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Revealed! Top 10 Benefits of Using Xamarin for Mobile App Development

With the mobile app development world growing more competitive by the day, choosing the right app development platform can make or break your project’s success – and even your company’s reputation. 

With so many platforms out there to choose from, it can be hard to find one that offers all of the features you need – especially when you’re on a budget and time frame. Regarding app development, Xamarin has secured its place as the industry leader, with over 7 million apps built on the platform

And according to Statista, Xamarin is one of the top five cross-platform mobile frameworks used by app developers globally in 2019–2021.

Based on C# and other .NET technologies, Xamarin allows developers to use the same programming language and tools to build Android, iOS, and Windows devices, making it the best platform for mobile app development in 2021. 

In this blog, we’ll look at why Xamarin mobile app development is the most excellent platform for developing mobile apps. So, let’s get started!

Why is Xamarin the Best Pick for a Mobile App Development Platform in 2022?

#1 Xamarin is Easy to Use and Takes Less Time to Build

Developing apps on Xamarin is relatively simple compared to other platforms. Xamarin uses C# and the.NET framework, and they are considered a trustworthy development environment for all mobile platforms. 

Xamarin apps are very straightforward to manage and update since the source file can be readily updated. Since the Xamarin app is written in a single language, C#, thus the cross-platform implementation is simple.

The Xamarin app development process is faster than others. Because the technology offers a streamlined sharing of codes across many mobile platforms, app development takes less time. Xamarin has the following features:

  • UI controls that are standardized for a better user experience.
  • SDK integration enables new features and auto-updates the various versions of the app already in use.

#2 Open Source

Xamarin is an open-source platform that has a 14% market share in the development community. The primary purpose of Xamarin is to keep shared code and platform code in communication. 

You already know the benefits of being backed by Microsoft, known for its domination in the IT world, making bespoke app creation more scalable, usable, and trustworthy. This, plus many other advantages that come with an open-source project, will give you peace of mind as you build and deploy your mobile applications in future years.

#3 Faster Development Process

Xamarin is the most outstanding choice if you want a robust and powerful application that suits your company’s needs. It is a clever method of exchanging code across many mobile platforms that saves time in app development. Developers can also share up to 90% of their code across platforms. Any iOS app development services company can use this code. 

Since it offers a range of tools that target different platforms, developers can simultaneously use the universal tools to write single application logic in C# and .NET for all three platforms (including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone).

Xamarin allows for rapid prototyping and the creation of apps with fewer platform-specific features. Moreover, it enables developers to quickly create apps with native user interfaces, access to device capabilities, and smooth performance

#4 Budget-Friendly and Quick

Xamarin provides an excellent app development platform with native functionality when combined with a cross-platform UI toolkit. Furthermore, the use of C# as a programming language makes it superior to Objective C and JavaScript.

When you design a business app with Xamarin, you save time because the developer employs syntax-based headers. Your app development will become more cost-effective as time goes on.

#5 Easy Maintenance

It will not be difficult for you to maintain Xamarin applications. If you need to update apps or solve specific issues, you can do it in the source code, and every modification will be automatically implemented to the other solutions

Time, money, and development engagement will all be saved as a result of this.

Apart from that, the Xamarin community deserves to be respected. They give comprehensive customer assistance, which is backed up by well-organized documentation and training facilities.

#6 Multiplatform Support

By making your mobile app development process multi-platform, you’re ensuring that you and your clients will be on-trend with technology and remain competitive. 

It also means that your app will provide a high-quality experience to consumers regardless of their device. Since an app takes a lot of time and money to develop, it only makes sense to ensure that many people can use it.

Xamarin gives you complete access to native APIs and tools for Android, iOS, and Windows. As a result, it can provide applications with practically native design and performance. This is a compelling incentive to choose Xamarin mobile app development over hybrid alternatives.

#7 Ease of Cross-Platform Implementation

Using Xamarin, cross-platform programming is convenient and straightforward. You write general-purpose code for iOS, Android, and Windows, and Xamarin finds out how to connect it to the platform’s native APIs. 

Furthermore, generic and platform-specific code can be written, and Xamarin knows what to do and where to do it.

#8 Native User Experience

With Xamarin app development, it is possible to create apps that provide a native user experience. It has direct access to the Native APIs for iOS, Android, and Windows without any difficulties.

It sends native app bundles to the app store and Android packages to the play store for native iOS apps. This nativeness is possible because of the usage of platform-specific technologies and elements available in Visual Studio and C#.

By combining the unique elements in a single location, you will be able to construct a single solution with platform-specific interfaces.

#9 Native UI Toolkit Support

One of Xamarin’s primary differentiators from other cross-platform development platforms is its unparalleled support for iOS. 

More than any other cross-platform framework, Xamarin offers a feature-complete platform that allows developers to leverage their skills and existing knowledge base while enabling them to take advantage of a native user experience on Apple devices.

#10 Support

Features like real-time multiplayer, cloud storage support, offline support, and third-party social integrations are some of our favorites. But at its core, Xamarin enables developers to build on their existing skill sets rather than learn new ones. 

Using familiar languages like C# and Visual Basic, along with tools they’re already familiar with (e.g., Visual Studio), they can bring mobile apps to platforms that previously required learning entirely new coding languages and frameworks. The result? A higher ROI.

The Popularity of Xamarin For Mobile App Development

The use of Xamarin app development to build unique business apps has exploded in the recent decade. It has been the most popular framework, with over 2.6 billion mobile applications downloaded as of 2019. 

Xamarin has been used by reputable firms like 3M, Kimberly Clark, and Honeywell, among others, to obtain futuristic enterprise mobility and industry-leading digital assets.

Xamarin stands out as a unique framework for app development because of its ability to enhance the capabilities of the .NET developer platform with platform-independent tools and frameworks.

And this is why Xamarin is being called the “next big thing” in mobile app development. Storyo, Just Giving, Olo, Skulls of the Shogun, and FreshDirect are some popular apps built with Xamarin.

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Wrapping Up 

Choosing the correct framework for your digital experiences can provide you with a competitive advantage. Most firms select Xamarin for app development since it decreases time to market and development expenses by reusing code and leveraging a single technology stack. 

With Xamarin, you can quickly construct an MVP with minimum technical costs and test the app for viability. If you want to make an application with Xamarin, contact top Xamarin development companies. They can assist you by providing a team of experts who are capable of delivering mobile applications.

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