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.NET vs PHP: Which is Better for Web Development?

When it comes to web development, there are two main camps: .NET and PHP. Both have their pros and cons, but which one is better? .NET is a Microsoft framework that can be used for developing web applications, while PHP is a open-source scripting language that is widely used for web development.

The technology industry is moving towards creating advancements into digital market, where the business have to show its digital presence no matter what is the size of business. Each business wants to stay ahead in the competitive market by showing their potential business presence. With the increasing demand for web application, the market for web application development is high and are progressing ahead to provide good quality software products to clients by using advance technology.

Amongst those technologies, PHP and ASP.NET are the most promising programming languages. However, PHP is the mostly used language by popular enterprises like Wikipedia, Facebook and Tumblr. While, on the other hand ASP.NET is a simple and efficient feature rich programming language. It is an open-source development platform for building beautiful and captivating applications for IoT, Web, Mobile and desktop.

What is PHP?

PHP- Hypertext Pre-processor is a programming language that supports platforms like Unix and Windows. The PHP code can be shifted to HTML language and use for server-side scripting language. Due to this, the applications are more responsive and simpler. It uses command-line tools and GUI applications. It takes all the favours, as it can be deployed to all the operating systems and web-servers.

PHP also supports many main protocols like LDAP, POP3 and IMAP. Major social media sites are written in PHP code. Some of the popular websites are MailChimp, Facebook, Flickr, Wikepedia and WordPress. PHP is interpreted by a PHP code that is implemented in web server as a module. You can hire PHP developers from a certified software development firm that provides best PHP development services

Features of PHP

  • Being an open-source programming language, it is readily available for use and is free of charge.
  • It interacts with many operating systems.
  • It can be created into different classes and has the potential to call windows and java objects.

Advantages of PHP

PHP has a speedy development that demands faster in markets development process. It is much beneficial for mobile app development as it does multiple productions in a short period of time. Apart form being speedy, it ensures security to applications. You can hire PHP developers easily as it holds a vast community that is ready to serve you whenever you need.

Disadvantages of PHP

PHP is lacking in solving specific problems and executions. It takes much time to master the developments. PHP is not meant for large applications. It has a poor-error handling method and has many security issues. Amongst the major drawback is that it’s week that leads to unexpected bugs. It can’t handle many apps at single time.

What is ASP.NET?

ASP- Active Server Pages Network Enabled Technologies and is built with CLR- Common Language Runtime. It allows developers to write ASP code by using .NET language. ASP.NET is a open-source server-side web application framework that is build for dynamic websites and apps.

It is a free, open-source, and cross-platform programming language for creating desktop, cloud, mobile, gaming, Internet of Things, and web applications. To develop apps, a variety of guidelines, libraries, and tools must be used.

It is a framework that supports JavaScript.NET, Visual Basic.NET, and additional languages like Python and Perl. It is written in the.NET programming language.

ASP.NET is also compatible with its previous version known as ASP.NET MVC. It does REST APIs creation more reachable and unified. .NET development services provided by a software development firm is more precise and professional.

Important features of ASP.NET

  • It is enabled with CTS- Common Type System that allows framework to support communications between applications and libraries that is developed using .NET language which is compatible.
  • Every application are build with common security model as well as inbuilt security features.
  • The BCL- Base Class Library is made up of classes that has combined features that are available to all the language.
  • Its easily functionable with new and old apps that are outside of its nature.

Advantages of ASP.NET

The major benefits of ASP.NET includes the flexibility to add and remove features whenever needed. It makes it simple to add and remove features as needed. .NET is a cross-platform, open-source framework that works with other.NET frameworks. Like Ruby and Node.js, it is a sought-after and well-liked framework.

Almost all programming languages, including C+, are supported by it. Specifically, Microsoft IIS Server is where it runs. It is built upon object-oriented programming, or OOP. Windows OS seamlessly supports ASP.NET. The best platform for creating enterprise-level applications is, therefore, this one. It has features that are pre-coded for quick development. It has a dynamic user interface that allows for easy navigation and other features.

