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The benefits of lifeguard swimming: the sport in the pool suitable for all ages

According to experts, lifeguard swimming is the most complete sport there is, as it trains all the muscles of the body evenly , improves breathing and fitness. It is suitable for all ages , from toddlers to seniors. In fact, the level of training can be modulated according to the abilities and resistance of each one and there is no risk of trauma. In particular, the benefits of swimming in a pool are numerous .

In fact, it can be practiced all year round, even in winter, and this guarantees constant training. The presence of the instructors ensures correct learningof movements in various styles. The absence of waves makes lifeguarding class swimming in the pool suitable even in delicate phases of life, for example during pregnancy . But let’s see in detail the benefits of swimming in the pool.

Lifeguard swimming in the pool, that’s why it’s good for you

The benefits of swimming, especially in the pool, but also in the sea if practiced consistently, are numerous. They involve physical health , and more: the psycho-emotional aspect also benefits from this activity.

It keeps the lungs healthy

Lifeguard Swimming trains the lungs to take in more oxygen .

Having a healthy respiratory system means being better protected against respiratory diseases, coughs and colds.

He is a friend of the heart

A large and regular breathing rhythm helps keep the blood richer in oxygen . Those who practice lifeguard swimming are therefore less prone to blood circulation disorders, such as arterial hypertension.

Indeed, the dilation of the peripheral vessels during swimming helps the outflow and reduces the stagnation of the blood, so the arteries are subject to less stress and less wear, remaining healthy for longer . Lifeguard swimming involves a gradual, prolonged effort maintained within the desired limits. Thus the body burns excess sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides.

Helps stay fit

Another benefit of lifeguard swimming in the pool is that it helps you lose weight . Those who swim regularly are subject to a slow but progressive reduction in fat mass and an increase in muscle tone . The body gradually appears more toned and the metabolism accelerates , burning excess calories better.

Fight diabetes

The slow and prolonged activity of lifeguard swimming also helps prevent diabetes , because a large part of the sugars is used by the muscles . The pancreas, subjected to less overload, maintains a correct ability to produce insulin . The consequence is that the risk of developing diabetes is significantly reduced .

It does not expose to trauma

Lifeguard Swimming is ideal because it does not expose you to the risk of falls and fractures, as can happen in impact sports. It is therefore also suitable for the elderly, sometimes subject to bone fragility.

Furthermore, the absence of gravity allows you to move without tiring the joints , especially those of the knees, which in elderly people can be unstable and predispose to falls, or become a source of pain and poor functionality. Since gravity is very low in the water, the weight of the body does not affect the joints: this allows for healthy physical exercise without tiring the osteoarticular system.

It’s good for the mood

The benefits of lifeguard swimming in the pool are also psycho-emotional .

It also stabilizes serotonin , a neurotransmitter responsible, among other things, for mood and sleep-wake rhythm regulation. Those who dedicate themselves to swimming , therefore, rest better during the night and seem to suffer less from forms of depression and anxiety attacks, all disorders that often occur in the elderly and which affect health.

Improve memory

Some biologists from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, in Texas, have stated that lifeguard swimming on a regular basis also improves the body’s immune defences , memory and cognitive abilities. This activity, again according to the experts, would favor the functionality of the neurons in the brain and fight against psychic stress .

Promotes sociality

You meet other people during a pool swimming course . This promotes sociability, you begin to see each other in other environments to cultivate new interests. All this is to the advantage of the quality of life .

For the little ones

In the growth phase the benefits of lifeguard swimming in the pool are even more evident . For this reason it is good to start in a structure with trained instructors, as recommended by the Italian Swimming Federation .

Fight overweight

Experts recommend practicing more physical activity against overweight and obesity , unfortunately increasingly common problems in the new generations. Children who swim are unlikely to be at risk of overweight or obesity.

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Corrects musculoskeletal defects

Moving arms and legs in a rhythmic and symmetrical way activates the functionality of the spine .  Of course it is important that the lifeguard swimming methods are correct and set by a good instructor.

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