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Curved screens are consequently in total development. The solutions are diversifying to display different shapes, whatever the curvature. The screen thus becomes a communication tool and a design feature. At the same time, the curved screen market is more significant and incorporates new areas. Television sets, control rooms, stages, and even movies are enjoyable. Not to mention the options for people who increase with televisions or gaming devices.

Above all, what plays in favor of these screens is the drive for ever more immersive and unrestrained solutions. This is why we perceive the look of spheres of LED panels with a center viewer. The large curving smd screen thereby transfers the viewer elsewhere at 360°.

LED screens currently allow enormous freedom of realization. As a manufacturer of gigantic SMD Screens, we would like to advise you on your project.


This field of view adjustment has the main objective of increasing the visual experience. Thanks to this, the curved screen will offer a far more immersive experience to the spectator. As the screen occupies a more significant part of the viewer’s field of vision, the viewing angle of the image will appear larger. This expanded depth of field generated will allow him to immerse himself in the vision further. Indeed, this sensation of depth will intensify the 3-dimensional feel of the exhibited image.

This feeling of immersion is all the more achievable with a substantial curved LED screen. Indeed, one of the critical advantages of LED screens is their absence of size and shape constraints. It is possible to develop larger format screens to display graphics on a human size and achieve complete immersion. In addition, they also have the advantage of producing deeper contrasts and more complex colors for an even more realistic image.


Contrary to what one might imagine, advertising screen management is not reserved for advertising agencies. Each individual or company can choose to create a vast communication screen if the area allows it. It is also a fantastic approach to making a quality location lucrative. Indeed, with effective management, the marketing of advertising space can provide several benefits. This is all the more true as this task needs less management time.


An advertising screen has various advantages in terms of visibility. However, this is not everything. It significantly depends on where it is installed. Indeed, to draw attention, there must be a path in front of the screen. A screen with a lengthy passage or a long reading time will attract marketers more easily.

This degree of exposure will also be a crucial commercial argument for the rental of future advertising space. To analyze the quality of a site, numerous criteria must be considered. First, we examine the type of passage (car, pedestrian), the distance, and the axis of visibility.

Finally, we analyze the time of visibility as a function of the speed of passage. In the case of road traffic, traffic signals or roundabouts that might produce slowdowns are also assets for a site.


Winter conditions can be severe due to the cold and terrible weather. Summer heat and sunlight will, indeed, directly impact the operation of an advertising screen.

Furthermore, it is an excellent time for communication, especially outside. This is especially true when it rhymes with captivity. It is critical to capitalize on the season’s opportunities while also being aware of the limits that this involves.


The days are indeed longer in the summer. The sun is not only brighter but also more intense. To be seen in these settings, a screen’s brightness must be increased.

As a result, specific computer and smartphone screens are difficult to see in direct sunlight. Outdoor SMD screens are often built to have a brightness of more than 5,000 nits, with some reaching 8,000 nits. This is sufficient to be visible in direct sunshine.

However, to reduce glare and maintain the longevity of the screen, a screen cannot be permanently displayed at this brightness. Operating the LEDs at their maximum capacity for an extended period may reduce the grey level and longevity, not to mention the accompanying energy consumption.

As a result, the screen’s light intensity must be adjusted to match that of the outside. As a result, an outdoor advertising screen must be equipped with a brightness sensor that allows it to be modified following its surroundings.

As a result, the screen will provide the necessary brightness while minimizing its energy effect and prolonging its longevity. It is also essential to consider how the sun’s rays are reflected on the screen in the summer. The goal is to maintain a crisp image of both dark and light tones while avoiding the reflecting effect.

The materials utilized for the screen will make a difference. Indeed, it must be designed with dark materials, namely appropriate LEDs of the Black SMD kind, to allow for improved light absorption and reduce glare.


It is sweltering in the summer. This is especially true in light of current global warming. As a result, seeing the thermostat exceed 40°C is becoming increasingly rare. This high temperature, particularly if repeated, can impact the performance and life of a display.

This will cause a reduction of luminance and irreversible damage to the LEDs. One of the first wear elements of an LED screen is heat management.

The only way to protect your advertising screen from the effects of high outdoor temperatures is to choose the right tool. Indeed, it is critical to guarantee that the solution can endure high temperatures of up to 50°C. Similarly, some displays have ventilation and airflow cooling systems, which allow for improved heat dissipation.

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