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Top 10 Night Shows in China


Top 10 Night Shows in China

The entertainment you watch at night can play an important part in your journey. It can fill your evening time and let you unwind after a day of travel. It’s yet another glimpse into the local culture, arts, and stories, people along with their everyday lives. It will help you understand and appreciate the diverse cultural traditions. Going to a show at night in china could be a great addition to your trip.

There are a variety of night performances in China like Kung Fu, local opera”impression series” and Acrobatics. China Educational Tours has selected the top 10 night shows in accordance with the preferences of its customers and reviews. The shows are in various travel destinations. You are welcome to consult your tour guides and make a reservation directly through them. For generating Chinese names, you can use the Chinese name generator.

Night Shows To Watch in China

1. The Legend of Kung Fu

The Legend of Kung Fu is a live show that is presented through The Red Theatre. It is an account of the life story of a young boy from a poor family who hopes to become a Kung Fu master. The boy was baptized in the temple and received the title Chun Yi which means Pure One. Chun Yi was a diligent student monk who mastered Buddhism, Zen, and Kung Fu. The story revolved around the struggles and trials as a monk, as well as the temptations of life that he faced during his monastic life, and then finally returning full circle as an abbot of the temple. The best part of the production will be its Kung Fu part, the kind of show you’ve not seen before in your life!

2. Impression Sanjie Liu

This isn’t a show you’ve witnessed before in a traditional theatre. It’s an outdoor performance that takes place in the Li River. The show features 12 mountains as the backdrop, two sq meters of the river as the stage, and more than 600 performers and actresses. They have been categorized as the world’s largest stage by Guinness World Records. 

Director is. Zhang Yimou. He is the same person who was the director of the opening ceremony for 2008’s Olympic Games. This story is inspired by the myth of folk artist Sanjie Liu. The production uses the imagery of traditional Chinese painting (with mountains and water) as well as the rhythms of traditional songs, as well as various traditional events to show the daily lives of minority communities.

3. ERA (English for “intersection of time”) Intersection of Time

Its Multimedia Theatrical Spectacular ‘ERA Intersection of Time has been presented since it was first performed in Shanghai Circus World in September 2005. The performers present Chinese Acrobatics, as well as combat arts. And dance flawlessly in tune with the music and sound, lighting as well as other special effects including a water screen.

“Jar Juggling” is a tradition that dates back to the Han Dynasty (206CE-220CE), the practice is a tribute to the history of the blue and white decorated porcelain jars as well as the terracotta characters in the background. Throwing, catching and kicking, tossing…the artist plays the containers just as the NBA player plays basketball.

Space Motorcycles is another standout in production. There are eight ‘Terracotta Warriors dressed’ actors that run the course in the steel and iron globe measuring 6.8 meters. They drive on and change direction from time to time. They make the audience scream and make the show come to a happy conclusion.

4. Tang Dynasty Show

The Tang Dynasty lasted from 618CE until 907CE The Tang Dynasty was the most prosperous time in China’s history. Xi’an is the capital of the Tang Dynasty. Its Tang Dynasty Dance is the image of the growing cultural life in the Dynasty. It is an alternative method of getting to know the culture and history of the ancient Xian city.

The story revolves around the only Empress of Chinese history Wu Zetian. It traces the course of her life, from 14 when she entered the Palace at 14 years old, and up to 67 when she was crowned the Empress. Explore the five parts of the program, and discover how she rose to become the most powerful lady of the Tang Dynasty.

The show is breathtaking with extravagant costumes and wigs, synchronized with stunning digital backdrops and accompanied by a live orchestra. The modern stage design and the music and dance make audiences feel the splendor and magnificence of the Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty.

5. Peking Opera, Liyuan Theatre

Peking Opera, or Beijing opera, is a major opera that is performed throughout China. With a long history of over 200 years, it’s considered to be one of the “Intangible Cultural Heritage” of China which was declared by UNESCO in the year 2010. Peking Opera itself absorbed many other dramatic forms, like the popular local drama “Huiban” which was extremely very popular throughout South China during the 18th century.

The characters of the drama were assigned particular roles. The art form evolved and they were split into four primary roles. The four main roles each have many subtypes. include Sheng (male), Dan (female), Jing (painted face) as well as Chou (male clown). Each type of character comes with its own set of character rules.

Make-up for the face, costumes along with stage, music, and costumes are the main aspects of staging, music, and costumes. Peking Opera performance. If you arrive early enough, you’ll have the opportunity to see one of the performers put on his costume and makeup which is amazing.