Disadvantages of ASP.NET

It lacks back due to its slow process. The main problem occurs while making any changes, documenting apps, lacks back in supporting tools and many primary features, as its too much raw. The problems can be solved by taking ASP.NET development services that is given by an expert developer by using external tools and methods.

New developers finds it tough to understand. It has a small community, therefore; it has less skilled developers. While making the web app licenced by Microsoft, it empty many bucks. .NET is not that suitable for website or application development like PHP.

PHP vs ASP.NET: The ultimate comparison

Both ASP.NET and PHP framework are great to work with but one of them have few advantages than the other. Many professionals have set this experience with other frameworks. Although, there should be a budding developer, to take a look at comparison for choosing which platform is best.

To decide which language is a better than the other. We shall discuss ASP.NET and PHP in detail.


There is a misconception that the programming language of this framework determines its performance, while understanding the performance of this framework. However, this is not true the actual performance of this framework depends on way of coding.

In comparison, the performance of ASP.NET is better than PHP. While, in PHP the scripts are executed faster than ASP.NET as it uses memory and performance that depends on the level of interaction between scripts and database. The LAMP formation is used in PHP web app that increases web performance.


A wide area is covered in developing these languages and is more flexible. ASP.NET can handle various web application rather than PHP. Both these languages are extremely scalable, but it all depends on the experience of the programmers and practices to develop a robust app. If you are looking to hire a lead developer of a leading company, than you should prefer the best available service provider.

Although PHP critics will point out that the language is clumsier than ASP.NET, this will only become a problem for the general structure of your website if you engage PHP programmers.

Support and maintenance

Both these .NET and PHP has a vast community of developers and talents who post regularly on many forums to answer many queries. Selecting a appropriate platform to develop a web app is imperious. The business objectives should be taken into consideration while developing the app, along with its purpose.

PHP is a popular language, but ASP.NET developers have a community that has dedicated pool of developers and have a huge support.

Market share

The hugest difference between ASP.NET and PHP is the usage of market share. However, PHP has more popularity than ASP.NET. The web apps built with PHP is ranked amongst top 10k sites, top 100k and top 1M sites. PHP is a free and open-source scripting language while ASP.NET is a paid web application framework.


There is a very little difference when it comes to speed and performance. Both this programming language are enough to run the routine process and give desired results such as finding images, accessing system files and displaying pages on web-servers. The speed of both these languages depends much on database server, end users computer and bandwidth.


PHP is popularly known and used by almost 76.0% of websites whose server-side programming language is what we know, while ASP.NET is used by 7.6% of total website.

Learning Curve

PHP is a better choice and easy to learn for beginners, while ASP.NET is quite a challenging language and needs time to master it. PHP has huge community support to make learning curve smooth.


The websites used by PHP is ranked as compared to ASP.NET. Some of the websites that are build by PHP is Facebook, Wikipedia,, Flickr, Yahoo! iStockPhoto, Tumblr and Mailchimp. The website that are used by ASP.NET are StackOverFlow, Microsoft, GoDaddy, DELL, VisualStudio, Wild Tangent, and


Being an open-source platform, PHP is totally free while .NET is owned by Microsoft; hence, there are extra cost that are associated with development process. PHP, MySQL server, PostgreSQL server, Apache server and Linux OS are free upgrades that are available. If you purchase Windows OS, .NET and Microsoft IIS is free, however, you have to bear costing for Microsoft Windows server, Microsoft SQL Server and future upgrades. Moreover, .NET based web apps are good for B2B processes and business functions

Which one is best to go?

The more preferable language to go with is PHP that is an open-source development and free. While, ASP.NET takes some fee for hosting. Although, the fees charged by .NET is taken by Microsoft but not that high as compared to usage of PHP. It surely takes many developers with it.


Both ASP.NET and PHP are great solutions to work for your business projects with slight difference. Yet, its truly said a small difference makes huge changes when done on large scale. If you are facing any challenges, you should surely hire PHP developers or hire ASP.NET developer for whatever language you opt for.

A top software development company that gives PHP development services and ASP.NET services should be surely contacted and taken into considerable for a professional web application.

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