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The 7 Best Bars in Shenzhen

The 7 Best Bars in Shenzhen

The culture of drinking is present everywhere, particularly in China. Sometimes, it is difficult to choose the right bar when there are so many choices, however, stop here! In this article, we’ve broken down what bars are the most popular to enjoy a drink while in Shenzhen Read on for our top seven picks. To generate Chinese names, you can use a Chinese name generator.  

Bars in Shenzhen


  • The Terrace

The Terrace is the epitome of a multi-faceted bar. It is rated by the local press as being among the top bars of Shenzhen, The Terrace also provides hungry patrons with tasty Thai food as well as providing the crowd with some of the most amazing live music. The service is very welcoming to ex-pats and the costs are affordable for the region. With the relaxed, chaotic environment and the wide variety of beverages, The bar is on everyone’s drink list!

  • TAPS Brewpub

The establishment is equipped with a vast outdoor space and IPA variety, TAPS Brewpub stays busy filling the beer cravings of patrons. TAPS Brewpub is only serving one size of drinks and food, however, its vast menu and delicious beers make up for the size that the standard does not have. Anyone who is a beer enthusiast visiting Shenzhen must definitely plan an evening of IPAs with friends on TAPS Brewpub’s porch outside. With the relaxed, chaotic environment and the wide variety of beverages, The bar is on everyone’s drink list!

  • V Bar

If the weather is nice and a refreshing drink by the pool is needed go towards the V Bar at the Venice Hotel. The atmosphere is relaxed and unpredictable; at times, there’s live music but at other times, it’s quieter and more relaxing. Contrary to the others in the vicinity V Bar is unique in that the V Bar has an outdoor area that has a huge pool, where patrons can enjoy the drink of their choice and unwind. It is the ideal spot to enjoy a drink during the summertime.

  • Xpats

The name of the bar is easy to understand – foreigners are welcome to sit down and enjoy a meal and drinks with locals and foreigners alike. Xpats is not just an extremely laid-back vibe, but also offers some fantastic drink specials on Mondays, patrons can take advantage of the “all-you-can-drink” night for RMB 100 (US$15). Also with a drink offering like that, food is essential; Xpats serves up British-style fish and chips as well as other late-night food options to speed up the recovery process from a hangover. This bar is the perfect casual and friendly foreigner-friendly bar.

  • The Peat Cocktail & Whisky

The Peat Cocktail and Whisky can be found in one of Shenzhen’s commercial districts. Serving sophisticated whisky cocktails and other specialty drinks This bar will make one feel as though they’ve gone back to a luxurious Prohibition-era cocktail bar. The interior is gorgeous and the bar is lit with a warm glow, making the ambiance elegant and tranquil. If you’re looking for a romantic evening out or just after-work drinks, the Peat Cocktail & Whisky is the place to be. It is the ideal spot to enjoy a drink.

  • McCawley’s

If you’re looking for a place that offers great service food, and, of course, drinks, then McCawley’s is a great place for you. McCawley’s is known for its warm and welcoming patrons and staff as well as their great selection of beers. While a night out drinking and perhaps eating, can be expensive, McCawley’s ambiance and the crowd are worth every cent!

  • The Snake Pit

Also called The “oldest ex-pat bar in Shenzhen,” The Snake Pit has served drinks for more than 30 years! This bar is adorned with a classic 1980s vibe which is what makes it a great place to hang out. The kitchen is where the chefs prepare tasty pub food for customers who have a craving; in general, the staff is extremely friendly, and the whole bar is a welcoming and warm atmosphere. No matter if you go to The Snake Pit for its historical past or the variety of drinks The Snake Pit is an ideal spot to enjoy an evening drinking with family and friends.


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