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Nightfall Treatment, Causes & Everything You Should Know About It

Are you experiencing Nightfall? Then you might be looking for the best nightfall treatment. However, it is always better to take advice from an expert instead of trying home remedies or other medical treatments. 

Understanding Nightfall

Nightfall sometimes referred to as a wet dream, sleep orgasm, or sex dream is a sudden orgasm that occurs while sleeping and entails ejaculation for men and vaginal wetness or even an orgasm (or both) for females. It is medically referred to as nocturnal emission. As per the sexologist in Gurgaon, rather than being a sexual issue, the Nightfall problem is more a cognitive one. 

A male has nightfall problems if he ejaculates while sleeping without consciousness. Further, youngsters often have the problem of nocturnal emissions, which gradually decrease with adulthood. Also, the nightfall causes and treatment are available, and treatment options include certain medications and lifestyle changes. 

Most individuals wonder if Nightfall is good or bad. Scientific research has shown that the majority of males have, at least once during their lives, experienced Nightfall. While some have never encountered one, other guys have experienced a significant frequency of nocturnal emissions as youngsters. Further, sexologist Dr. Chirag Bhandari also advises that there is no need to panic or seek nightfall treatment if you unintentionally ejaculate when asleep and think about anything sensual.

Now, let’s check the causes of Nightfall. 

The Causes Of Nightfall

Intense sexual arousal, while you are asleep, is often the cause of Nightfall, wet dreams, or nocturnal discharges. Anyone may experience this. However, the frequency may vary from person to person. The inability to engage in sexual activity for an extended time might also cause Nightfall. Further, teenagers who don’t masturbate are more likely to experience Nightfall. Hence, in such cases, nightfall treatment isn’t necessary. 

Every male body generates sperm. Yet, unintended emissions might occur if ejaculated late.

Also, experts say porn addicts have wet dream issues more often. The subconscious mind might be overloaded with intimate memories if there is an excessive tendency toward sexual behavior, reading, or viewing sexual material. Thus, having a sexual dream about it may result from this.

High libido is another factor contributing to nightfall issues. Moreover, men taking many testosterone-based medicines might experience greater ejaculations as they sleep.

Another explanation for nighttime incidence is nerve damage, which may result from diabetes, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, or spinal cord injuries. One theory suggests that Nightfall might be due to mental states such as worry, stress, and depression. Additionally, unhealthy lifestyles increase the likelihood of experiencing Nightfall.

Nightfall may also be due to laziness and obesity. Moreover,  the concept of Nightfall is still unclear and usually intertwined with religious and moral ideals, which contributes to myth. Additionally, this is a wholly mistaken idea that must be debunked since it is a preventable and treatable medical issue.

Symptoms Of Nightfall

The only nightfall symptom is the unintentional release of sperm during sleep. Hence, nightfall issues are typical unless they show additional symptoms, like:

  • Consistent pain
  • Foul odor and discomfort when urinating
  • Inflammation in prostate glands
  • Dhat syndrome
  • Porn addiction
  • Retrograde ejaculation


When To See A Doctor For Nightfall Treatment?

As stated earlier, Nightfall is a common issue. However, if you experience any of the above symptoms along with Nightfall, it demands the sexologist’s attention and nightfall treatment. Also, if you see blood in your urine, visit a sexologist. 

Further, if Nightfall becomes a persistent condition, you must also visit an expert. Excessive Nightfall may bring other conditions, such as knee pain, dizziness, weakness, weakening penile nerves, problems in sex life, etc. 

Who Is The Best Sexologist For Nightfall Treatment?

If searching for the best sexologist to treat Nightfall, visit IASH India and consult Dr. Chirag Bhandari. So, Dr. Bhandari has years of expertise in treating numerous sexual concerns that a man faces, including Nightfall. The skilled staff and the sexologists will collaborate to ensure you always get the appropriate care. We customize our treatments to your specific requirements. Hence be assured that you will get expert care and attention. 

Nightfall Treatment

In most cases, treatment isn’t necessary. The condition may improve on its own. However, if you have a problem with semen leaks and it occurs often, the best treatment for nighttime issues is medicines are a form of antidepressant – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Apart from that, here are some natural remedies that might be effective for Nightfall treatment:

  • Meditation and relaxation techniques for anxiety and stress reduction
  • Reduce or refrain from sexually explicit material viewing
  • Drain the bladder before sleeping.
  • Exercise regularly and have good health
  • Take a warm bath before bedtime. It will be soothing and promote restful sleep.
  • Don’t wear tight undergarments.


Nightfall is prevalent among men and women. Further, there are various nightfall treatment options available. Always consult the sexologist at IASH Gurgaon and then take any nightfall treatment allopathic medicine. read more exciting article on

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