6. Impression Lijiang

This is yet another masterpiece of the “Impression Series. It’s the same director who was behind the opening ceremony for the 2008 Olympic Games, the world-famous Mr. Zhang Yimou. The outdoor show has the stunning Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as the backdrop. It’s the highest stage, with an altitude of 3,100m.

There are over 500 dancers, along with horses, however, the majority of them are residents and non-professional actors. They hail from 16 villages of the local minority. Minority groups are eager to share their unique tradition. The music and dances are captivating to watch, and tell the tale of the lifestyles and traditions of the various tribes of Yunnan. Their enthusiasm and performances will surely catch your attention.

Since it’s outdoors generally in the midday hours, be wary of the intense sun at higher altitudes, so wear sunglasses, a hat with a wide-brimmed cap, and sunblock. Be aware that the event is weather dependent, so we recommend making sure to check the weather forecast prior.

7. Sichuan Opera, Shu Feng Ya Yun Teahouse

The teahouse is situated within located in the Chengdu Culture Park, Shu Feng Ya Yun Teahouse was first inaugurated in 1998. It’s a typical teahouse with a variety of Chinese cultural elements, such as red lanterns, old-fashioned round tables and chairs, gorgeous doors made of wood, and an old-fashioned stage. Sichuan Opera is very popular in the southwestern region of China and is particularly popular in the provinces of Sichuan, Chongqing, and Guizhou as well as regions in Yunnan province. The opera can be a wonderful glimpse into the past traditions, history as well as culture, and history of a nation and is especially popular in those areas.

The show offers a variety of performances from this area. The most memorable are Sichuan Opera, hand-puppets, burning fire, rolling light faces, acrobatics, face-changing, and even local comedy. Then the stunning design of the set and vibrant costumes are also emblems of the rich cultural heritage of southwest China.

If you’ve reserved VIP seating, relax in an elegant chair and relax with an indulgence massage and hair-grooming before the show begins. Chinese Tea will be available at the table.

8. Reminiscences of the Past Hangzhou

Formerly titled Impression Hangzhou It is part of the Impression Series which is produced by Zhang Yimou’s crew. “Enduring Memories of Hangzhou” was specifically designed to be a part of this year’s G20 Summit which was held in 2016 and is now a commercially-oriented show.

The main stage is located situated on West Lake and there are hundreds of performers. The director mixes the holographic projections projected in front along with the beautiful natural scenery in West Lake. The show does feature many elements of western music and Chinese however, it’s far from being a “typical” show. The show is nevertheless excellent and worthwhile to see! The show has many elements, such as ballet dancers performing inside 0.1 millimeters of water with holographic dancers performing, traditional Chinese music as well as a gorgeous lighting show. In addition, they lifted the stage to the water. There are a number of impressive structures that form part of the stage “buried” in the lake and some of them rise from the water at different locations throughout the show.

It’s strongly recommended that you buy a VIP ticket, which gives you a great glimpse of the show, as well as an up-close view of the performers.

9. Youjian Pingyao Live Show, China

Youjian Pingyao It is an amazing theater piece that performs interactively in Pingyao. It’s exquisitely choreographed and designed. It is different from other shows in the ‘Impression’ series that make use of the natural landscape of their respective locales the indoor Pingyao version appears more intimate and engaging. There aren’t any seats in the theater, which means that spectators must wait for the initial half hour. They’ll be walking from set to set as the actors appear on the stage.

The show tells the thrilling story of an escort company charged with rescuing the final one of the heirs to a major business that was taken to pay the ransom. You are able to stroll around and walk into the setting. One of the themes is how the warriors were hired and then left by their wives behind; another is a bustling market street that is filled with people shouting about their goods, pickpockets taking money, and then running down the street, and women hanging their drying their clothes. There are humorous and tragic moments in the play, as well as a dramatic end. It’s like being transported back in time to the old town of Pingyao.

10. Tianmen Fox Fairy Show

Tianmen Fox Fairy Show is an exciting outdoor show that is situated in Zhangjiajie. The director makes use of the natural landscape in Tianmen Mountain with the cliffs and peaks and creates the background. In reality, they illuminate many mountains during the film.

It’s a romantic tale of a fairy fox and an old woodsman. The stage’s size is around 10.000 square meters. There are even wooden structures that are on stage. It’s like a glass through which you can find out more about the different cultures of the people living there. There’s at about 400 performances to play on the plot. The dancing, singing, and sound, as well as the lights, effects as well as water effects, are amazing. This spectacle will make all the Tianmen Mountains come alive in the evening!

If you plan to visit during November or early December It is advised to wear heavier clothing as it’s outside and very frigid.


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