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Top 10 Tips to Boost Your Train Trip Experience in India

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Travelling by train in India is one of the most exhilarating experiences. The scenery and landscape along a train journey are such that you cannot experience any other mode of transportation. You get to witness diverse cultures, people, ethos, and the hidden beauty of India. Technology has further simplified the train journey. Now you can book a ticket, make an IRCTC PNR enquiry, order food on the train, or do anything else with just one click. Numerous online services are now at your fingertips that help you enjoy your train trip the most.

Ways to Boost Your Train Trip Experience

A train trip coupled with exciting, comfortable, and peaceful experiences can imprint on the memory for a lifetime. You can switch between many tips to boost your train experience. First, you can download a train enquiry service app on your smartphone that lets you enjoy many other amenities. From the buckets of numerous other tips, here are the top 10 tips you can adopt to double your train experience.

1.   Checking PNR Status

It would be best if you started doing this immediately upon reserving a train ticket. A PNR status contains details related to your journey, like your basic details (name, age, sex, source station, berth number, coach number) and train details (train duration, intermediate stations, train number, source station, and destination station). IRCTC PNR enquiry can be a saviour at the last minute if you get confused about your train details. If you have booked a wait-listed ticket, checking your PNR status frequently becomes more important. It helps you analyse the chances of confirmation of a wait-listed ticket.

2.   Check the Live Running Status of a Train

This tip is going to make your train journey more comfortable. You can examine the precise location of your train using a train enquiry app. The live running status of the train informs you about the estimated train arrival, delays in the train schedule, and cancellation status, if any. The same page shows you the intermediate stations and halts along the train route.

3.   Order Food Online on Train

This tip is going to amuse you the most. Now you can order food on the train using online train food delivery apps. Indian Railways has initiated meals-on-wheels services that offer you the option of ordering a diverse variety of dishes on the train using your PNR number. You can also add cooking and packaging instructions, make an online payment, and get lucrative discounts. The food on the train app is delivered right to your seat. Here’s another amazing tip. You can book your meal in advance before boarding the train. It ensures hassle-free ordering.

4.   Order Food for Your Group

Are you travelling with a group of friends or family members? Then this tip will please you for sure. Now you can order food on the train in bulk for the whole group at the same time. You can even customise the combinations of foods as per your choices.

5.   Browse through Rail News

Here’s a tip to enhance your knowledge related to railways. Many railway enquiry apps like RailMitra deliver news related to railways on their portals. This feature keeps you updated about the changes made in the railway—new train rules, admission of new trains along a route, new amenities by IRCTC, etc. It enhances your railway knowledge and keeps you amused at the same time.

6.   Know about the Trains between Stations

Many trains travel between two stations following different schedules. You can easily check trains running between two stations using a train app. It helps you book a ticket at your convenience on the train of your choice. Additionally, it saves you from the time-consuming process of visiting the station to make enquiries about trains.

7.   Check the Seat Availability

Checking seat availability is important before booking a ticket on a train. It becomes more important during the busy periods of the year, like the holiday season. You can check the number of seats available on a train using a train enquiry app. Train apps depict seat availability for different coaches and different quotas. A proper idea of seat availability helps you plan your journey accordingly.

8.   Go through the Train timetable

This is another interesting tip to boost your train experience. Now you can check the train timetable using a train enquiry app. A train timetable helps you navigate the train schedule, estimated arrival time, departure time, and intermediate stations. It saves you from unnecessary confusion regarding the train journey.

9.   Make a Fare Enquiry

Making a fare enquiry helps in the proper planning of a train trip. Train fare varies for different coaches. It goes in ascending order from a general coach to an AC one-tier coach. You can skip a trip to the station to learn about the fare. Now you can check the accurate price of a train ticket using a train app on your smartphone.

10. Observe the Live station

This is particularly beneficial for daily commuters. You can check the live status of a station for the next 2, 4, and 8 hours. This feature keeps you informed about trains passing through a particular station within a defined period.

The advent of mobile technology has boosted the train experience in India. No one needs to visit railway stations to make general train enquiries or rely on monotonous pantry food. Whether you check the train time table or order food on the train, everything is easily doable using a robust internet connection and a train app.

RailMitra is one of the best apps offering many rail services including the IRCTC PNR enquiry. It offers user-friendly features and high-level accuracy. The RailMitra app can serve as your best friend along a train ride. You can download this app from the App Store or use its website in your browser.

Authored By: RailMitra


RailMitra is India's leading train travel app with all-in-one features to meet all train travelers’ needs. We're your partner and friend in your train journey providing all Indian railway inquiry services instantly in our one-stop application. It is a unique platform, which offers users a holistic platform to plan a train journey from start to scratch. If you are someone traveling via Indian Railways, you have the option to check your PNR status, book food on train, find train running status and seat availability. Planning a train journey in India can be cumbersome if you don’t plan ahead. RailMitra comes to rescue all such concerns.

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