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Regional analysis and drivers of the surgical sutures market

A surgical suture is a medical device to close a surgical opening and stitch a congenital wound. It is used to repair internal organs after surgery as well as skin, blood vessels, and all other types of human body tissues. Sutures have the major property of being non-absorbable or absorbable, with varying properties (such as tensile strength and knot security) based on the surgical method and requirement.

The market for surgical sutures in 2021 was worth USD 4.04 billion, and by 2030 it will be worth USD 6.97 billion, expanding at a 6.23% CAGR during the forecast period.

The continually increasing number of surgical procedures performed around the world is mostly responsible for the surgical suture market’s growth. This market is growing due to the favorable reimbursement status for several surgical procedures and the development of better sutures. However, the availability of alternate wound care management treatments and the increased desire for minimally invasive procedures will restrain the market’s expansion.

Market Dynamics


Globally, the number of people with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) has been steadily increasing. The steady rise in population is boosting the need for surgeries, which will drive up market demand for surgical sutures. The market will rise over the forecast period due to the rising prevalence of cardiovascular illnesses in individuals and the increasing demand for surgical sutures.

Globally, more procedures are being done due to the rising rate of patients with chronic and cardiovascular diseases. The market’s demand for surgical sutures has increased due to the consequent rise in surgeries. In 2021, hospitals in the United Kingdom carried out an average of 7.9 million procedures (inclusive category), 5.1 million procedures (intermediate category), and 1.5 million procedures (restrictive category), which helped fuel the expansion of surgical sutures in the nation. Evlerinize, otellere ve rezidanslara gelen istanbul escort kızlar, istanbul escort güzel kadınlar sizi bekliyor. Therefore, the increase in surgeries conducted globally will fuel market expansion in the coming years.


The global surgical sutures market will face challenges in the coming years due to the availability of substitute technologies for closing surgical sites and surgery wounds and the strict regulatory clearance process for surgical sutures.


Several governments in developing nations are attempting to make health insurance accessible to a wider range of people in their nations so that they can get proper medical care. These variables boost the likelihood of the Suture market flourishing globally in such economies.

Market Segmentation

By Product

On the basis of product, the surgical sutures market is segmented into non-absorbable sutures and absorbable sutures.

In 2021, the absorbable segment led the entire market with 55% of the revenue share. It is due to its capacity to temporarily sustain wounds until they heal and can withstand typical stress. The capacity of absorbable sutures to spontaneously disintegrate can also be seen in the steadily growing demand for them.

Due to their inability to break down or degrade, non-absorbable sutures had a lower market share than absorbable sutures. These stitches are mostly employed in stressful interior environments when absorbable stitches cannot provide the appropriate need.

By Filament

The multifilament segment held the largest position in the market, with 55% of the revenue share in 2021. This is due to the advantages of multifilament segments, including improved pliability, high tensile strength, and flexibility.

By Application

The other segment led the entire surgical suture market, with 35.0% of the revenue share in 2021. The second-largest revenue share in 2021 belonged to the cardiovascular surgery sector. This is because of the rising rate of cardiac disorders, skilled experts in the field, favorable reimbursement policies, and improvements in diagnostic technology.

The orthopedic surgery application was the third largest market segment in 2021. This is due to the growth in orthopedic injuries caused by an increase in traffic accidents.

Regional Analysis

In 2021, North America was the largest regional market contributor, with 40% of the revenue share. The largest share of this segment is due to the presence of local and major players, the high cost of sutures compared to other regions, the favorable reimbursement environment, expanding government programs, and the developed healthcare infrastructure. The significant revenue share of North America is also largely due to technological improvements and strong domestic wealth.

Asia Pacific will expand at a rapid rate during the forecast period. This is because there are older people, who are more prone to need surgery, and the government is spending more money on the healthcare system to address the unmet needs in this area. China, India, and Japan are a few of the region’s largest markets.

Key Players 

  • Boston Scientific Corporation,
  • Braun Melsungen AG,
  • CONMED Corporation,
  • Medtronic plc,
  • Teleflex Incorporated,
  • Ethicon Inc. (Johnson & Johnson),
  • Smith & Nephew,
  • InternacionalFarmacéutica S.A. De C.V.,
  • EndoEvolution, LLC,
  • Peters Surgical,
  • Mellon Medical B.V.
  • DemeTech Corporation,
  • Sutures India,
  • Surgical Specialties Corporation,

The market for surgical sutures in 2021 was worth USD 4.04 billion, and by 2030 it will be worth USD 6.97 billion, expanding at a 6.23% CAGR during the forecast period. The market growth of surgical sutures is attributed to the rapidly rising geriatric population, technical developments, and the rising number of surgical procedures worldwide. Portable applications permit the specialists to give data about the strategy, post-care directions, and an agenda of things that should be finished prior to appearing upon the arrival of the system. This helps the medical services suppliers to enhance strategies rooms and staff while assisting patients with getting the consideration they need. Comparable procedures are helping the medical clinics and wandering careful focuses to defeat the misfortune they have brought about during the pandemic and create incomes at the pre-Coronavirus development rate. This has additionally assisted the market with recapturing its development in 2021. An ascent in way of life sicknesses because of the rising reception of a stationary way of life is another component significantly adding to the market development. Way of life sicknesses like ischemic heart infections, cerebrovascular infections, muscular problems, tumors, and psychological instability are continually rising, internationally. This consistent ascent in the commonness of way of life sicknesses.

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