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Take Perfect Pictures Of Your House And Sell It Faster!

Did you know that properties with well-photographed listing images sell quicker than those with fuzzy listing photos? Before you pull out your phone to capture a few random images of your residence, keep in mind that they will not enough. We’ve put together some recommendations on how to shoot real estate images that will assure a rapid sale since gorgeous pictures of carefully set properties may have a big impact on their selling.

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You don’t need to buy an expensive DSLR to capture stunning photos of your home. All you have to do is choose the perfect time of day, know the ideal angles, and, most importantly, present your house correctly.


You must be truthful about the size and layout of your home and avoid sharing false images. At the same time, you should emphasise your home’s positive and distinctive aspects.

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How To Set Your House For A Faster Sale

Here are a few tips for setting your home so you can shoot better real estate images.

1. Clean Your Home Thoroughly

Make sure to tidy your house in order to take better listing images.

First and foremost, clean every room in your house completely. You may either pay someone to assist you or put on some rubber gloves and get started on your own, depending on your budget and the state of your room.

If you choose the second option, we recommend devoting an entire weekend to major cleaning tasks such as washing your windows from both sides, removing fingerprints and stains from stainless steel appliances, removing cobwebs and dust from far-reaching corners of your home, sweeping and mopping the floors, making the beds, and more.

2. Each Room Should Be Decluttered

To properly arrange your property for a rapid sale, declutter it.

Nobody enjoys a crowded house. Start with organising your house if you truly want to learn how to shoot interior shots for real estate listings.

Begin by removing outdated items from your bathroom sink and putting away any expired medication that is taking up space in your medicine cabinet. Then, go to damaged equipment and devices that cannot be repaired, donate worn-out cookware and dishes, discard old clothes that no longer fit, and donate books you haven’t touched in a long time. To make your house look cleaner and larger, tuck away unwanted furniture and accessories.

3. Make Your Home Illuminated

A well-lit house can give the impression of a larger room. So, if you want to learn how to take real estate images that will attract more attention to your home, be sure to open the curtains, switch on the lights, and make minor adjustments to make each space appear brighter, larger, and free of visual clutter. Before taking a photograph, always examine the scene critically. In addition, if you don’t have access to reflectors or base lights to improve your images, you can always rely on natural light to capture breathtaking scenery.

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Here are some pointers for taking property shots while selling your home.

1. Be Truthful

To sell your house faster, do not change or edit the listing images.

Being honest about the arrangement of their room is one of the best photography ideas for house sellers. Do not mislead prospective buyers with misleading photographs of your house, and never change listing images to make your rooms appear larger than they are.

While learning how to shoot real estate pictures is vital for swiftly selling your house, it is as important to ensure your listing images provide an accurate representation of your place.

2. Take a Lot of Pictures

Always snap many images of your house so that you have a variety of alternatives to pick from. You should take 40-55 shots of your complete property, including every room, bathroom, kitchen, living room, drawing room, hallway, view from the balcony or terrace, backyard or garden, and, of course, the outside view.

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3. Understand Your Angles

To capture decent real estate photos, always keep your camera at chest level.

Knowing angles is another tip in our list of suggestions for how to capture real estate images.

If you intend to take images to sell your property quickly, make sure to take them at chest height so that prospective buyers appear to be standing in your home. A wide-angle lens is recommended for this purpose since it will capture the full room in all its beauty without exaggerating or downplaying its genuine size.

If you are photographing the exterior of your home, you should set your camera at an angle to lend depth to the structure’s façade.

4. Emphasize The Layout

Another suggestion for how to photograph a property listing is to highlight its layout to the best of your ability. It is one of the most important aspects that catches the buyer’s attention right away.

Therefore, make sure your photos highlight the flow of the layout. This will also help them envision how they will be able to place their furniture inside your space.

5. Choose Landscape Orientation

Use landscape mode to take stunning photographs of the entire space.

Choose landscape orientation for the best listing photographs. In addition, most real estate websites advise providing horizontal listing photographs that display the full space rather than vertical views that focus on a specific region.

6. Plan Your Photos For Midday

Avoiding shadows is another important real estate photography advice, especially when photographing the exterior of your home. Choose to photograph your house when the sun is behind you, highlighting the façade.
Taking listing shots throughout the middle of the day can also assist to highlight your home’s natural light, which is always a bonus.

7. Keep Your Options Open

While taking listing images, remove any large and bulky items of furniture from the foreground.

Last but not least, when photographing each room, remove any unsightly or bulky items from the foreground. Bookcases, sofas, shelves, dividers, and numerous technological equipment are examples of this. Keeping your room clean and open will not only help your house appear more appealing and clutter-free in images, but it will also give the appearance of a larger area on-screen and in real life. Also, get more information related to build your dream home by contacting us now!

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