacting their respective companies.

Epic vs Athena

If you are comparing Epic vs Athena eMR software, you are probably wondering which one offers better features and functionality. This article will look at some of the most important features to consider. Listed below are the top 10 differences between Epic and Athena. The difference between the two products comes down to price and features. Epic has higher market share among acute care organizations and has more positive customer sentiment. However, athenahealth has lower prices and a more flexible design that is suited to smaller providers and hospitals.

As one of the pioneers in the industry of electronic health records, Epic Systems continues to lead the way as one of the most innovative and advanced EHR providers. The company has expanded its reach by partnering with Humana and implementing a benefits check tool into Epic’s electronic prescribing workflow. It also recently added American Well’s virtual care platform to its App Orchard. These partnerships will allow providers to partner with non-Epic medical facilities through digital means.

Pros and Cons: Cerner Vs Athena

While both companies have their merits, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Epic provides more robust features than Athena and is faster to install and configure. Athena is more user-friendly, but requires internal support for initial set-up and maintenance. Cerner offers better IT services and implementation management. However, the pricing of Epic and Athena varies significantly. And since every practice is different, the benefits of using both systems will vary.

As an industry leader in EMR software, Epic has an edge over Athena. The latter offers extensive support for integrated Practice Management software. It also features an intuitive patient portal and extensive lab interfacing and connectivity. It also supports PCMH and CCM. This gives doctors the ability to connect with patients through their EHR and make important health care decisions from a distance. Both companies also offer comprehensive training, which may be a good thing for smaller practices.

Despite the difference in capabilities, both companies have very motivated users. In fact, some have compared their users to cults. The company has an impressive list of products for every area of healthcare. And its reviews are equally impressive. So, let’s take a closer look at the features of both companies! If you’re considering an EHR solution, make sure to read our Epic vs Athena emr software review before making a decision.

Cerner vs Athena’s patient portal

When comparing the patient portal capabilities of Cerner and Athenahealth, it’s important to understand how these two systems differ. While both have user-friendly user interfaces and robust reporting tools, the drawbacks of both systems are that they offer limited support, and both providers offer varying degrees of customer support. To help you decide which system is right for your practice, be sure to request a free demo from each vendor and see how their patient portals work before committing to a subscription.

Overview of EpicCare EMR Software

Epic EHR offers a patient portal called MyChart, which allows patients to access their medical records and message their doctors. In addition to accessing their health records, they can also engage in patient education materials, attend e-visits, request medication renewals, and complete questionnaires. It is also available for inpatient settings. MyChart is also compatible with Apple devices, enabling patients to use the portal through their iPhone or other mobile device.

Cerner is the more popular option of the two companies, with a price of just over $20 per month for a provider. Its patient portal also includes online payment capabilities, a payment collection tool, and automated “soft” collections messages. AthenaHealth’s patient portal is designed to support both value-based care and the EHR-centric nature of this type of practice. While both providers are focusing on ensuring they meet MIPS measures, AthenaHealth’s patient portal is designed to make patient-provider communications seamless and easy.

Aside from these features, the patient portals of these systems both offer easy communication with providers and accept online payments. Additionally, they both incorporate clinical recording software, which speeds up the charting process. As with any EHR system, however, they can be costly. On average, a single practitioner may spend $163,765 on a high-end EHR system, which includes hardware, software, and implementation costs. Fortunately, both solutions come with support and training.

Cerner’s PowerChart Outpatient EHR vs athena emr software

In terms of customer satisfaction, there are a few differences between the two. Cerner offers 24 hour client support, while Athenahealth’s customer service hours are limited to business hours. Both systems have their strengths and weaknesses, and both have high customer satisfaction ratings. To help you decide which one to use, read reviews on to get real customer experiences.

For those who prefer a more customizable interface, Athena EMR is better than the competition. Its robust reporting capabilities and user-friendly interface are great selling points, but its support hours are limited to business hours. Cerner’s software offers round-the-clock customer support and population health management features. Whether you choose one of these options depends on the size and scope of your practice. Both systems can streamline your workflow and are worth investigating.

Both systems offer easy-to-use templates. Designed by clinicians for clinicians, PowerChart supports more than fifty medical specialties. It also includes a framework that supports multiple roles, disciplines, and venues. It allows clinicians to coordinate care between different practitioners and reduce duplicate records. The platform also provides customizable procedure workflows and over 700 templates.

Things to Remember while Comparing

When comparing the two EMR systems, it is essential to consider which one is more advanced and comprehensive. Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory has more than 40 specialties supported, and its easy-to-use interface makes it easy to navigate. Its patient portal and integration with other health care facilities is another big plus. Additionally, it includes clinical decision support, registry and quality measure reporting, and mobile applications.

Cerner Vs Epic

The benefits and disadvantages of each system depend on your needs. Cerner has many advantages for smaller clinics, while Epic is more effective for larger hospitals. The latter allows doctors to optimize their workflows while improving their work-life balance. While Epic’s platform is more intuitive and user-friendly, it has limited capabilities for smaller clinics. For smaller clinics, it might be a better choice to opt for Epic instead.

Cons of EpicCare EMR

The disadvantages of Epic outweigh the advantages. Epic has more user-friendly and intuitive interface, while Cerner’s software is more visually appealing. Epic is not as intuitive as Cerner, but users can easily accomplish tasks without extensive training. Additionally, Epic has built-in shortcuts for routine tasks. Although it may seem intimidating for a novice, it’s easier than Cerner. And both systems offer interoperability, which is important if you need to integrate with other software.


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