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Top Antivirus Programs for 2022

Despite the fact that there are many other hazards besides viruses, antivirus programs are still widely used to scare them away. Additionally, you must be cautious of fake websites (and links in messages that point to these sites) that are after your login information, personal information, and your money.

In reality, the crooks aren’t making malware and viruses for pleasure; they’re after your money and identity. Additionally, they are aware that the easiest target is you, the user. Instead of creating a complex virus, it is far easier to fool you into opening a link in a WhatsApp message. However, if you hit on those dubious links, new security software will warn you if you’re going to log in to a false website and stop dangerous websites from loading.

To assist safeguard your money and identity as well as your images, documents, and other vital items, you should install such antivirus programs on your phone as well as your laptop.

Although antivirus programs that merely detects and prevents malware is still available. We advise choosing a full security suite that offers all of the aforementioned safeguards as well as additional features like a password manager and VPN.

You can discover all the information you require regarding selecting and purchasing security software in this page. Each of these subscription-based packages can be loaded on a variety of devices, including PCs, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

AVG AntiVirus Deluxe

Top Antivirus Programs: AVG AntiVirus Deluxe

The reason Norton 360 Deluxe is so named is because it truly provides comprehensive security that can safeguard your important devices and notify you if your login credentials are ever discovered for sale on the dark web. This with many others give you a heads-up of potential trouble and the chance to change your passwords.

Some of the highlights include excellent antivirus performance, phishing protection, warnings of risky websites, a no-limits VPN service, a password manager, cloud backup storage, and performance tools to help speed up your computer. These features are accessible for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

On other smartphones, though, not all of those capabilities are accessible. Parental restrictions, for instance, are not available for macOS, and only Windows supports online backup. As usual, there aren’t many functions available for iPhones.

The basic malware protection is excellent, which is fantastic news. Norton 360 received top grades for protection, performance, and usability in the most recent AV-Test assessment.

For the first year, this protection costs £29.99 (or £5.99 per device). That price is only good for the first year, as is the case with practically all antivirus programs; after that, it will cost you £89.99 (or £18 per device), which is a bit more than some of its competitors.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection

With 50 locations and limitless data, the integrated VPN service in McAfee Total Protection provides a light, simple user interface. Many security suites contain a VPN that has a daily bandwidth cap of merely a few hundred MB.

McAfee’s malware protection is among the best, and its helpful, reassuring warnings make it simple to know when you need to take action to protect your PC (such upgrading programs).

Total Protection can be a wonderful deal if you have that many devices to safeguard, especially now that UK members can benefit from ID protection and subscription choices that cover all of your devices. The pricing listed above is for five devices, but it is entirely reasonable to pay more to protect more.

Antivirus Programs
Avira Antivirus Total Security

Top Antivirus Programs: Avira Antivirus Total Security

Total Security from Bitdefender is a top-notch product. Bitdefender costs significantly less than the regular price for the first 12 months, reducing it down to £34.99/$39.99 and covering up to five devices, like the majority of competitors.

However, Bitdefender’s Internet Security failed to stop 100% of the 0-day malware attacks that were directed at it in the most recent AV-Test report. That was only in March 2022, and the company has a solid track record aside from this hiccup. Even yet, it received top ratings for performance and protection overall.

You get a cross-platform password manager as an added feature, but the parental restrictions are minimal and there is still no ID protection. It’s difficult to suggest Bitdefender over McAfee and Norton given that it costs the same and only offers a 200MB per day trial version of the VPN.

If you want limitless data, you’d need to upgrade to the VPN’s full edition (however, if you’re willing to pay, there are better options in our VPN roundup).

Antivirus programs
Eset Smart Security Premium

Eset Smart Security Premium

Among may antivirus programs is ESET Smart Security which offers a straightforward interface on the outside, but it conceals a robust feature set that is both amazing and quite sophisticated.

Only the inadequate parental controls and the outdated firewall settings fell short. It’s also important to note that neither a VPN nor identity monitoring / protection are included.

While there is a slight performance hit, installing apps which you won’t do frequently has the biggest impact on performance. Fortunately, the core malware protection, which includes anti-ransomware, is absolutely solid.

For one device and a year, ESET Smart Security Premium is available here for £49.99. It costs $59.99 to ship to the US from here. If you need to secure more than one computer, it is far more cost-effective to acquire licenses for additional devices. Choose the less expensive ESET Internet Security if you don’t want a password manager or the ability to encrypt files, folders, and USB drives.

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