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Successful school enrollment

Successful school

Admission to kindergarten is the beginning of the boy’s big adventure at school. This first contact should be pleasant. The transition to kindergarten is going well. At this point, it is possible to get the child promoted later in school and be successful throughout elementary school and even middle school. Also Read: Words that start with V

As a parent, you play a key role in helping your child build a good school image. Research shows that parent involvement is an important factor in children’s success and motivation in the classroom.

It begins at birth and continues throughout school life. For example, you are unwittingly preparing her for school by loving and caring for her, answering her questions, giving her routines, and encouraging her independence.
Arouse your curiosity.

It’s important to give your child a taste for learning and exploring.

Please encourage your child to ask him questions on various topics and find answers by searching the Internet or borrowing a book on the topic from the library. This is a winning attitude because the desire to know more and understand something increases the motivation for training.

Read stories to your child. Reading with him allows him to discover the pleasure of reading and expects to learn to read or, if he has learned to read, to read himself. This is important because reading makes learning French and all math, history, and geography easier. A child who is good at reading usually performs well in school.

Talk to your child. For example, ask him to tell you what he would do instead of the character of the story if he is thinking of solving a small problem, the show he just saw, or what he thinks about such a situation. You get into the habit of thinking about it and saying what you think. In this way, they build their self-confidence and critical thinking, and their school presence.

Steps to avoid

Of course, you want your child to start kindergarten as smoothly as possible and then feel comfortable at school. However, it is sometimes possible to unwittingly do or say things that make the school look bad or increase the child’s stress.

Avoid expecting too much from your child. Before going to kindergarten, you can answer her questions about letters and words and draw her attention to the letters of her name. You can also teach him to count items. But he doesn’t need to know the whole alphabet or how to measure 100.

When a child isn’t ready, it can be stressful to pressure them to learn. And the feeling of failure. They may lose confidence in their abilities and have little desire to learn. He doesn’t even want to go to school and is starting to worry about disappointing you.

Do not use school as a threat. For example, “You have to attend the academy!” Avoid saying. This kind of treatment doesn’t last long! Such talk tarnishes the image of the school. The child may not want to go to school before kindergarten starts.

Do not show your fear or pain. It’s normal to be scared and emotional when your child starts kindergarten, but it’s best not to show it. It just doesn’t matter.

Don’t say bad things about the school or the education team. To succeed in school and get there, the child needs to feel that the parents trust the school and the teachers. If you disagree with something, it’s best to talk to your teacher* or administrator rather than discuss it with your child.

When parents have bad memories of school.

Schools can bring back bad memories because you either had trouble learning, had bad relationships with teachers, or experienced bullying.

However, it is important not to share bad memories with your child. He may think so if he hears you say that he hates school very much and dislikes this or that teacher. He can be sure that school is not a pleasant place without entering his classroom and cannot recover there.

For your child, this is a brand new story when school starts. Just because you’ve been through some tough times on your own doesn’t mean it will be the same for you. It needs you to get off to a good beginning! The best thing to do is tell your child that you are proud to see him grow up and go to school. You can talk to him about the school, saying that he will learn everything and make new friends.

And even if school brings back bad memories, it’s important to go to parent-teacher meetings and work with your teacher.

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