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The Parsons Table – The Perfect Addition to Your Home

The Parsons table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can add to your home. It is very comfortable and is great for a wide variety of uses. You can use it as a dining table, a bar table, or even as a kitchen island. This is the perfect addition to any home and will bring your family together.


If you’re looking for a beautiful addition to your home, you’ll love the Parsons Table. This piece is a close-to-farmhouse design that’s perfect for a contemporary dining room. Whether you’re having a formal dinner or casual weekend brunch, this table is ready for it all.

The Parsons Table is also available in walnut. Walnut is one of the world’s best-known hardwoods, and it has a gorgeous wood grain. Moreover, walnut is an extremely durable wood, which means that it’ll last for a long time.

A Parsons Table’s rectangular or square top is simple and streamlined, which makes it an ideal accompaniment to modern items. Pair this piece with a sleek chair and an ornate tabletop decor, and you’ll have a classic look that is sure to wow guests. You can even buy Parsons Table customized to your specifications.

Besides being a classic addition to your home, the Parsons Table can also make a great gift. The table can be customized with laser engraving, making it an impressive and heirloom-quality piece.

Parsons tables are often made from metal, but there are some that are made from wood. Depending on the designer, these pieces can range from simple to elaborate. They are usually used as occasional tables or dining tables. Most are designed to stack easily, and they can be disassembled to make them portable.

These pieces are an easy and economical way to give your home a classic look. They are also functional pieces, with a bottom shelf for storage. They’re sure to add beauty and style to any room. With a range of designs, finishes, and sizes to choose from, you’ll find a Parsons Table that is suited to your home.


The Parsons table has a clean and simple design that can be paired with a variety of styles and decor. Its simple shape is easy to incorporate into your home and can be complemented with streamlined items such as Oriental lamps and sleek woodwork.

You can find a parsons table in a range of different woods, such as maple, acacia and pine. These hardwoods are durable and less expensive than cherry and teak.

If you want a more expensive table, you can also find a table made from solid wood. This type of table is incredibly sturdy and easy to repair. However, you should keep in mind that it may cost up to $1,000.

If you prefer a less expensive table, you can find one that is painted. A painted table can be made from medium-density fiberboard or plywood. To make a painted table more sturdy, you can use a power miter saw and a router to trim the top of the table flush with the rails.

Another option is to look for a table with a skirt. This helps the legs to securely attach to the table. In addition, the skirt will maintain the shape of the table over time.


Designed by Jean-Michel Frank in the 1930s, the Parsons Table is one of the most iconic dining tables of the modern era. In fact, it’s become a perennial favorite of many. It’s functional and stylish, and it works in any space. From a formal dinner party to a weekend brunch, this table will suit your needs. The best part is, it’s available in custom sizes so you’ll be able to order it in exactly the right size for your home or business.

While the Parsons Table is a worthy contender for a prized possession, the most impressive design features aren’t found in its actual construction. Fortunately, manufacturers like Nemschoff have the solution for you. As well as offering a selection of dining and coffee tables, they’ve also introduced a range of end and console tables. Moreover, these tables boast a GREENGUARD Gold certification and come with a lifetime warranty so you can rest assured you’ll get a quality product.

Another table that’s worth considering is the Versteel, which is an updated version of the Parsons Table. This modern marvel boasts some of the most robust materials on the market, as well as an on-site installation process. Also, it’s got an integrated wire management system, and the most stable platform you can buy. Combined with its high-end finish, this is the table for you.

Restaurant in Myrtle Beach

The Parson’s Table is a historic restaurant located inside the former church of the Little River Methodist Church. It offers award-winning food and wine, and a charming atmosphere.

The menu is French-continental with a Lowcountry flair. This restaurant features a range of prime USDA choice beef and seafood. Their kitchen uses only fresh, local ingredients. They offer a number of items, including cornbread encrusted grouper, bacon-wrapped filet mignon, and sesame seared tuna.

Originally a church, the dining room is also decorated with antique wooding and stained glass windows. This quaint setting is enhanced with the original Tiffany glass lamp.

In addition to the menu, the Parson’s Table has one of the most extensive wine lists in the region. As a result, it is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Myrtle Beach.

Chef Ed Murray Jr. has been cooking for over 25 years and has cultivated a network of local farmers to provide the ingredients used on his menu. He is also a member of eighty chefs who have received national recognition.

The Parson’s Table has won awards for its classic Lowcountry seafood. One of their favorites is the Hickory-smoked North Atlantic Salmon.

Located inside a church

If you’re into restaurants, you’ve probably already heard of Parson’s. But did you know that it’s one of the Grand Strand’s most luxurious dining experiences? Plus, the wine list is one of the most comprehensive in the area.

As the name suggests, the restaurant is located inside the Old Little River United Methodist Church, which was built in 1885. During this time, the church sawed its way from a log cabin to a well-appointed structure. The main dining room still bears the handiwork of its builders.

There are numerous luxuries in store for guests, including a full bar and a menu boasting of the tastiest locally caught fish and shrimp available in town. One of the most impressive aspects of the establishment is that the kitchen actually does not use any frozen or prepared food items.

Obviously, the best part of Parson’s is the ambience. You’ll get the pleasure of being seated in a cozy dining area with vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows. The same can be said of the menu, which includes a slew of entrees and appetizers that rival those of upscale fine dining establishments.

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