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Most useful Twitter Marketing Campaigns 2023?

A properly done and tasty social media campaign can be a make-it-or-smash-it factor in your advertising campaign. According to Sprout Social, 71% of Internet users are likelier to buy from a business enterprise when they experience high-quality interaction with an emblem. It sparks nice sentiments around your brand in a disorderly manner. More than a social media campaign is needed in recent times. People are looking for something more – no longer the most effective and exciting campaign with excellent copy and visuals, but a marketing campaign that has a high-quality effect on society. (bestfollowers)

Here are 5 Twitter advertising and marketing campaigns that stuck my interest. Most of them combine selling their enterprise with converting the world (or, at the least, improving a piece of it).  Some Twitter advertising and marketing campaigns are ongoing activities; others were a one-time occasion. 

The campaigns display

the way to use Twitter to communicate together with your target audience correctly the way to incorporate visual elements into your Twitter advertising marketing campaign and more!  Before diving deeper into hit Twitter advertising and marketing campaigns, we ought to answer two questions. Firstly, why should you choose Twitter for your subsequent marketing campaign? Secondly, how do you spark tremendous interactions with your target market?  The answer to this query is pretty easy – the one wherein your target market is a gift.  I argue, however, that Twitter is an exceptional region for your next marketing campaign.

It’s authentic that the platform has stopped gaining new contributors, and the variety of lively monthly customers oscillates around sixty-seven million.  But the whole range is only sometimes part of the story. We should recall who’s actively using Twitter. Many newshounds nevertheless use Twitter to discover interesting stories and see rising traits.  Your social media campaign has a better hazard of catching the eye of a media worker and spreading beyond one social media platform. There’s a threat that even non-Twitter customers will hear about your product if you want to increase your logo awareness, boom fans’ count, and, in the end, enhance sales. 

Google Maps

Frankly, I remember the instances before Google Maps when I became misplaced almost all the time. That’s why I follow each update Google Maps has to offer.  And Google Maps is a brilliant example of a successful ongoing Twitter campaign.  It is an unusual Twitter marketing campaign as it highlights the visible facet of the social media platform.  How does Google use Twitter for a visible logo reputation? There are multiple steps Google did right. 

Consistent style

Every Google Maps replacement is introduced with a tweet that includes a color background and a mockup of a cell phone illustrating the brand-new modifications to Google Maps.  There’s beauty in simplicity, and this simple layout catches the eye of the viewer. The format of the content differs every time, from a picture to a video or GIF, but each customer realizes properly away that there’s a brand new replacement. 

Provide extra content material.

There’s a drawback to the number of characters each tweet incorporates. That’s why Google Maps adds a hyperlink to a website where users can discover extra records.  That’s a notable workaround of a not-unusual dilemma – how do you offer in-depth facts about your product without uninteresting folks who are happy with a simple announcement?  Google Maps adds a hyperlink – if you want to dive deeper, truly click on it. If now not – the video or GIF will help you apprehend the replacement at a look. 

Have a laugh

Twitter is a social network, and social media networks are about being social and having a laugh.  Google Maps uses the social calendar to explore new and quirky vacations. For instance, the institution making plans to replace became launched on National Spaghetti Day. After all, not nothing beats consuming pasta together with your buddies, right?

Key takeaways

  • You can construct a robust visual presence on Twitter. Creative photos are a great way to enhance awareness of your campaign. 
  • You can stand out by presenting a traditional style. It may be simpler for your followers to spot all the important messages if you preserve a constant communication technique.
  • Not all Twitter advertising campaigns center around calls to action. Twitter is a top-notch region to pressure consciousness or produce anti-churn content material.


Nike is a skilled Twitter participant, with greater than 7.5 million fans.  One of their greatest Twitter advertising and marketing campaigns changed into #Breaking2. Nike teamed up with three marathon runners, Lelisa Desisa, Eliud Kipchoge, and Zersanay Tadese, to break the sector marathon file and run extra than forty-two kilometers in less than 2 hours. Eliud Kipchoge received the race; however, he came 25 seconds short of breaking the two hours barrier. That didn’t prevent Nike from making one of the qualities of Twitter advertising campaigns out of the try. 

Make use of technology

Nike constructed a global target market for one online occasion. Considering that people from unique time zones participated in the event, that’s a brilliant result.  The first hassle became to remind people about the run at the right moment. The sports activities large carried out a very easy approach – the most effective element a person had to do was to like or retweet a message to decide and obtain a notification once the event became approximately to begin.  The 2d project for this Twitter marketing campaign became technological. The key to fulfillment was providing all users with superb video streaming. 

Nike used Periscope, a Twitter device for stay-streaming, to offer its fans great video circulation. What’s more, followers could cheer the runners and participate in a communique. The online participation component made humans feel like a part of real sports activities. Nike’s #breaking2 occasion became the biggest stay-streaming event on Twitter, with more than 13 million visitors.

Key takeaways

  • Feel free to test with new tools. 
  • Try to find narratives users can relate to and convey them to stay. 
  • Go live sometimes. Even if you’re not an enterprise giant like Nike, your followers still need to peer your content. 

Dove – #Speakbeautiful

There’s tons of terrible content on Twitter and various bad tweets regarding frame photos. Dove, a cosmetics agency, released a Twitter advertising campaign to address this problem. The marketing campaign launched on Oscars night time, an occasion focusing now not handiest on movies but also hugely on splendor and appearances. Dove analyzed the sentiment around social mentions and confirmed the maximum famous high-quality and terrible words at some stage in the Oscars. The Twitter commercials focused on reaching users already speaking about beauty and movie awards.  

Dove sparked a verbal exchange around an arguable topic and succeeded. The number of terrible tweets in approximately frame photographs went down from five. Three million to three.Four million – a lower of 34%. It could be more effective that girls post fewer terrible tweets. They consciousness extra on effective factors in their bodies – the number of high-quality tweets rose by 69%. According to Twitter, the range of good sentiment around Dove extended with the aid of 17%. 

Key takeaways

  • Implement a hashtag on your Twitter marketing campaign. It will help measure the marketing campaign results, see how your content material spreads across social media, and plenty more.
  • Think high quality! Be the trade you need to peer! These are tacky motivational fees, but they can also be your guide to advertising strategy. You can do both – sell your business and feature a fantastic effect on the sector.  
  • Think of the container outdoors. You don’t ought to consciousness of Twitter if your campaign is larger or extra suitable for different social media channels, cross for it


Tillamook is a dairy co-op from Oregon. Their Twitter marketing campaign connected their emblem with Twitter advertising marketing campaign so properly that one of their campaign’s hashtags didn’t even have to consist of their name. Tillamook did a couple of factors right – allow’s see what exactly!

Engage your audience

You’ve possibly already heard about engagement and the way essential its miles in constructing your brand’s online presence. Tillamook carried out an ideal engagement campaign, although they still need to include their name in the marketing campaign hashtag. For every tweet containing the #RealFoodSunday hashtag and an empty plate emoji, Tillamook donated a meal thru an American non-income No Kid Hungry. The response turned first-rate. Tillamook donated 500 000 food to youngsters in need. From the marketing point of view, the marketing campaign was also an achievement. Within six hours of launching, the hashtag #RealFoodSunday became a Twitter trending hashtag in Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. 

Explore the UGC

Once the #RealFoodSunday campaign ended, Tillamook became ready to implement step two of the Twitter marketing campaign.  The brand used consumer-generated content material to construct brand consciousness and popularize its merchandise. Tillamook nonetheless uses the identical hashtag, but this time the primary purpose of the campaign is to popularize the food made with its products.

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