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Salesforc SMS for Building and Managing Customer Loyalty Programs

Salesforc SMS is an excellent tool for building and managing customer loyalty programs. It's affordable, easy to use, and can be very effective in engaging customers and driving loyalty.

You might agree that it is not about direct sales in business every time. There are many components that one should take care of to drive sales.

Customer satisfaction, relationship, and loyalty are some most important factors that help you build a loyal brand following and improve customer retention.

Therefore, almost every firm focuses on these aspects to drive repeat purchases and cut back on marketing efforts.

SMS integration with Salesforce has made it much easier for firms to connect with audiences and achieve the intended goal.

It is always easier to drive purchases and reduce marketing expenses by targeting existing customers rather than new ones.

And the reason is customers already have positive brand experiences, and firms do not need to spend on marketing outreach.

So, let’s find out how Salesforce SMS marketing can help build customer loyalty and improve relationships.

How to Use Salesforce SMS to Build Loyal Customer Following

Boost Sign-ups Promoting Loyalty Programs to Existing SMS Subscribers

The best thing you can do to start a loyalty program right is to approach your existing SMS subscribers.

People always need reasons to continue buying from a particular brand.

By running and promoting loyalty programs, you can give them reasons to stay associated with your brand.

SMS integration with Salesforce allows you to send text messages at various touchpoints, and you can also use it to increase loyalty program sign-ups.

You can send personalized texts and communicate about the loyalty program and exclusive benefits loyal customers can get.

This will help you boost sign-ups and increase repeat purchases.

Send Welcome Text and Communicate about Earned Benefits

It takes up a lot of effort to keep customers happy no matter at which stage they are.

Don’t let your customers forget about your loyalty program after signing up. Engage immediately with the ones who have signed up.

Using Salesforce SMS marketing, you can send them welcome texts and also share rewards or points they have earned for signing up.

You can also share different ways they can make more points.

Remind Customers About the Points To Drive a Purchase

Customers may not track how many points they have earned so far, but you can do this on their behalf to drive a purchase.

To create a compelling case to push customers toward a purchase, you can track customer behavior, past purchases, etc., and remind them of their total points earned.

Further, you can also inform them that these points are sufficient to get an additional off on the purchase and earn new perks and points.

This way, you can consistently engage meaningfully and encourage them to make purchases with the help of salesforce sms integration.

Send Coupon Codes to Value your Customers

Quality customer experiences,  good services, and quality business offerings are all these factors that contribute to customer loyalty.

But there are other strategies you can also implement to tempt your customers and drive repeat purchases. When customers engage with your brand on a recurring basis, try to reward them.

This will encourage them to purchase repeatedly from your brand. Also, you can showcase your love for your loyal customers.

To value your customers’ consistency,  you can send the coupon code along with its validity using Salesforce SMS.

This will compel your audiences to use the coupon code before it expires and purchase from your brand.

Create Additional Engagement Opportunities

One aspect of building customer loyalty is to keep reminding your customers of your brand. But this should not be annoying for customers.

Instead, it should be a fun experience and add value to your audience. Otherwise, this could turn off your customers.

Using Salesforce SMS, it is easy to create additional engagement opportunities and customer participation. You can conduct a text message survey and ask customers to vote in favor of one to understand their choices.

Apart from this, You can send exclusive deals and discounts on their life events. Launching trivia text campaigns is also an excellent way to engage with customers. And to increase participation, you can promise to reward the ones who will text with the correct answers.

This way, you can make your customer journey fun when they are associated with your brand and give them more reasons to stay connected with your brand and the long run.


Creating a well-planned customer loyalty program is the best way to retain your existing customers and increase repeated sales. And SMS integration with Salesforce provides you with the right and convenient channel to convey business information, whether it is regarding customer loyalty programs, marketing, or promotions. This helps you connect with audiences reliably and achieve desired goals faster. You can connect or even automate messages at different stages of a customer loyalty program to boost customer engagement, participation in the loyalty program, and sales.

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