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The notion that plots and residential properties in Islamabad are associated with higher levels of success, prosperity, and happiness has led buyers to believe that investing in these properties is a more secure choice. When looking for a home, it has become an extremely important factor to take into account. The principles should also be followed by residential sites in addition to dwellings. Buyers of residential land may find useful information here that can help them reap benefits in the future.

In line with the premium amenities that modern homebuyers look out for, such as a swimming pool and clubhouses, residential properties in Islamabad also include an additional feature that is quickly becoming more popular. Residential properties in Islamabad are designed to be in harmony with the five fundamental components of the natural world, which not only ensures peace and tranquilly but also helps to keep the unfavourable influences at bay. Therefore, whether you intend to build a house on the residential plot or choose to sell it in the future when prices are higher, the residential plot should be harmonious.

Excellent progression of the story’s action

The orientation of a residential property is the factor that needs to be considered first and foremost. If you are looking to purchase residential property in Islamabad, it is recommended that you select one that faces north, as this orientation is considered to be very fortunate. Plots that face east or west are also viable options; however, it is imperative that you stay away from south-facing land.

Dimensions of the plots in question

The ideal shape for residential land is either a square or a rectangle that is longer on the sides and has a narrower front and a wider back. On the other hand, the answer is an emphatic “No.” It is recommended that you steer clear of round, circular, triangular, and L-shaped plots. It is essential to conduct a thorough inspection of the land’s corners as well. When a plot is cut in the northeastern corner, it looks unsettling because it resembles a headless person.

The consistency of the plots

If at all possible, homes should be constructed on land that is level. However, if there are slopes, the plots that have a north-east slope or a south-west slope should be considered because they are more favourable.
Westward slopes should be avoided because they lead to health problems and inconsistencies within families. Because they are thought to bring bad luck, valleys and depressions on the land should be avoided at all costs when designing a plot. You should also avoid purchasing the small plot that is located in the middle of two larger plots because it is associated with low-income housing.

Where the action takes place

It is best to steer clear of purchasing residential land close to hospitals or cemeteries due to the presence of infectious diseases and negative energy in those places. Steer clear of anything on the north or east side that might block the sun’s rays, such as a hill, a structure, a bridge, or an electric pole. On the other hand, because it blocks the entry of negative energy, everything in the west and south could be put in jeopardy.


Additionally, the southwest corner of the plot’s water body should be avoided because it is associated with unhappiness. If there is a lake or river in the immediate area that flows in a north-easterly direction, then the land can be purchased for use in the construction of residential homes.

It is common in some cultures to consider various factors when selecting a residential plot, such as the direction and shape of the plot, the uniformity of the land, and the location of the plot in relation to other structures or landmarks. Some people believe that certain directions, shapes, and locations can bring good luck and success, while others may be considered unlucky or inauspicious. However, it is important to note that these beliefs are subjective and not based on scientific evidence. Ultimately, the most important factors to consider when choosing a residential plot should be practical considerations, such as the location and accessibility of the plot, the size and suitability of the plot for the intended purpose, and the price and availability of the plot.

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